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Author Topic: Vampyrefay's wish list (MODS PLEASE DELETE THIS IF POSSIBLE SO I CAN REMAKE IT)  (Read 3264 times)

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This is partially  so I have a clear wish list and because i'm always trading  :)
Most wanted ponies will be in caps
Ice crystal, Chef, Thunder, Lightening, TEX <3 , coat'n'tails,
candy, baby blubberchen, BABY BRIGHTBOW, little whiskers, cuddles wet n drink, diamond, pearlie moondancer, PRINCESS SPARKLE, bridesmaid, diamond, nightsong, pony, princess sparkle, ribbons 'n' hearts, STARBOW, , surprise, fifi, paws, valentine, confetti, cotton candy, buttons, dots 'n' hearts, heart throb non-bbe, BABY PEARLY, rainribbion, liquorish, milky way, moon dream, north star, pearly, RUBY, star flower, sweet stuff, waddles, applejack, cherries jubilee, sea shimmer, GUSTY (yellow transparent one),LOLLIPOP, glow, sky dancer, ember, ribbs, leaper, minty
bridal beauty, birthday, confetti, pretty puff, RAINCURL, November Chrysanthemum, Felicades, cherry treats, confetti, cupcake, MERRY TREATS, fifi, merry go round ponys, GINGERBREAD, molasses, LOVE LETTER, majesty, lovin' kisses, APPLEJACK, pony bride's accsessories, PRINCESS TIFFANY, Dainty, any princess besides primrose, star pony, TRULY, sweetheart, taffy, yum yum, flocked heart throb, firefly, brilliant bloom, napper, rose dust wings, MINTY either of the soda sippin ponys, cherries jubilee, north star, ANY TWINKLE EYE PONY besides party time cranberry muffins, strawberry surprise, ANY HOLIDAY PONY, MERRY TREATS Regentropfen, snowflake, honeycomb, ANY ROMANCE PONY, ANY COOKERY PONY, bonbon, trickles, yum yum flutter, any pony from the sleep over or celebration sets 

G3: I'd love any of the g3's
Holiday themed ponies: Love wishes, Wish I may, wish I might, always and forever, ribbons and hearts, valenshy, yours truly,
Marshmellow cocoa, Mistletoe, Mittens 1 & 2, Candy Cane, Chilly Breeze, Snow'el 1&2, Jolly Lolly, Jingle Jangle, northern lights, ribbons and bows, ribbon wishes, sno'glo, SNOWFLAKE, tobbagan, winter wish, winter ice, WINTER SNOW
Minty (glitter celebrations, ponyville with santa hat, stove and outfit from mintys Christmas gift pack, plushie, both winter mintys, any minty merch)
Food themed:
Peachy Pie, Tea Leaf, Fizzy Pop, Berries 'n' cherries,  Chocolate chipper, lickety split, party cake, rainbow treat, soda float
Birthday ponies:
November Chrysanthemum, December Poinsettia, each of the birth gem ponies
General ponies:
Lulabelle II, Dream Blue, Lavander lake, lavender locket, Aurora Mist, Crystal Lace, Periwinkle, Precious Gem, Winterberry, wintermint, Bee Bop, Fairy Dust, Dazzle Surprise, Siver Glow
Secret Wish, Flower Garland, Glitter Belle, Royal Rose, Crystal Crown, Graceful Glimmer, Cloud Dancer, Heart Bright, love-a-belle, lovey dovey, Comet Tail, Amazing Grace, Morning Glory, Tattoo, Fancy Free, Junko art pony, royal twist, SILVER RAIN, charm bracelet, SHIMMER SHINE, REPO 2007 MINTY

