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Title: General G4 price checking...
Post by: Taffeta on May 28, 2019, 05:55:23 AM
...No pics at the moment till I get home, but I have some G4 still in my trade box that need new homes. These are all doubles for me that have accumulated in sets and from sales over the past 2 years.

 I would genuinely like to trade some of these for other G4 ponies in the same rarity bracket to fill gaps, rather than sell them, but I will sell them - just basically want to know what I should be aiming for.

I think most of these are not that htf, but I know there are still people interested in certain ones.

Ponies in good shape unless otherwise mentioned.

Holly Dash (2)
Ploomette I (with the big wings and normal eyes, bent leg pose)
Ploomette II (with normal wings, gem eyes, tinsel in mane)
Mane-i-ac Mayhem (I think her tail is a bit fluffy/frizzy)
Water Cuties Twilight Sparkle (I think. Pretty sure it's Twilight)
Cadence (small plastic wings) and Shining Armor (troll hair) pair.

Small brushable Celestia - she's not great, she's missing her wings, her toes are stained pink with nail polish :/)

Photo Finish Pony Mania (she's a double for me, I got her randomly in a lot but I already have her :/)
Basic (non-poseable) EQG Sugarcoat doll

Most of the G4 ponies I am still looking for are somewhat harder to find. Mostly ones from the early years.

I would also trade them for G1 backcards I don't have, albeit I am picky about these if they are US cards...there are only a few of those I would really be super interested in trading a pony for. UK/European cards, different story :D if it's one I don't have.
Title: Re: General G4 price checking...
Post by: tailrustedtealeaf on May 28, 2019, 07:14:33 PM
Here's some US centric prices in USD:
Holly Dash doesn't pop up often on US ebay. She just sold for about $30 with domestic shipping, and around $20 with first class from the UK, so $15 if you HAVE to sell her would likely go quickly.
Ploomette with the big wings is about $10 it looks like. It looks like she's had recent sales of $15 for the normal/tinsel haired version.
Mane-iac was not hard to find here. She's been all over the place from $4-8 recently.
Water Cuties Twilight had poor distribution here so there are no sales on eBay that I could find. I'd say $10 is a good starting point.
It looks like Shining Armor is more sought after than Cadance is. Around $5-10 seems like his going price. Cadance you'll probably be able to sell below $5.
That little Celestia seems relatively sought after but with her condition I'd say $5-8...
I'm not that good with EQG but having 2 Holly Dashes certainly will help you get earlier brushables, at least if you trade with the US.  :P