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Title: MIB and loose G3s, Mostly early years, ADDING LOOSE G4s 10/31/2019
Post by: Squirtsquirt on May 15, 2018, 03:03:52 AM
I am still trying to liquidate my extra ponies, in the hopes of getting more room.  Storage is very limited in the new house, and I just can't justify keeping ponies packed in boxes where they aren't being enjoyed.  My daughter has long outgrown them as well, so I have quite a few ponies just hanging out.  I'm starting with this list, as they are the ponies that are closest to hand.

I have some that are MIB and some that are mint just out of box--literally...I opened them and put everything directly into a plastic baggie.  Hair ties and such are still intact, back cards are there and brushes.  I do have a few that are just the pony and brush, but they are still mint.  There are still some ponies that have factory flaws or rubs on symbols or eyes.  I tried to find the best ponies I could when I bought them, but Hasbro gave up on perfection a long time ago.  I did notice some discoloration on a couple of the white ponies as I was pulling them out, but again...that's going to be age and nothing to do with play.  These have literally been stored in plastic ziplock bags in a box since I got them.  I will answer any questions anyone has and try to get pics going.  Just be patient. :)

Another note, these are all the older ponies, so the first few years of the G3 line.  If you want to know which version, just ask.   Also, some of the boxes haven't lasted too well, and the ones with tape, well...a lot of the tape has let go.  Again, if you want a pic, let me know.  I tried to note the major issues, but may have missed something.  Newest ponies are added in NEW!!.

