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Author Topic: COMPLETE G1/G2/G3 want list  (Read 3005 times)

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COMPLETE G1/G2/G3 want list
« on: January 20, 2012, 04:22:18 PM »
 Although, any upgrades or G1 Nirvana po.nies are a low priority for me now. 
 *********** = REALLY WANT
 O Sparkle Pretty Lady Lovely Locks
 O PIXIETAILS esp. the sea ones and butterfly ones
 (In other words, if it is not on the list, I do not want/need it)
 WANT MLP Backcards:
 Sunshine Backcards Needed:
 O Wave Runner
 Other P.ony Backcards/Boxes Needed:
 Happy Tail ?????
 Dance and Prance (ANY Except Player)????
 Perfume Puff (ANY Except Dainty Dahlia and Sweet Suds) ????
 Baby Ballerina (ANY Except Baby Soft Steps)???
 Rock and Beat (ANY Except Sweet Notes)??

 Playset Backcards/Boxes Needed:
 O Megan's Place Box
 My Little Kitty, My Little Puppy, and My Little Bunny (Prefer MOC or at least complete) SUPER BIG WANT...WILL PAY VERY WELL ************
 O Adorable Angora (must be MOC; already have complete set)
 O Perky Persians (NEED MOC, Loose: stacking toy (white base with [largest to smallest] aqua/pink/yellow/peach rings), and a pinkish-purple teddy bear)
 O Sweet Dreams Poodle (NEED MOC, Loose yellow small baby bottle, and mom (Upgrade))
 US and UK Accessories
 * Best Friend's Dog Spot (UPGRADE)
 * Birthday Baby Accessories: slice of pink cake (w/white decorations and yellow candle) on a blue plate and a purple party favor, Pin-the-Tail-on-the-pony game (with a picture of Party Time), two pink tails. 
 * Barrettes for Sweetie Babies
 * Combs for seven tales (EXCEPT the yellow candy, clover, backpack, book combs)
 * Complete stacking toys (and ANY very top rings)
 * Crowns for princess flowers with eyelashes
 * Nesthckchen Baby Accessories: NEED: plaid blanket and pink terry cloth towel. For ID go here:
 * REAL MLP Ribbons any shade of blue or aqua, green, white
 * Ribbons for summer wing/windy wing/flutter
 * TAF Megan's Shoes (Very dark pink)
 * Shooting star barrettes for Brush and Grow flowers (need all but white, purple, blue, or lavender)
 * White Squeeze Bottle for MO baby cat
 * Xylophones/mallets for Playtime Brothers
 O G1 MLP Original Stickers (See detailed list below)************* 
 O G1 Merchandise {Here is a link to what I have already...about 97% up to date (97 % does not include puzzles and stickers)}***********
US Po.ny:
O Dazzle Glow (w/ blue hearts)

