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As everyone says, it's only with a store that you can put your items on vacation mode. But luckily eBay does have the option for a starter store if you don't have a ton of listings for like $5 a month. I find it worth the extra price for not having to deal with the hassle of cancelling auctions and having 50 extra listings per month.
Off Topic / Re: Do you bird?
« Last post by Harmonie on Today at 03:18:24 AM »
I love birds. I may have gotten it from my grandma who also loved birds and also did all kinds of things in her yard to attract them. I have always thought that birds are adorable beyond belief. I, too, had bird books. I don't know what happened to them, they're probably somewhere around.

Nevertheless, I don't really birdwatch, because that would require going outside and it's just not pleasant out for many reasons. I do enjoy seeing them from inside outside the window, though. My parents have a garden, so there are birds often, including hummingbirds.
Pony Corral / Re: Help w/ cancer and age spots!
« Last post by lovesbabysquirmy on Today at 02:44:19 AM »
He is supposed to have a little mohawk so a short mane is not a cut on him
Welcome..with struggles comes joy!

I paint my nails consistently to keep me from biting. I also knit so it's a nice habit to keep my tension down and hands active. I promise you will find support here!

Great progress everyone!!!

So far I have knit and kept ok active. Piano is my hardest and I did not touch my goal if progress to be my own boss...BUT I did get myself organized and cleaned, so I start fresh for Wednesday
Off Topic / Re: Real Evidence of the Loch Ness Monster!!!!!
« Last post by StarSwirl05 on Today at 02:21:40 AM »
 :whistle: My Little Nessie, My Little Nessie.  :whistle: "Tune in next week when we identify Bigfoot as King Kong in a costume" :P
Customs / Glow powders?
« Last post by rybett on Today at 02:09:59 AM »
Anyone used them?  A few years ago I used GITD Modge Podge on a bait.  It has since become sticky.  Pony spa time!!  I got to wondering about the powders and mixing them with a bit with a bit of glitter paint like Folk Art has. 
Pony Corral / Re: G1 Collectors: What Risers do you recommend?
« Last post by okamigirl64 on Today at 01:48:59 AM »
I display my ponies on foam blocks, like the kind you find in the floral crafts section, and then I have them covered in cute fabric so they display better. :)

ooo I didn't think about that! Thanks!
Off Topic / Re: Real Evidence of the Loch Ness Monster!!!!!
« Last post by Pumpkin_Tart on Today at 01:24:51 AM »
Lol! That stuffed animal is so cute!
Off Topic / Re: Real Evidence of the Loch Ness Monster!!!!!
« Last post by Mewtwofan1 on Today at 01:09:22 AM »
     The biggest scientific plot twist of all: Nessie isn’t actually a fish or amphibian: it has pink hair, so it is mammalian.
Off Topic / Re: Word Association cont.3
« Last post by BubbleTea on Today at 12:52:41 AM »
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