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Title: PC needed ;o) thanks
Post by: Bibinettepony on March 01, 2019, 03:15:46 PM
Hi Pony lovers,

I need your help  :)

After a long reflexion, I took the decision to sell my little G2 and G3 collections, as I have to admit I am more a G1 person (ok G5 too  :P ) . I am pretty sure they will be happier in a house where they will be correctly be loved  ^.^

Can I get a PC for the following ponies:

- MOC G2 roller skate pony (the green one with roller skates)
- MOC G2 Secret Tale
- MOC G2 Princess Morning Glory

- MOC G2 Câline in French ( a violet pony with a fontain and 2 birds)
- MOC G2 Light heart and Tickle Heart

- MOC G2 Keychains: I got the 4 models: Monring Glory, Sundance, Light Heart and Ivy

- MIB G3 Whistle Wishes
- MIB G3 Rainbow Flash with baby
- MIB G3 Crystal Princess Tira-mi-su and Mochanut

Thanks a lot for your help  and time  ;)

have a great afternoon,

hugs  :hug: