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Author Topic: Commission an Artist  (Read 8884 times)

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Offline pop-girl

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Commission an Artist
« on: July 09, 2013, 01:47:44 PM »
This thread is for members who accept commissions to put down their commission information. Please only make one post, you can edit your information using the edit button.

If you would like to C&P your info from the previous "Commission Artist" thread you can find it here:,283444.0.html

"MLP Arena is not promoting any certain artists. This thread is only for your convenience and the artists. If you're thinking about commissioning an artist to assist you, we suggest that you check out references, look at their previous work, come to terms on price, etc."

You should include:
Screen Name
Commission Status (open or closed)
Links to examples of your work
Specialties, if any (ie, sculpted work, photo-realism, flutter wings)
Pricing Details
Shipping Details
Payment Details
Links to any customs currently for sale

* Edit: Please post links to samples of your work and not actual pictures.
-Thank you :)



Contact Me ~*~ PM

Commissions are

pop-girl's Custom Gallery

Hand Painted Symbols
Airbrushed gradients and full body paints
Butterfly and fantasy style wings
Re-hairing with Saran or Nylon hair from
I also do some minor sculpting but I don't consider it a specialty. ;)

Most customs will be in the $90 - $120 range. Please contact me for an exact quote.

Shipping - cost of shipping will be charged upon completion of your custom.

I accept Paypal (prefered), Postal Money Orders (US Customers) and Western Union Money Orders (Non-US Customers). I require half of the total cost of the custom up front before starting. Once I have started the custom the deposit is non-refundable. Payment must be made in full before a custom will ship. Your payment is due no later than 30 days after your custom is complete unless we have been in contact and made alternate arrangements. If I do not recieve the final balance plus the cost of shipping within the time frame I reserve the right to put the custom up for sale.

Other information:
I have a full time job and am the mother of 2 young girls. If you commission me please show patience. Your custom will more than likely take at least 4 - 6 months to complete.

Available customs:

None at this time.

Current Commitments

PonySeeker128 - Paint work is done - waiting on hair

sburgess1 - Painting in progress


Waiting List

4Lindy (PM sent 9/24/12 - PM again next round)

Kalavista (PM sent 9/24/12 - PM again next round)

cloud_weaver (PM sent 9/24/12 - waiting on response)

wolflair (PM sent 10/5/12)

Hindsight (PM sent 10/5/12)

Magic Star (TP)

StormPony (DA/Arena)




Love & Miss My Pony Peeps!  :lovey:

Offline kCherry

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2013, 03:02:25 PM »
Screen Name: kCherry


Commission Status: Closed

Links to examples of your work:
Studio 7th Sanctuary on FB,

Specialties: sculpting, fine detail work and styling

Pricing Details: depending upon the amount of modding, average $50-$130

Shipping Details: I charge actual shipping costs; I do not charge any handling fees. I ship USPS Priority, insurance and tracking required paid by buyer

Payment Details: I highly prefer Paypal but have been known to accept Money Orders as well. I am happy to take 2-4 payments from buyers with good feedback.

Links to any customs currently for sale: My Etsy shop,
My Blogger thread devoted to available customs,

:bunny: :heart: :bunny: :heart: :bunny: :heart: :bunny: :heart: :bunny: :heart: :bunny: :heart: :bunny: :heart: :bunny: :heart: :bunny: :heart:

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2013, 03:25:40 PM »
Screen Name: ViciousJupiter

Contact: PM me or email at

Commission Status (open or closed): Currently Closed

Links to examples of your work: Custom Gallery

Specialties, if any (ie, sculpted work, photo-realism, flutter wings):I don't consider myself having any real specialties yet, but I enjoy working with darker color schemes and hair blending though I do not limit myself to just those.

Pricing Details:My pricing starts at $25 and goes up depending on difficulty.

Shipping Details:I will ship worldwide!

Payment Details:I accept Paypal, payment details can be worked out at time of commission request.

Links to any customs currently for sale: None at this time.
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~Feel free to remind me to leave you feedback!  I'm forgetful!~

Online WaePonies

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2013, 04:11:22 PM »
Screen Name:


Commission Status (open or closed)
Open ^.^

Links to examples of your work

For more pictures of complete customs

Specialties, if any:

My work varies from simple paints to complex paintings and sculpting ^.^
I've done a lot of work with sculpting simple and complex ideas so I'm open to creating anything ^.^
I love a challenge so I've happy to talk through even the most impossible sounding ideas ^.^
I'm also happy to design ponies for you if you have even a basic idea

Pricing Details:
G3 full body paint and hair: £15
G3 Full body paint, small sculpt and hair: £20
G3 sculpted skeleton pony: £30
G3 Sculpted clothes: £35
G3 Full body sculpt with details and hair: £50
G3 heavy sculpt with Repose: £70+
G3 Heavy sculpt with alot of detail: £70+
G3 styling size starts from: £25 and will increase depending on details wanted
G4 Full body paint, small sculpt and hair: £15
G4 Butterfly pony: £20
G4 Full body paint, small sculpt and hair: £20
G4 Full body sculpt with details and hair: £35-40
G4 Heavy sculpt: £45+
G4 styling size starts from: £20 and will increase depending on details wanted

Shipping Details:
I ship widewide ^.^ the price will vary depending on the country and pony weight/ size ^.^ Just ask for a quote

Payment Details:
Paypal ^.^ I'm happy to discuss payment plans also^.^

Links to any customs currently for sale:

Current Commissions






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Offline hannaliten

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #4 on: July 09, 2013, 04:40:10 PM »
Screen Name : Hannaliten

Email: PM please

Commission Status: OPEN!

Links to examples of your work:

Specialties: G4 ponies, merponies, rehairs

Pricing Details: The prices are used as a guideline only. Individual pricing may vary.
G4: $40 and up
G3: $40 and up
Styling G4: $80 and up
G4 merpony: $65 and up
G4 styling merpony: $100 and up
Giant G4: $120 and up
Shipping Details: Shipping in the US is included on all regular G4 ponies. Other ponies are $5. International shipping is extra and the rates for that vary by destination.

Payment Details: I accept Paypal only. I require full payment up front.
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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #5 on: July 09, 2013, 04:43:31 PM »
Screen Name
_ Salemsparkler

_ Please contact me via pm here

Commission Status
_ open

Links to examples of your work

_Blindbag, Petites and Ponyville Customs
_3D and Glitter Symbols
_Re-Hairing (I use hair from mylittlecustoms)
_Rainbow Pony Versions of non-Rainbow Ponies
_Flag Ponies (link to example will follow soon)

Pricing Details
_Petite/Blindbag/Ponyville - depending on the kind of bait and level of detail - $10 to $40
_G1/G2/G3/G4 - depending on the kind of bait and level of detail - $30 and up

_This is only a rough pricing to give you an idea

Shipping Details
_I ship from the UK to anywhere in the world. Shipping depends on weight and size and where it goes.

Payment Details
_I accept Paypal
_I require a deposit of half of the cost of the custom before I start working
_The deposit is non-refundable (as I will be having expenses getting your custom on the way)
_I will only ship your custom after receiving the payment
_I reserve the right to sell the custom elsewhere if I dont receive the full payment

Links to any customs currently for sale

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #6 on: July 09, 2013, 04:44:20 PM »
Screen Name: BerryMouse
Contact Me:  via PM or via DA note or also over facebook if you like
Commissions: OPEN since middle of March 2018!

You can find all my customs on DeviantArt or Facebook:

My Specialties:
I really luv to sculpt with Fimo
But I also do all kind of replicas and fantasy ponies.
Whatever you like - open for everything =)
• Simple Hasbro replicas (G1,G2,G3) start now $40-50(up to the materials - FBR, multicolored hair ...)
• Sculpted Customs between $55 and $80 - it's up how detailed it will be and what materials I need.
The price could also be higher than $80 if it's a really special sculpted pony =)

G4 Custom prices:
• G4 Custom prices are between $35-50
• rehair with just one haircolor and painted symbol one is $35
• rainbow hair or full body repaint is $40
• FBR & rainbow hair is $45
With sculpted parts it's $40-50 or more =)
(single G4 ponies for the base are between $8-9 here in Germany so sadly the Custom price is a bit higher)

You always pay after I'm done with my work - so no pre-pay necessary!
I only accept Paypal payments!
Shipping costs:
Are different probably between $5 and $7,60
(it's up to the weight and the size of the box) for the whole world =)

Other information:

I have a full time job 40 hours a week - but most of the time, making a custom it takes around 3-5 weeks (probably less!)
Available customs at the moment:,314209.0.html

Current Commissions:
• 1 Gone
• 2 Gone
• 3 OPEN!
• 4 OPEN!
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BerryMouse Custom Ponies on Facebook

Offline Shiromisa

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #7 on: July 09, 2013, 04:47:41 PM »
Screen Name: Shiromisa here, yourknightoflife on tumblr

Email: I prefer PMs on here, but my email address is You can also reach me on tumblr!

Commission Status: Open!

Links to examples of my work:

See more recent examples on

Specialties: Blind bag ponies

Pricing Details: Starts at $6 for a partial repaint or $10 for a full body repaint, depending on the mold I use. I can also make your pony into a necklace for $3 extra! PM me for a consultation and we're in business. :D I won't ask for payment until I have a picture of the finished product for you to approve.

♥ Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, or earth boy model
♥♥ Mane/tail/cutie mark repaint: $6
♥♥ FBR: $10

♥ Celestia, Lotus Bloom, Gilda, Wonderbolt, Zecora, or Fluttershy model
♥♥ Mane/tail/cutie mark repaint: $12
♥♥ FBR: $18

♥ Shining Armor, small Cadance, Flim, Flam, or Granny Smith model: PM for rates since I currently have no stock of them and it'll depend on what I can get

♥ Add $5 for minor sculpting or items added, within reason. More extensive work will be more expensive, of course.
♥ Want a necklace? No problem! Add on $3.

Shipping Details: I live in the US and ship almost daily. Please allow up to a week for me to finish your creation! :) I ship daily and as securely as possible.

Payment Details: Paypal only, please.

Links to any customs currently for sale: None currently!

Current obligations:
♥ None!
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My Etsy shop! I've got G4 blind bag necklaces and pony-themed caramels for saleCommission me for a custom blind bag hereSwap wishlist here!Current grail: Li'l Cupcake and German StarshineSell me your prototype/error/unusual blind bags!

Offline babystargazer

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #8 on: July 09, 2013, 05:27:07 PM »
Screen Name: babystargazer

Email: PM me, please!

Commission Status: Open

Examples of my work:

Specialties- I love to sculpt!  I'm interested in doing anything with heavy scuplting, or anything unusual or strange.  Whatever you have in mind, I'm willing to attempt it, the more creative, the better!  I'm particularly fond of doing horror and fantasy based customs.  Of course, I can do basic re-hairs and fbr's, as well as scuplted feet for boy ponies, bbe to nbbe, re-poses, and diaper removal for newborn cuties.  I like to sculpt custom accessories, too!

Pricing Details-
$20 for basic rehair/fbr
$25-$35 for minor sculpting (e.g. feet, accessories, etc.), fbr & re-hair
$40 and up for major, full body sculpts or wings
$100 and up for sculpted styling ponies

Shipping Details- I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world, and I do my best to not overcharges, although it can be difficult to estimate with some of the huge customs.  If I overcharge by a lot, I will will re-fund the difference.

Payment Details- Mostly paypal, though if you need to pay some other way, I'm willing to work with you.

