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Author Topic: PC on Art Ponies/Exclusives/Pony Project  (Read 100 times)

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PC on Art Ponies/Exclusives/Pony Project
« on: September 13, 2017, 07:08:20 PM »
It's happening... I'm selling off 99% of my ponies.  I need the space, I need the money!

There's a lot to get through, so I'm going to be selling in phases, first up are my art ponies, exclusives etc.  I'm looking through the PC archives, but certain ponies are so hard to find PCs for.

First the list then some pics! I'm looking for prices on:

Black/blue 2008 art pony (dent top right corner of package, slight wear on bottom)
UK Ponycon exclusive Pinkie Pie #81 (mint pony with opened packaging, cert included)
UK Ponycon exclusive Pinkie Pie #82 (mint in unopened packaging, packaging slightly squished, cert included)
Underwater 2009 art pony (very, very light wear to corners of packaging)
Junko Mizuno 2009 art pony (mint in undamaged packaging)
White/blank pony (mint in bag, opened packaging included)
Orange/pop 2009 art pony (damage to bottom of packaging)
Isis/Egyptian pony (mint in undamaged packaging, special edition sticker intact on bottom)
Providence 2008 Fair exclusive (mint in unopened and undamaged packaging, "1 of 1000" sticker undamaged)
Black/power SDCC exclusive (mint in bag, includes opened packaging)
White Pony Project (mint in bag, includes opened packaging and the original 2005 Pony Project flyer)
Black Pony Project (mint in bag)
TAF Pony Project (mint in bag)

ETA: pictures fixed!
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