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Help me back up my bold claim!

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what about the Thailand big brothers? didn't some of them sell in that price range.


--- Quote from: SDstang on January 17, 2012, 06:59:23 AM ---what about the Thailand big brothers? didn't some of them sell in that price range.

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The last 2 Thailand BBs went for around £60 [but very few people had spotted what they were]....I think the problem with them is we have never seen a well documented and advertised auction so we dont know what people really would pay for them. Even although there are only a few known to exist, at the moment, I dont know if they would hit 4 figures...but I guess we ll never know unless a collector sells one!

hathrocat is right we don't really have a ball park figure for the thailand boys yet, they have either been hidden or picked up a car boots (i am sure that is were ladyruby and lancer got their thai boys from) i would guess £60-£100 GBP at the moment though.

love pkw xxx

If there was one sold in a properly labelled open auction, I think they could be up there though :)

Prices are definitely dropping.  There was just an auction for a Greek Baby Moondancer (I think only the second ever...maybe the third) that ended under $1000.  I think it was $900 something so it was close, and she had a haircut, but still!!

Ponies I have seen sell for $1000+ or would probably sell for around there again:

-Greek Baby: Moondancer, Glory, Blue version of Bluebelle, Cuddles (any), Baby Medley (any)
-Greek Birthday and Ladybird
-SA Moondancer/Medley

The venezuelan ponies would be hard to price, but I wouldn't be surprised if they get up there.


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