Links to any customs currently for sale-

Offline pandabear_chan

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #9 on: July 09, 2013, 05:52:46 PM »
Screen Name:
pandabear_chan (formerly "Isabella_Klein")

simply click my profile and search for the email button ^_^

Commission Status (open or closed):
always open, just ask for a place on the waiting list

Links to examples of your work:

Specialties, if any:
I do the following:

--> replicas of Hasbro Ponies (i.e. Rapunzels)
--> original design (incl. Mermaids , Boys, Unicorns, etc.)
--> restaurations of ponies with faults
--> designs of persona ponies
--> trades with other customizers

My techniques are the following:

--> airbrush incl. sealer
--> painting fine details
--> rehairing with all kinds of hair (esp. nylon hair) + styling without heat or chemical products
--> Sculpting
--> electricificaton (on demand only!)

Pricing Details:
Just ask, I don't bite and multiple commissions will lead to discounts.

Shipping Details:
I'll ship woldwide, prices vary in relation to the size and the weight of the custom(s) but it starts at around 5$ up to 500g

Payment Details:
Paypal only for commissions outside of Europe

Links to any customs currently for sale:

Current Commissions and Waiting List:

I have a CBL --> current business list in my deviantart account so everybody can see what I'm doing at the moment.

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #10 on: July 09, 2013, 05:56:57 PM »
Screen Name: kaoskat
Email: though I am more likely to recieve PMs faster since I check my email about once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less
Commission Status (open or closed): open
Links to examples of your work:
Kaoskat's Customs Facebook Page

Specialties, if any (ie, sculpted work, photo-realism, flutter wings): I don't think I have one. I can do airbrushed full body repaints and gradients, handpainted symbols and eyes, rehairing, and hair styling. I don't like sculpting much but can do minor things with that (unicorn horns for instance). I prefer to handstitch clothing for ponies and don't do sculpted clothes. I also make the outfits removeable. I also tend to do well with curls. Anyway, you can check my site to see what I mean and all the things I can do so far. I'm willing to attempt anything though.
Pricing Details: Basic Customs starting at $35, I love doing custom trades though
Shipping Details: Up to the buyer. Typically first class with delivery confirmation inside the US. In my experience it seems to get there faster than with priority in most cases. Insurance is optional. I pack them well and securely. Since there usually isn't much sculpting, it's unlikely to be damaged anyway but the mail can be crazy, so they always go in boxes with lots of packing.
Payment Details: Paypal; Partial payment to cover supplies up front, non-refundable. Completed payment is required immediately when custom is complete and before shipping.
Links to any customs currently for sale: Arena Customs Sales

I can finish customs in a matter of days except for the rehairing (or sewing if required) as I usually have to wait for an order to arrive. That I can't control. It's completely up to where I ordered the hair from how long it takes. Lately I'm on a medication that slows me down a bit sometimes, but if you need the pony quickly, just let me know. I will check in when I complete painting and, if an outfit is being made, again when that is complete, then once more after the rehair before shipping. I can supply you with pics at any point or not that is up to you. I do require a shipping address before I start in case something happens to my connection, I can still contact you. I live in a hurricane prone and often just stormy area. Nothing has happened to keep me away yet, but I like to be prepared just in case.
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kaoskat's Customs FB Page, please like!Commissions open & custom trades OPEN!
kaoskat's Sales :hamster::hamster::hamster::hamster::hamster::hamster::hamster::hamster::hamster::hamster:

Offline Sarahlacewing

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #11 on: July 09, 2013, 06:26:48 PM »

Commission Status:
I would love to do a commission for you!
 Sarahlacewing's DA

 As far as specialties:
  I do good small work on petite/blind bag customs and jewelry. I enjoy significant sculpting. I'm not afraid to get in there and try something really different. I can sew and I can include fabric clothing in customs. I also have other media like india ink, temp tattoos, acrylics, resin, watercolors. I sew, bake, make soap and candles, cross stitch, knit, I do metal work and chain mail. I have easy access to flocking in multiple colors and I like to experiment with unusual hair: ribbon, metal wire, feathers, actual hair, etc.

