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Tropical Sea Breeze ~ Merry go Round Style

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I hope it's okay to post it again cuz I post it at the old arena before it went offline :D

So here's my Merry go Round Tropical Sea Breeze =)

There was a time I was in a need to use Sea Breeze wings for a custom - so I had that poor Pony lying around with large holes in her body.
 It took a while till I had the idea to creat that Merry Go Round Tropical Sea Breeze.
 I've sculpted her a saddle and added some "wave" border, painted some water, beach and palms & added a few rhinestones.
 Sculpted her some new wings and now she's able to fly again through her tropical world =)

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Wow! Very pretty!

Cute  :iconclap:

She came out neat.

Ooooh. Sea Breeze is such a pretty pony, I love this interpretation of her!


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