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Re-pinking question!


I've needed to ask this a while, but was too shy to do it through the Facebook page. :)

When reading other re-pinking questions, it came up alot that the closest the U.K really go to RIT was Dylon. But this was a problem due to Dylon changing their formula and it no longer dyed the things we needed it to.

Does anyone know when this change happened? Because I found these in an end of line bin at my local craft store.

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I can't remember the last time I saw this kind of Dylon packaging around, and thought maybe they were just far back enough to repink with.

Anyone know?


hmm..interesting questions  :blink: unfortunately i have no idea.....I've never used dylon...but I will bump this up and hope someone has some ideas!

Thank you :) If I don't get a reply in a couple of days I'll just brave it!

I'm afraid I'm clueless, too!

I can't say for sure as that type of Dylon has never been available in the US but from what I remember the Dylon tins are what you need for ponies.
I'm pretty sure that Lovelauraland would know for sure.


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