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The White Knight & Hiding behind the Magic

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I wanted to draw a night sky and some grass with my persona this time, so I did. :) I'm still working on different styles of artwork, but this one is so much fun to draw! It's made up of mostly circles, and the hair is always really fun!

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

And, finally, I fell asleep on my mums bed while she was reading, because I had intended to steal her bedroom so I could have a HP marathon; never had one! xD
But instead, I woke up to find myself under all the pillows with my mums little dog, in a cave of blankets, and I felt compelled to draw Teddy hiding behind a pair of colossal wings. :) Oh, and those spider legs coming out of her eyes are just eyelashes xD

So pretty!  I love how you draw wings  :)

Ooh, very nice! :inlove: She's so pretty and she seems like she could be a sister to Lunacat's Lunarstar. :D

Hahah thank you, Zenna!
And yes SDS, that would be an interesting story!

She is so pretty! I love her!


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