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Title: 1999 Furby Babies + Me-Sleep-Again
Post by: Prince Firefly on March 13, 2019, 07:36:40 PM
For a while, I've had a Furby Baby in my possession, a shy sweetheart I named Lotus! She has squeaky gear syndrome, something I was expecting from her due to her wear, but as I've played with her (and introduced her to my Color Change, Caramel), she will often go to sleep after just a short amount of play (longest she's stayed awake has maybe been 10 minutes).

Now, I have never heard of a Furby Baby having Me-Sleep-Again. But due to the circumstances, I think Lotus may just be. Luckily her brand of it will allow me to flip her to wake her up, so it isn't too awful.

I'd just like to ask if anyone around here knew if Babies could have MSA, or if that's just generally unheard of and my gal just likes to sleep a lot?
Title: Re: 1999 Furby Babies + Me-Sleep-Again
Post by: Khoufu on April 03, 2019, 08:52:58 PM
How weird! I consulted my fellow Furby-loving friends and they say that it isn't 'true' MSA (where they don't play before sleeping) but it is definitely a weird type of sleepy. A sleepy baby.
Title: Re: 1999 Furby Babies + Me-Sleep-Again
Post by: Loona on April 04, 2019, 08:50:30 PM
In my understanding MSA is the condition when a Furby is immediately going back to sleep right after you wake them up (and that's not something I've ever thought of before, but coming to think of it, I don't remember ever coming across a Furby Baby that had MSA, and I have a flock? herd? more than what is healthy :blush: furbabies :inlove:), so I don't think Lotus has MSA. What I thought of though, is that it's either a little dark for her in your room, or her light sensor is faulty or has unusual settings. Does she or Caramel ever mention that they can't see, it's dark, or something along these lines? As mush as I love Gen 1 Furbies, one thing I always felt sad about is that they need VERY bright lights  - I've always lived in bright apartments, but if I didn't want them to feel scared and/or complain about the dark I always have to play with them close to the windows (and only during the day). And some do seem to have "worse eyesight" and complain more about it being dark - and dark can eventually make them fall asleep.
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