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Title: sales & trade topic
Post by: Barnacle_lady on June 11, 2018, 09:48:19 AM
For sale or for trade ponies of all generations.
Pictures over here

I try to describe the ponies the best can, if you have any questions about the condition please ask them in advance. They could all use a wash and a brush . Some had a surface wash to see if some spots go off.

Parasol, has glitter loss, rust and some pen marks €4
Wave Runner dry hair €5
Salty, brown cancer spots €8
Honeysuckle €2,50
Moondancer Italy, blue marks on body, symbol damage, scratch on back, head/body discoloration €7
Surprise, glitter loss, damage on leg €7
Fancypants baby Splashes, still has some pink in hair, tangled €5
Hearts & Candy outfit misses necklace €4


Core 7 €1
Scootaloo tangled hair €0,50ct
Starsong “Dreams” €7
Baby Dance Around €1
Long Hair Royal Beauty #1, pen mark on leg, damage on hoofheart €4
Long Hair Royal Beauty #2, pen mark on belly, tangled hair  €4
Amberlocks, 2 higlighter spots on non display side €2
Petal Blossom, tangled hair €1,50
Royal Twist, damages around hooves €3
Tangerine Twinkle €3
Flower Wishes €4
Dream Blue €3
Rose Blossom with bottle and carrier €1,00
Wondermint, has purple and highlighter marks €2
Summer Bloom, has pink writing/marks and hoof damage €1
Fancy Free, has damage around the hooves €2
Winter Minty €5
Spring Carnivale €4
Chilly Breezes €3
Seaspray €4
Desert Rose, hoof heart damage €3
Ponyvilles €0,50 ct each
Cheerilee bag €1
Rainbow Dash bag €2
Skywishes bag €2
Invitations  €1 each
Happy Birthday Fluttershy Letter Banner €2
School sets  €1,50 each
Custom made card set  2 cards €1
Tin lunchbox €2,50
Plushes €2
Small plush Fluttershy €1,50
Hats €1 each
I also have a lot of backcards,flyers and ponyville mermaid posters with seashell sticker send me a pm if interested

Mane 6 €2 each
Rarity Glimmer Wings €3,50
Rarity Motion €2,50
Cadance variants €2,50
Celestia variants €2,50
Luna, frizz hair €3
Shinng Armor symbol smudge €1,50
Sunset Shimmer €3
Scootaloo €3
Trixie €4
Blossomforth, cut tail €3
Ploomette  €4
Pursey Pink, tangled hair €3
Twirley Treats, frizz hair €3
Daisy Dreams €3
Fashion style small Fluttershy €3,50
Fashion style large Cadance, discolored head €3
Fashion style large Twilight Sparkle, discolored head €3
Booktique with a few accessories €4
Accessories make an offer
Blind bag with cards €2
Loose blind bags €1
Magazine figure Tempest Shadow €1,50
Burger King Pinkie Pie €2
TY plush Pinkie Pie cut forelock €1
TY plush Twilight Sparkle €2
TY plush Rainbow Dash, very frizz hair €2
Aurora plush Twilight Sparkle €5
Famosa plush Rainbow Dash €2
Keychain Twilight Sparkle €1
Aluminum water bottle Rainbow Dash symbol €4
Backpack Fluttershy €7,50
Backpack Twilight Sparkle €7,50
Canvas bag Discordian €7,50

I accept bank transfers in euros and paypal

I ship worldwide with track&trace only
       -      The Netherlands package up to 10 kg €6,95
Most European countries package up to 2 kg €13 with Postnl or €10-€12 with DHL. Their shipping areas have an overlap which causes a price difference.
USA package up to 2 kg €24 with DHL

I have 100% positive feedback on ebay with name “eynav”. I am also known in the Dutch, German (Eynav) and British community (barnacle77 on UK ponycon forum)
Title: Re: sales & trade topic
Post by: haircutsandhighlighters on June 12, 2018, 05:37:42 PM
PM'd you  :lovey:
Title: Re: sales & trade topic
Post by: Rachel8125 on June 13, 2018, 10:58:13 AM
Sent pm
Title: Re: sales & trade topic
Post by: Barnacle_lady on October 07, 2018, 12:04:36 PM
Bump :)

Next weekend I am going to UK ponycon. I don't have a stall, but if there is anything from my sales/trade list you want I'd be happy to take it with me.