 WANTED: G1 Round Puffy Stickers
 Adult Sea po.nies - (not a huge priority)
 O  High Tide
 O  Sand Dollar
 O  Wave Jumper
 O  Whitecap 
 Almost any UK Round Puffy Sticker (already have: Confetti with bride dress, Buttons, Locket, Hopscotch, Magic Star, Shady, TE Fizzy, Baby Lickety-Split, Baby Gusty, Baby Ribbon, Baby Heart Throb, Baby Lemondrop, Baby Sea po.ny Ripple, Flutters Morning Glory, Forget me not, and Lily, Mountain Boy Ice Crystal)
 Baby Sea po.nies - (not a huge priority)
 O  Backstroke
 O  Sea Shimmer
 WANTED: G1 Flat Body Stickers
 So Soft po.nies
 O  Gusty
 O  Magic Star (with green hair)
 Flutter po.nies
 O  Morning Glory  (Upgrade)
 O  Rosedust (Upgrade)
 Pretty 'n Pearly Baby Sea po.nies - (not a huge priority)
 O  Sea Shimmer
 O  Sunshower
 O  Surf Rider
 O  Water Lily
 Other stickers-
 O  Baby Tiddley-Winks
 WANTED: Petites
 Pretty Parade:
 O Yellow w/ aqua hair; coral sun SMALL SYMBOL (UPGRADE)
 O White w/ pink hair; lavender bow; green hairbrush (UPGRADE)
 Petite variations (these have *brushable* hair):
 Mane Delight Beauty Parlor:
 O Pink Perfume Bottle (yellow body with pink hair and aqua bow)  Also, looking for the one withOUT brushable hair.
 1997 Toyfair Petite Exclusives (IN MY DREAMS!)
 O Ivy
 O Sweetberry
 O Light Heart
 O Sundance
 Royal Palace petites (with MOLDED tails)
 O Sundrop is white with yellow hair and has a crown symbol.
 O Magic Star is orange with purple hair.
 Denmark Ponytail po.nies (IN MY DREAMS!)
 O Purple with blue hair and a yellow symbol
 O Purple with pink hair and pink symbol
 O Green with purple hair and brown gingerbread man
 O Gray-ish with yellow hair and white butterfly symbol
 O Any petites with the stamper on the bottom 
 ANY petite comb, except bright aqua, bright orange, bright pink, bright yellow.
 O Surprise
 O Powder
 O Sunlight
 O Skydancer
 O Twilight (Unicorn)
 O Windy
 O Trickles
 O SS Bangles
 O SS Best Wishes
 O SS Cupcake
 O SS Hippity Hop
 O TE Locket
 O TE Party Time
 O TE Quackers
 O TE Sweet Stuff
 O Baby Crumpet
 O Baby Cherries Jubilee
 O Baby Lucky

 I am incredibly picky when it comes to these on my upgrade list.
 Non acceptable flaws: I would like NO marks, yellowing of body**, fading of symbols or hair, glitter loss or other symbol rubs, cancer, mold, minimal to no flocking loss.
 ** If a po.ny is supposed to white, I want it to be white, not cream colored. I would also like the head and body to match colorwise.
 Acceptable flaws: These do not need original curl (although it would be nice if they did), surface dirt that is washable with soap and water (although,I would really prefer to not have to wash them when I get it/them). 
 O Variations to Rainbow po.nies:
 O Starshine (Surprise's pose) (NEED UPGRADE)
 O Non-So Soft po.nies
 O Truly
 O Paradise
 O Cupcake
 MOMMY CHARMS*************************
 O Paint-a-picture (Upgrade needed)
 OTHER charms:
 O Larger (than mommy charms) po.ny charms (ANY but NOT Blossom, Firefly, Medley, Bubbles, or Twilight) From what I have seen from MLP websites, the only one that I *need* is Glory.
 O Smaller (than mommy charms) po.ny charms (ANY but NOT Medley or Twilight)
 O ANY EXCEPT Bowtie, Skydancer, Cherries Jubilee, Moondancer, Parasol, Windy, Starshine, Twilight, Moonstone, and Firefly. 
 **means willing to pay more for these
 O Annuals (ANY BUT NOT 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993)
 O Vintage Lapel Pins (ANY but NOT Blossom or Medley)
 O ANY Vintage Hair Clips (ANY but NOT Blossom or Medley or Twilight)
 O Alt Birthflowers: ALL but both versions of Holly
 O Stickles [ANY baby ponies (except Firefly or Glory, unless you have one of those on card) and I need these adults: Lickety-Split, Bowtie, Firefly].   
Also, I would be interested in getting a few Italy variations, Greeks, and Brazilians flowers (esp. Milkyway and Love Melody).
 G2 (Do not need to be MOC, but MUST be complete with all accessories):
 Twins: Nosy and Click
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 O Red Rooster: Rainbow Dash clip
 O Charms
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Re: COMPLETE G1/G2/G3 want list
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2012, 03:04:58 AM »
bump! worth a shot......

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Re: COMPLETE G1/G2/G3 want list
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2013, 03:21:35 AM »
 :bump: :hearts: Worth a shot to see what is out there....... :broc:
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Re: COMPLETE G1/G2/G3 want list
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2013, 01:54:56 AM »
 :bump: for the fair.....I can not believe how close we are to the fair right now...... :inlove:

I have booths, so if you have something on my want list, please pm me. :) I would need to work something out before the fair. :)