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Mexican Baby Cotton Candy - Rehaired

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And after a long hiatus on my part... I'm back with the arena =)

No, I'm not stopped collecting, but lately I've been focusing more on my dear mexicans =)  (And I'm still missing some of them ;_;  Otherwise, I've been trying to get my claws on some mexican playsets, having now 6, Lullabye Nursery, Show Stable, Sweet Shoppe, Pretty Parlor x 2, and the Brush Me Beautiful, missing the Perfume Palace *sad*).

But now the real reason of the thread: 
Over the time, I've gotten some poor mexicans that have their hair in really bad shape, or completely missing it (still eyeing my poor Swirly Whirlys...).

So the case is, last year I got in a lot a hairless Baby Cotton Candy, and some months ago I found some electric (?) blue nylon hair, that I bought with the intention of trying to rehair Swirly Whirly (...), but did nothing with it *hides*.

Until December I put my lazy self to work and try to rehair my boy XD

And here are the results =3

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

And with his mexican brothers =)  (Still missing a pic with his mom (mothers?).

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

How does he look?  Handsome, right?  =3

And now a request I have:

I need to take pics of all my dear mexicans, there are strange subtle differences with Mexican Blossom and Baby Blossom that I need to share, there are at least 8 different version of Blossom (including Baby Pegasus Blossom that I'm aware of -because I have them XD- and want to know if there are more).

I need to stop being lazy and work on them.

So here it is:  Please be at my back asking for it to be made! *begs*

And just a funny pic, try to guess who is she =)  (The lighting was not the best, in reality she looks more greenish than yellowish).

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Wow... Great job! I love the blue hair!

She looks great!! Nice work!

Cute! I love the contrast in the colours :)

she looks cute with the blue hair :)

is that butterscotch, the hair is wrong though? she does look greenish which makes me think of minty! or it could be peachy .... or cotton candy?

PASS! i don't know :P

love pkw xxx


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