G4: This list is also for any reboot versions
Applejack (any brushable besides rainbow power, glitter body blind bag figure)
Dewdrop Dazzle (brushable)
Flitterheart (single)
Pinkie pie (light up reboot and sea pony versions)
Princess Luna (brushables)
Twilight Sparkle (glittery/transparent pink variation, gem eye)
Cherry Pie (single)
Snowcatcher (single)
Trixie Lulamoon (single Wedding variant)
Diamond Rose (brushable)
Princess Celestia (any celestia's except mcdonalds)
Rarity  (element of friendship brushable, glamour glow, shine bright )
Queen Chrysalis (any chrysalis)
Lily Blossom (with pet swan)
Flurry Heart
Honey Buzz
Plum sweet
Snow Catcher

Pearlized Applejack
Pearlized Pretzel
Pearlized Cherry Berry
Pearlized Rainbowdash
Pearlized Twilight Sparkle
Pearlized Rarity

Also looking for all sea ponys besides Rarity 
Eq mini's: adagio, splashy art class set, pinkie pie basic, apple jack sleepover set, twilight sparkle canterlot high dance, rarity canterlot high dance/basic, fluttershy canterlot dance

Ever After High:
Cerise Hood ~ legacy day version
Crystal Winter
C.A Cupid ~ 1st eah wave's accessorys
Bunny Blanc
Each doll in the birthday ball and skating series
Monster High:
Amanita Nightshade
Rochelle Goyle  (original doll)
Isi Dawndancer
Frankie Stein (sweet screams)
Porter Geist
*bait condition needed* Skelita Calaveras (She is for a custom so a nude of her will work perfectly)
Iris Clops (I <3 fashion version)
buttershy, cindy-moo, lullaby, pearleen, bella blossom, angel lala, snowflake, stardust, angel hop, swallow tail, princess crystella, joy drop, spellinda, high tail, dorthy doe, swanda, rose-anne, candy-lou, float, frostelle, mary-go-round, sugar bunny, snap jack, skeltalia

the furniture from the crystal zelf series

For Swaps
Acceptable Flaws: Minor hair trims, markings under feet, can be played with, light rubs to symbols, blush loss,  slight head / body mismatch if you cant really tell

Unacceptable Flaws: Cancer, extreme haircuts or plug loss, rattling, prominent pen marks, strong smells, crushed body

Treats and Beverages:

Allergies: guava, bell peppers, bug bites, incense sticks, raspberries

Hot Chocolate/Tea: I love hot chocolate! regular hot chocolate, hot chocolate with marshmallows or white hot chocolate, and for teas I love Darjeeling, chai and orange pekoe

Chocolate: I like milk, white, and orange or mint flavored chocolates, my favourites are terrys chocolate oranges, lindt or resses chocolates

Treats: cherry is my favourite candy flavour, I also like teriyaki jerky and things like combos

I do not like: coconut, jelly beans or anything sour or anything super spicy.

Extras and Other Info:

What would you like as extras?

Anything sailor moon, Funkos, candy, blank non-lined journals, coloured gel pens, Monster Highs/EAH, Zelfs, I collect numnoms/zelfs/care bears, lip balms, anything unicorn/or fairy or anything glittery and spooky

Do you like handmade items?


Is there anything you don't want / won't or can't use?


What are your favorite colors / patterns?

 I love anything glittery and translucent especially if it lights up, I love all colours that have to do with Christmas time or valentines day, also anything black, I like traditional holiday stuff like reindeer, snowmen, bells, holly, wreaths, trees, Santa, angels and snowflakes
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Re: Vampyrefay's wish list!
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2015, 08:44:47 PM »
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Re: Vampyrefay's wish list!
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2015, 05:53:11 AM »
Hey I messaged you :)

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Re: Vampyrefay's wish list!
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2016, 09:49:01 PM »
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Re: Vampyrefay's wish list!
« Reply #4 on: May 01, 2016, 05:32:59 AM »
Hello, Vampyrefay! I have quite a few of the MLP, Monster High and Ever After High items you are looking for on your "wanted" list. If you'd like some pictures and stuff, let me know :)

Offline vampyrefay

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Re: Vampyrefay's wish list!
« Reply #5 on: May 11, 2016, 11:51:51 PM »
i'm mostly looking for the g3/g4 ones (: i'd also love to get the ponyville mermaid blindbag figures
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