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Help me back up my bold claim!

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Ok so chatting to my non-ponyfied boyfriend today about ponies I stated that, 'there are some foreign ones worth four figure sums'... But I'm not so sure which aside from the obvious Greek Ladybird, Takaras etc. Would anyone like to tell me about any relative unknowns that should be worth a small fortune? Pictures on top would be awesome!

South Africans? I would think if a SA Bow Tie hit the open market we would see a 4 figure sum? And probably someone like a genuine Reverse Gusty.

Its so difficult because how do you put a value on something that has never/hardly been sold and so rarely seen....this thread is going to be filled with drool worthy ponies!

there are a few greek babies that can fetch that much I thought..

Reverse Gusty comes to mind :)

greek babies, ladybird, and lambaditsa (sp?) can go for a lot.


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