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Eh, he's Starscream. Maybe Blitzwing in name only,I don't care. Because the other Bayverse Starscream looked like a chicken and did not try to mess with Megatron even once. He might as well have been Starscream in name only.

I hope you did not watch the other Bayfilms and now that one thing is not right you plan to boycott. Because this time we might actually get something that is closer to Transformers G1 and not "give me your face, b****!!! Here is 3 hours of murder".

I am still hopeful. The dude looks like Screamy, so to me he's already Screamy.
So apparently Travis Knight announced at SDCC that the jet in the Bumblebee movie is not Starscream but . . . Blitzwing?!

I gotta be honest, I am so disappointed.  Why make him look so much like Starscream if he's not Starscream?  Thinking I might skip the movie.

Whuh?  :blink: But he doesn't look anything like Blitzwing.

Yeah, not a bit of purple on him . . . Maybe Knight was just trolling?  I'm grasping at straws now, lol.
Pony Corral / Anybody seen these? G1 print clothes!
« Last post by Shaiyeh on Today at 12:18:48 PM »

Just saw these linked in a Swedish MLP Facebook group. How cool are these? Actual g1 art, not the retro art! I want some!
Off Topic / Re: Meet your new Princess (no, not Meghan Markle)
« Last post by Zapper on Today at 12:12:08 PM »
Nope, it looks nothing like the original and honestly looks like a bunch of fan art. *sigh* some things don't need to be brought back.

I hated the Bayformers therefore all TF should cease to exist. I hated the Jem movie so I hope Jem will never be back again. I don't like G4 toys so I hope MLP will die. Some things should just never come back again, am I right? :lol:

Post Merge: Today at 12:37:09 PM

my son thought She-Ra was Thor and my daughter crinkled her nose and asked why they were not pretty :(

Pretty alarming to me that your kids apparently base the goodness of female characters on looking "pretty".
Toxic self image starts with the media your kids consume. Maybe also ask your son why it's negative to him that a teen girl "looks like Thor". Maybe tell him girls can be physically strong, too. You're their mom, aren't you worried about that?

I can't believe what some people here are saying just because you personally dislike the look of something. Btw I know kids who think the new Barbie Fashionistas are too fat and too man looking, lol! You won't believe what young kids already pick up on just by watching their parents reaction to things.
The human figures are cute but I am in the camp that would have liked more than one skin tone. Remember when EqG got flack for being pastel shades and not the pony colors? Now three of them are already pale pink or pale beige. It just looks a little off to me. Like cosplayers, but maybe that was the intention?

The pony figures on the other hand look super creepy. It just shows off how freaky G4 proportions are compared to the style of the human figures.
Customs / Re: Looking for Star Wars TFA and TLJ and Sailormoon Customs
« Last post by Nymphmews on Today at 11:44:48 AM »
I’d LOVE to see your Sailor Moon customs too  :inlove:
Pony Corral / Re: Any room for Flutterponies in g4?
« Last post by bright rabbit 1 on Today at 11:32:43 AM »
I agree western shows shouldn't try and put anime into kids programs, can you imagine a kids program with a Titan in?
I was hoping for 2Dish animation. They look like TF Cybertron grade PC game characters -_-

The 2D character designs looked so good and slick and now these will all move the same and there won't be much squash and stretch. This is a downgrade, imo. Good thing all three girls are getting figures, tho!

PS: in that clip all Cybertronians are the same character model except for the named characters. They are not even different colors. I hope there will be a good explanation for this. Like troopers made from the same protoform or whatever. Because Cybertron is supposed to be full of different bots and not just a red and blue clone army. The heck?
Fingers crossed for this episode to focus on the toy creators and not on adult men and their collection of Lame6 duplicates.
Pony Corral / Re: Any room for Flutterponies in g4?
« Last post by DreamvalleyMLP on Today at 10:18:35 AM »
The focus has been shifted to Twilight's school. If ever there was a space to introduce a new pony race, it would have been during the Explore Equestria theme.

But would there even be a purpose to having flutters in G4? In G1, their presence was justified by their unique massive utter flutter power. In G4, Twilight and the elements of harmony are equally (if not more) powerful compared to flutter ponies.

And I don't think the creators had flutters in mind when they made the breezies. They're another heritage from G3 - Hasbro's idea for a recycled G3 theme that was pushed onto the show runners for publicity.
well, they're introducing Kirins in this season, sooooo.....

Oooh, do tell, I haven't kept up with spoilers except for
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
so I'm curious to hear about these Kirins.
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