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Author Topic: Lord of the Flies  (Read 616 times)

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Re: Lord of the Flies
« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2017, 05:31:00 PM »

Post Merge: September 07, 2017, 05:02:30 PM

I believe that women can be just as vicious, maybe more so, given their inclination to manipulate and add a mental/social aspect. We don't call them "mean girls" for nothing. It just may not escalate in the same fashion as in the Lord of the Flies.

Of course they can, I've known plenty of brutal, cruel girls. What, do people think gang member girls only get into sissy slap fights? Or that temperamental addicts are strictly weepy and depressed? Do they think women in the military are too genteel to be in dangerous combat situations?  Do they think only men are capable of getting physically violent when they're jealous? Cause anyone who thinks otherwise has their head stuck in the sand.
Lol, well put!
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Re: Lord of the Flies
« Reply #16 on: September 07, 2017, 07:29:44 PM »
I didn't know they were remaking the movie, but I had to read the book in school and what a terrible book it was! What the heck were they about making that a set work book for children?! I utterly hated it.  :cry:

Could not have put it better. Horrible book, horrible to study, horrible to read, just generally horrible. Had to study it aged 13-14. Horrible, horrible horrible book.

I still have that refrain in my head from the film. Kill the pig, cut its throat, spill its blood...after more than 20 years its still rooted into my consciousness. And as a bullied kid at school, I'm afraid I find it just horrible and certainly not something kids should be studying, even if they were given the context (which we weren't) of its composition.

IMO it should never be read by anyone, let alone adapted into another film of any kind.

I studied some very odd books at school and college, some of which were far more disturbed in their ideology than LOTF, and I now study texts in which people do die horribly on the battlefields of mediaeval Japan as a matter of course. I'm not squeamish, but there was something empty and hollow about this book that really gave me the creeps and still does. I hated it then, I loathe it now, and honestly, find it more disturbing that anyone would want to dramatise it, rather than the idea of female roles.

I don't really care for the forced political correctness of feminisation lately in media roles and such, but the real core issue for me is that this is a horrible book. Horrible along the lines of Battle Royale and a certain franchise of stories that basically copy Battle Royale but everyone pretends they don't because they're 'popular'.

And yeah, women can be evil to each other. Perhaps more so than guys in some ways. But it would be better to rewrite the story completely to follow how women would terrorise each other, rather than trying to utilise an existing framework. They would terrorise other women in different ways to the guys and the way they bully Piggy.

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Re: Lord of the Flies
« Reply #17 on: September 07, 2017, 08:36:14 PM »
I enjoyed LOTF when I read it (high school), lol. Ordinary people can become awful people so fast, it doesn't take much.  Just look at the Stanford Prison Experiment.  LOTF isn't a pleasant book, it's a disturbing book.  But it's honest.

Speaking of the pig, though, one of the reasons it doesn't work with girls is that the scene where they kill the pig is written to mimic a sexual assault.  (To be clear:  I am not saying the characters sexually assault the pig.  I'm saying that the word-choice of the attack is meant to evoke sexual assault.)

I think the movie industry is slowly realizing that women can be interesting characters to, AS characters (instead of "the hot scientist who is really there to become the lead's girlfriend" or "starring Megyn Fox's butt".)   I agree that some movies are clumsy about it, but I also think it will lead to better movies in the long run.
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