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MLP Nirvana / Re: Confirmed names of the Macau ponies?
« Last post by pinkkittywinks on Today at 11:40:33 PM »
I’ve seen four different Jenny’s MOC :) you are both spot on about the mix up with Butterscotch/Jenny. It is quite the mix up isn’t it! I imagine confused children wondering what to call their piny,

There are quite a number of back card errors out there and they are fun to spot :lol:

It looks to me like there was two waves of the collectors pose ponies, I’m thinking of the Italy stamped ones, they have quite different names, which, if rightly remember match up with the comic names.

Love pkw xxx
I bought 2 sets of the Baaic Fun 35th anniverasry ponies (one set to open and one to keep MIB) I had hoped to buy 2 sets of the Rainbow and unicorn/pegasus sets also but I haven’t been able complete one set of the Rainbows or unicorn/pegasus ponies. With the recent news of the Earth and year 3 Rainbows ponies I’m starting to rethink getting 2 sets of each.

Off Topic / Re: Healthy Pony New Year
« Last post by Crowning_Glory13 on Today at 11:04:18 PM »
Go baby squirmy on the interview!!! It’s going to go well I just know it.

I have set up my goals and points. I really want to work. My husband got me a shirt from 2 Christmas ago (super cute but gained weight) so it is now hung on my wall to keep me motivated! I am going to see how my points go and what awards I will give myself. I started a fun contest if interested!!

My phot to contest is on hold until my finances get better:)
Pony Corral / Let’s create pony outfits!
« Last post by Crowning_Glory13 on Today at 10:57:46 PM »
I have been wanting to make pony outfits for a long time...well I have.

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3F9EC7A0-6DD9-45A5-AEC4-46106FCE27D8 by s s, on Flickr

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5C237503-115E-4317-97E9-EB558CE5F648 by s s, on Flickr

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IMG_2625 by s s, on Flickr

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F62C188C-CEFE-4DFD-A81D-216FC130F7BC by s s, on Flickr

Those are a few of items I have made. But I am lacking in inspiration. I need you awesome pony peeps to help me. What would you like to see as a pony outfit?

Yes this is a contest. The winner will have their inspiration made. Now I am not a magician so I will have to adjust to my abilities, but don’t limit that on your creativity. I am only going to make the winning picture outfit. If the winner wishes to have that garment, we can negotiate as materials and shipping can get pricy. Ther winner will be determined by votes in a poll, and once I finish their idea, I will post it, and give them recognition.

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IMG_2627 by s s, on Flickr

Here is how one enters the contest.
1. Draw up a design of what you would like to see in a pony outfit. This is not about drawing skills. It’s about an outfit you want to see:) you may describe your entry along with your image.

2. I have multiple categories and you may submit a design for each one, or as many categories as you want.

3. Submit your design in the forum before or by February 18, with the category name next to it.

4. Polls will be set up for each category. The design that wins the most votes in each category will be collected to a poll for the best overall design.

5. It is not about drawing skills. It’s about the idea. You may describe your entry to help convey your design.

6. This is all about being fun and positive, so no negativity! :)

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IMG_3071 by s s, on Flickr

Enter all or one or two or however many you like categories!

1. Wings, design wings for a flutter pony

2. Design a pony outfit for any generation. G1, G2, G3, G3.5, G4, and G4.5 it can be for a Pegasus, Earth, Unicorn, Alicorn, Boy, Girl, any generation. Or any size.

3. Design a human wear outfit for any Megan, Monster High, or Equestria Girls

4. Design a parent and baby outfit. Daddy and baby, mommy and flutter baby, apple jack and apple bloom. This is about being a double. Your pairs are up to you they just have to be both ponies. They can be of any generation.

5. Design a human and pony outfit. Human can be anything like Megan, Monster High, or Equestria Girl and pony can be any generation!

Remember this is about seeing fun outfit ideas. So draw the best you can and post your entries here!,

Thank for your help, and have fun :)
Pony Corral / Re: POTD 1/17/19 Lady Cupcake
« Last post by Khoufu on Today at 09:36:43 PM »
My sister got her NIP about 15 years ago at a secondhand shop. I was jealous cuz I was too young to remember opening my Skyskimmer. She was around 4 so of course she opened it (not like it was old at the time) and she at least still has the pony and her magnetic cake somewhere.
My kid is super excited about them, she keeps asking for her own...

Always awesome to sse that kids like these too. Who is she after?

Any of them. All of them.

Same as a kid. I snatched up all the 25th anniversary ponies as a preteen and wanted almost every G1 I saw at secondhand shops. The only ones I really specifically wanted were Lofty and Paradise (until I found out Lofty was yellow not white).
Yes, it's such an awesome initiative. :D But unfortunately I only like a few of them. With all due respect, but most of the colour schemes don't give me that "pony feeling" that takes you back to the G1 era.

Anyway, I really don't get why they don't make any actual NEW sets, G1 style. That would be so much cooler...

That's why we have the HQCG1 Project:,394099.0.html
Arts & Crafts Corral / Re: First oc pony design!
« Last post by Griffin on Today at 09:16:28 PM »
Looking great (both versions)! I like the colours, but sometimes you need to experiment a little to see what feels right.
I love the subtle blush in the digital image!
Pony Corral / Re: 35th Anniversary Collectors Pony's - Part 2!
« Last post by shabbychicdee on Today at 08:52:11 PM »
OMG sitting ponies  :frolic:
they heard my wish  :satisfied: yay a nice purple seashell :heart:
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