Always open for restores/rehairs/bait prep help and all of the goodies that folks sometimes don't have time for.

That includes doll reroots.

Pricing Details
Pricing normally starts around $20 dollars plus shipping for simple repaints and goes up to $40-60 depending on the amount of detail needed or the cost of bait and materials.  Extensive chainmail or sculpting could go higher.

 Pricing for smaller pieces with items like the McDonald base, animal companions, blind bags would start at $5-10 and go as high as $20-30 plus shipping depending on the bait.

If you require rare bait prices will be a bit more.  Or you are welcome to provide supplies instead of higher sale price.

 I'm happy to do separate art, sculpture, jewelry, clothing, etc. It doesn’t have to be pony either! If you’ll let me I’d love to share your vision!

Shipping Details
Domestic and International will be based on weight. A typical domestic pony is about $3 but sculpting can add weight.  You can choose whatever shipping options you feel are most appropriate.  If you decline shipping insurance/tracking all together just put that in the note on paypal so I know. Otherwise we can work out cost of those features on a case by case basis.
Payment Details
I accept paypal.  I'll send pictures of the piece for your approval as we go and at the end. If for some reason you change your mind and decide not to buy the custom we've been working on I reserve the right to either rebait the custom for future projects or offer it for sale to others to make up for the loss of buying supplies.  I also reserve the right to showcase commissions as examples of my work unless otherwise instructed. (Just let me know!) If specific bait or expensive supplies are needed for the custom I may require a non refundable deposit to cover the cost of those supplies, but otherwise payment will be due upon completion.

I will accept trades or partial trades for commissions.  Art/items for customs or customs for baits/supplies, etc.

Positive Feedback
I know that it is difficult to choose an artist to work with. I have done several swaps both private and group here on the forum. I have completed a lot of sales here both buying and selling. I also can provide eBay feedback, I've sold several blind bag customs on eBay. I prefer paypal so you can be confident in the safety of transferring your funds but I will accept other forms of payment if you need.

I have a return policy, but I do require that buyer pays return shipping.  The merchandise must arrive in the condition in which it was sent unless otherwise negotiated.  (Packages, pieces all present, still in box if new merch, etc.)  If an item is damaged in transit you have the option to return it for a refund of your purchase price (minus shipping costs), we can negotiate a partial refund, or else you can elect to pay return shipping and I’ll gladly fix it and send it back to you. 

I’m really easy to work with so just contact me if you have any troubles.

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I'm not really on here anymore. Email me if you need my for something.

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #12 on: July 09, 2013, 06:50:44 PM »
Screen Name Tiella
Email I prefer a PM here, but you can reach me at as well
Commission Status (open or closed) Open
Links to examples of your work
Specialties, if any (ie, sculpted work, photo-realism, flutter wings) I specialize in working with G4s, but will make any generation pony and have done many G1s and G3s. My husband and I also mold and cast our own ponies in resin that can be clear, sparkly or pearly. I am also rather skilled at detailed painting in a small space and things such as natural wildlife or pet portraits.
Pricing Details G1s-$35 and up
                                 G3s-$35 and up
                                 Styling Size any generation-contact for price
                                 Regular G4s-$35 and up
                                 Resin G4s-$50 and up
                                 Resin G1s-$65 and up
                                 Resin Big Brothers - $100 and up
Shipping Details I only charge the minimum amount possible, in the US that will include tracking at all times. I will ship overseas. Please contact me for shipping quotes.
Payment Details I expect payment up front and I take payment through pay pal.
Links to any customs currently for sale I don't always keep my current ponies for sale in my Etsy shop, but there are often ponies in it and you can always check my sales thread here on the arena,320897.0.html

Okay folks I am opening my commissions again! Please take into consideration I have a newborn baby and try and be patient with me, as my usual customers know I work very fast but for now it could take a couple weeks to a month to complete orders. Please take this into consideration when placing your commission. Send me a PM if you are interested in having a pony created for you! Resin ponies start at $50 plus shipping and regular airbrushed ponies start at $35 plus shipping.

