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Ice Princess - Holiday Swap custom for JPP

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My partner for the official holiday swap was JoshsPonyPrincess, and here's what I made for her! I really enjoyed making this pony, it's the first time I made a sitting one, too. Though her hair gave me a hard time, I kinda like how she came out. The sculpted part look a little more three-dimensional in reality, somehow the camera flattened them...
The sculpted parts are made with apoxie sculpt, there are gems on her forehead and the back of her saddle, and she wears a custom dollyhair blend. :lovey:

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Gorgeous! I really do love it!

Just stunning Lina!!!!!

So pretty! I love the colors, they're unexpected and fresh for a holiday swap.

She is stunning! I love her eye markings and all the little feathers you made for her.


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