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Author Topic: If you could make the next generation, what would you like to see?  (Read 4203 times)

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Re: If you could make the next generation, what would you like to see?
« Reply #75 on: October 09, 2018, 07:37:26 PM »
I would love an animated series where it would be something kids as well as adults enjoy.  I think the earlier seasons of FIM did that best.   Include bad guys to give them troubles to work through.   

Toys would have hair that is better quality like the original G1s that was soft and silky and easy to style without going into a rough frizzy mess.   

There wouldn't be a zillion releases of the same ponies over and over and over again.   Maybe just bring back one or two characters each release so kids who didn't get the other versions will have a chance later to get one.

A little bigger than G4 but smaller than G1 to give them something to stick out from the other generations.  Make them more horse like and without the exaggerated eye size of G4. 

Include a generation of flocked ponies as we haven't had any in a loooong time.   

Include boys and without the sticking straight up mane styles of Shining Armour etc.  Give them nice silky locks like the rest of the line.

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Re: If you could make the next generation, what would you like to see?
« Reply #76 on: October 10, 2018, 04:07:58 AM »
From my personal adult fan/collector perspective, what would make me interested in G5 is:
High quality collectible figures. Think nicer than funkos. Don't care as much if brushable or molded hair but I don't want to be so worried about factory flaws as with G4. When I say collectible, I mean variety. Stop releasing only the same characters over and over and over. At least include one or 2 new ones per wave. I love themed waves of figures and prefer for a return of G1 style themes like Sweetberry ponies, Sparkle ponies, etc. Having a mane cast is ok as long as other new ponies are released as well alongside them. I found after the excitement of wanting everything of the the first year or so even 2-6 new ponies a year after that, that I really wanted, was enough to keep me interested but not overwhelmed with my collection growing too fast.
A more fantasy style than G4. I want whimsical but not overly decorated style. I like pretty flowy hair but not crazy tattoo-like markings, for example.
Cutiemarks on both sides. And don't forget the importance of cutie marks and uniqueness in the pony world. I feel like the importance of symbols and the idea of having a destiny or at least interest or personality trait based on the cutie mark has been forgotten the past few years. It's what makes MLP fun and special to me and collectible as well. Hippogriffs, Seaponies and all the new species are not as interesting to me because the don't have marks.
And that said, Focus on pony characters. I like dragons and changelings and Yaks but I want the pony show keep to the pony's pov.
No facial hair on male ponies.
Keep the smaller G4 scale. I like the 3-4" figures best for photographing.

Less pop culture in the show. Stop trying to be cool with catchy phrases and memeable faces and focus on stories that are relate-able and form a continuity. Have lore that builds instead of seemingly inserted as a plot device.
My favorite FiM episodes were those that dealt with inner struggle ("Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?"& guilt, "Hurricane Fluttershy" & inadequacy) of interpersonal relationship issues I could relate to where the problems don't come off as contrived ("Sisterhooves Social" & understanding siblings). I really wish FiM would have gotten into Luna and Celesta's history and events that led up to how things are now. I feel like we got The Pillars to touch on history instead. I just am not interested in them the way they were introduced. It seemed more a substitute for true character growth and world advancement. Maybe that's just me though. Also, for being a magical pony land, I feel like magic has really gone by the wayside, more magic.
I think G4 was successful stylistically for the time as cute, round, simple and colorful animation was "in". I don't think it will work another round. I hope G5 has detailed, rich, beautiful, magical 80's throwback animation style.
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Re: If you could make the next generation, what would you like to see?
« Reply #77 on: October 10, 2018, 02:56:26 PM »
As for the ponies themselves, I agree with those that said the ponies should be magical and dreamy and less rooted in a human world. No ponies farming pigs,chickens and cows. Farmer ponies would be strictly agricultural and all animals would be able to talk.

I'd imagine the G2 size class to be the best. Anatomywise, the ponies would be more G2 but with thick tails and a sturdier torso. Their heads would be more equine again.
Their eyes would be smaller, not taking over their entire face, but detailed. I would recycle the trend of the diverse eye decal of G4 to give my ponies more character.
Freckles or markings would also appear on my ponies randomly.
Male ponies would not look vastly different to female ponies. I would introduce more male characters but make them look just as bright or pastelly or longmaned than the girls.
No color coding.
Instead I would focus on mould/pose diversity. There would be a healthy mix of colors and not a pink/purple/white dominance.

Pony releases would follow themes. There would be holiday ponies but the holiday would get taylored to fit the imaginary pony world. A thing I liked about FiM - they made the effort to integrate holidays into their universe like Nightmare Night or Heartswarming.

No country exclusives. All people worldwide should have the same assortment. The local stores can vary the number of items they stock but they can't reject types of assortments (remember that this is not a realistic scenario :lol:)

High adventure with a dose of slice of life would be ideal for my TV show. Instead of two-parters I would have TV specials once in a while that can be split into episodes.
The show has an epic plot and new pony toys get introduced along the way. For instance, if I want to roll out the Zapper toy, Zapper pony gets introduced. If the pony is not supposed to have a strong toy presence it will appear as a returning/talking backgrounder.

Ponyland would be held up as an ideal commune with threats coming from the outside. Ponies would not be racist towards each other based on their species (something I hate in FiM with the overpowerful unicorns and outcast zebras) or sexist. Note that I eradicated sexual dimorphism, so there is no need to gender jobs or functions. A strong mare can fell trees and a nurturing stallion can be a softspoken teacher ;)

Badguys that are threatening the lives of others will not get reformed, even tho they will be written to be multidimensional and not just evil for the sake of evil.

Focus on symbols/marks would remain in the sense of having a celebration when a pony gains her mark and working the symbolism into the pony's character. But ponies would not choose their jobs based on their marks, the marks would contain a pony's magic and be a representation of what makes a pony unique.

All ponies would have an amount of magic.
No species would be more powerful than the others when it comes to the use of it.

Seaponies, Flutters, Hippogriffs and other equine fantasy creatures would be versions of pony. They would have magic marks like them.
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