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SMF Trader System - Detailed Feedback
Detailed Comment After listing Mexican Blossom on eBay for $135, I received a message from maycrestmom asking me to sell her privately for less.  I informed her that the least I could take for her was $85 including shipping.  She agreed and quickly paid me through PayPal, and I sent her the item.  Upon receiving Blossom, she had concerns that the pony may have been re-haired.  I explained to her that I did not believe it had been, but suggested that she post a topic in the Nirvana Forum, and I would be happy to work to make her happy.  She posted a Price Check/Re-Hair thread, where there were no real conclusions made.  She did not ask for anything further from me.  This was in August 2011.  In February 2012, she contacted me about another item in my store, Edgar the Elephant, asking me to basically sell it to her for $5.  He is listed for $40 with free shipping.  She informed me that she felt Edgar was only worth $20, and that she would like me to give her a $20 additional discount for Blossom from back in August.  I offered to sell her Edgar for $20 instead, giving her the $20 off for Blossom.  She declined and asked for $20 be sent to her through PayPal.  I offered to honor the Edgar deal, or split the $20, thereby giving her only $10 back on Blossom.

She declined again, and asked if she could return Blossom for a refund after 6 months.  I accepted Blossom back and refunded her money.  Though she is a good buyer, I would not recommend selling this member anything over $30, or at least set a time frame for a return, as well as make certain all her concerns are answered up front.
Comment by: Stormy31685
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