Announcement! My husband and I are taking this time to announce that we will be changing our product lineup soon. We will be discontinuing our line of G4 molds. We will be replacing this line with sculpted ponies which will be used to create new molds. From these new sculpted pony molds, we will continue to produce haired resin ponies.

What this means is that the current G4 molds we have will not be replaced when they wear out. Those who wish to order ponies from our current G4 molds are advised to do so soon! Send me a PM if interested in a commission.

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Offline Darkhorse

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #13 on: July 10, 2013, 01:44:49 AM »
Screen Name - Darkhorse
Email - PM me or email me at
Commission Status (OPEN)
Links to examples of your work - see below

Specialties, if any - All sculpting, painting, etc. is done by hand without the use of molds, stencils or stickers.
Pricing Details - Pricing varies depending on the complexity of a particular design, however here are some rough ideas:
Earth Pony - $60 - $90

Earth Pony With Sculpted Hair - $100 - $140

Unicorn - $80 - $150

Unicorn With Sculpted Hair - $110 - $150

Flutter Pony - $100 - $200

Corseted Pony - $120- $280

Masquerade Pony - $150 - $275

Pegasus - $150 - $300

Pegasus With Sculpted Hair - $150 - $300

Gothic Pony (horns and wings) $175 - $300

Dragon Pony - $250

Merpony - $180 - $350

Sea Pony - $120 - $200

Styling Pony (8" Tall) $150 - $450

Headdress Ponies $120 - $280

Shipping Details - I ship world wide
Payment Details - Paypal only, payment upfront
Links to any customs currently for sale:
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Offline Claramel

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Re: Commission an Artist
« Reply #14 on: July 10, 2013, 02:49:45 AM »
Screen Name: Claramel
 Email:  padawanclaramel @
 Commission Status: open!
 You can see examples of my work in my deviantart gallery -
 I strive to make my customs as flawless as possible by putting a lot of time and effort into painting neat symbols and smooth sculpting. I reserve the right to not take on commissions based on subject matter but I do take on many different styles and themes in my customs. I prefer to customise G3 ponies but will do G1 and G2. If you'd like a G1 or G2 pony I may have to charge extra to find the bait body.
 - detailed painting
 - sculpting (can do wings/clothes/symbols/headresses/masks etc)
 - rehairing with dollyhair saran or nylon + extra plugs, boil perms and twists with pearl pins.
 - airbrushing
 - sewn clothing (not corsets!) and beading
 - diamontes
 - fairy wings (custom windy wing wings etc.)
 Pricing Details: All prices are in US dollars.
 Prices start at $40 and include worldwide postage (if registered post is required then the extra amount will be added on to the base price).
 $40 - Smaller symbols (not TAF), rehair (in any colours), includes hair styling and diamontes e.g. Dutch Kitten
 $55 - small sculpting i.e. symbol scupting or TAF symbols (bigger symbols), rehair etc. e.g. custom Toola and Periwinkle and Celtic spirit
 $70 - full body repaint (airbrushed) and/or more detailed sculpting and/or sewn clothing, rehair etc. e.g. fruit salad and Phantom of the Opera and Applejack remix
 $70 - fairy pony with fantasy film wings, airbrushing, rehair, diamontes e.g. Ariella
 $80-$100 - winged customs or customs that involve a lot of sculpting e.g. blue wren and highland pony and Azura
 Shipping Details: I live in Australia so postage takes longer, however postage costs are included in the prices listed above. If you want registered post or express etc. I will add on the extra cost over $9. I will offer you a discount if you live in Australia as postage is cheaper.
 Payment Details: I prefer payment with paypal but am open to other options such as international money order or bank deposit. I require full payment before I start the custom. I will accept a 50% non-refundable deposit at the start and the rest to be paid after the custom is finished if you prefer this method.

 Please feel free to PM me! I'm always open to new ideas!