Alphabittle      Mint Open   $7.00
All My Heart  Mint Open, with all accessories  $18.00
Aloha Pearl     Mint Open     $8.00
Baby Bellaluna     Mint Open   $8.00
Bashful Bonnet  Mint Open, with accessory  $9.00
Beachberry   MIB      $8.00
Bee Bop  MIB, points cut off  $7.00
Blue Mist, Target Exclusive    MIB, points cut off    $7.00
Blushie  Mint Open  $6.00
Bowtie   MIB, points cut off   $8.00
Brights Brightly #1  Mint Open  $12.00
Brights Brightly #2  Mint Open  $12.00
Bubble Bath Time w/Sweetsong  MIB $12.00
Bumblesweet   MIB, points cut off  $7.00
Candy Apple  Mint Open (I found her!!)  $7.00
Cheerilee Easter dress up pony MIB  $10.00
Chocolate Delight  MOC  $10.00
Citrus Sweetheart  MIB  $8.00
Coconut Cream  Mint Open  $5.00
Comic Con 2005 Pony Project Pony (white)  MISB  $65.00
Crystal Lace   Mint Open   $6.00
Dainty Daisy     Mint Open       $7.00
Daisy Paisley  MIB, box dented  $7.00
Desert Palm   MIB  $9.00
Doseydotes   Mint Open  $7.00
Dream Blue        MIB             $12.00
Dress Up Eveningwear Crystal Lake  MIB, points cut off   $14.00
Dress Up Eveningwear Sparkleworks  MIB, points cut off   $12.00
Dress Up Eveningwear Sunny Daze  MIB, points cut off   $12.00
NEW!! Dress Up Fashions w/Bunches-O-Fun   Mint Open w/all accessories  $12.00
Fair Weather      Mint Open   $5.00
Fairy Dust  MIB, with bonus jewel   $8.00
Fancy Free  MIB, with bonus jewel   $8.00
Flower Wishes #1  Mint Open, with all accessories (band for ears broke while MIB, so that would need to be fixed for her ears to stay on)  $8.00
Flower Wishes #2  Mint Open, with all accessories (ears are just fine on this girl)  $10.00
Flutter Butter         Mint Open       $5.00
Foreign Lavender Lake   MIB      $8.00
Frilly Frocks Boutique playset  MIB  $28.00
Gardenia Glow       Mint Open      $6.00
Garden Wishes  MIB  $12.00
Gem Blossom   MIB, points cut off   $8.00
Glitterbelle  Mint Open, she does have some of the plastic degradation, so looks cloudy :(        $7.00
NEW!! Graceful Glimmer as the Winter Crystal Princess  Mint Open w/all accessories, still lights up!  $14.00
Heather Winds   Mint Open  $6.00
Hidden Treasure Accessories       Mint Open          $6.00
Hula Lula  MIB   $7.00
Ice Dancing w/Glitter Glide   MIB, points cut off and plastic is cracked and split along the top   $14.00
Island Delight  MIB  $13.00
Island Rainbow    MIB, points cut off   $7.00
Jade Garden #1  Mint Open  $8.00
January Joy  Mint Open $10.00
Jingle Jangle  MIB  $16.00
Jolly Lolly 2007 Winter pony  MIB  $18.00
June Blossom          Mint Open         $10.00
Juniper Jade, Target Exclusive   MIB, point cut off   $7.00
Kimono 2  MIB  $10.00
Lavender Cloud   Mint Open     $6.00
Love-A-Belle   MIB   $9.00
Love Wishes MIB, with mail order paperwork  $15.00
Lovey Dovey (pink heart)   Mint Open   $5.00
Luau   Mint Open    $4.00
Magic Marigold       Mint Open     $5.00
March Mischief       Mint Open      $10.00
May Belle      Mint Open       $10.00
Merriweather   MIB, points cut off   $7.00
Misty Blue  MOC  $12.00
Mittens 2007 Winter Pony MIB  $18.00
Morning Dawn Delight #1   Mint Open, with accessories  $10.00
Morning Dawn Delight #2   Mint Open, with accessories  #10.00
October Dreams       Mint Open       $10.00
Paradise Island  MIB  $10.00
Peach Blossom #1  Mint Open  $8.00
Peach Blossom #2  Mint Open  $8.00
Peach Surprise and Tea Lily, Avon Exclusive   MIB    $15.00
Peachy Keen MOC  $7.00
Peachy Pie   MIB, points cut off    $7.00
Piccolo    MIB, points cut off    $6.00
NEW!! Picnic Fun w/Sew-and-So  Mint Open w/all accessories  $14.00
Pie Party Fun w/Pinkie Pie   MIB, points cut off   $12.00
Pinkie Pie Dress Up Valentine pony, MIB, dent in center of package  $8.00
Princess Peppermint       Mint Open        $7.00
Puzzlement  Mint Open, with Grand Puzzleventure Game brand new  $22.00
Rainbow Swirl     Mint Open     $5.00
Rarity the Unicorn  Mint Open, with all accessories and unopened DVD  $28.00
Rhapsody Ribbons  MIB  $7.00
Rhythm and Rhyme  MOC  $10.00
Royal Bouquet   MIB, with bonus jewel  $8.00
Royalette  MIB  $18.00
Royal Twist #1      Mint Open      $9.00
NEW!! Royal Twist #2         Mint Open, has a pink spot on her back where her mane was while MIP  $8.00
Sand Dollar   MIB   $8.00
Sandy Island  MIB  $7.00
Sapphire Shores (head a different color)  MIB, points cut off   $6.00
Savannah Sage, Target Exclusive    MIB, points cut off   $7.00
Scootaloo Cowboy dress up MIB  $8.00
Scootin' Along With Breezie  MIB, points cut off  $13.00
Scootin' Along With Bumbleberry  MIB, box dented on end  $13.00
Scootin' Along With Flitter Flutter, Target Exclusive   MIB    $14.00
Scootin' Along With Scootaloo  MIB  $15.00
Scootin' Along With Scooter Sprite  MIB, points cut off    $14.00
Seascape  MIB  $8.00
Seaside Celebration w/Golden Delicious  MIB, box dented at top  $14.00
Seaside Celebration w/Sew-and-So  MIB  $16.00
Seaside Celebration w/Skywishes  MIB   $16.00
Secret Wish      Mint Open, plastic discoloration      $7.00
Serendipity MIB, points cut off $6.00
Sew-and-So  MIB, points cut off   $5.00
Sharing Tea w/Tira-Mi-Su and Mochanut  Mint Open, with all Accessories  $25.00
Silly Sunshine   MIB, points cut off    $13.00
Silver Rain  Mint Open  $13.00
Silver Song   MIB, points cut off   $13.00
Skedoodle   MOC, dented bubble  $8.00
Skedoodle   Mint Open, band on ears broken over time  $7.00
Snow 'El 2007 Winter Pony MIB, her body is slightly discolored so you can tell her head is white while her body...isn't.  She still displays nicely, as the color difference is worst in direct light  $25.00
Spring Carnivale        Mint Open    $5.00
Spring Fever (tea party)   Mint Open, with accessories  $8.00
Spring Parade  MIB, points cut off   $7.00
Spring Treat   Mint Open  $7.00
Starbeam   MIB, points cut off   $9.00
Star Flower  Mint Open  $9.00
Star Shimmer, Toys R Us Exclusive   MIB, points cut off   $12.00
Star Surprise  Mint Open  $6.00
Strawberry Sunset MOC  $7.00
Study Break w/Shenanigans  MIB  $12.00
Styling Pony Pinkie Pie w/jewels   MIB      $25.00
Styling Pony Rainbow Dash w/jewels  MIB, head is discolored   $20.00   
Summer Bloom   MIB, with bonus jewel  $8.00
Sunrise Song  MIB   $15.00
Sunshine Parade      Mint Open     $7.00
Sweet Reflections Dress Shop playset  MIB, with 4 ponies  $32.00
Sweet September   Mint Open, small dot on non display side on rear foot     $8.00
Sweet Sparkle  Mint Open  $8.00
Sweet Summertime Seaside Surprise set   Mint Open   $16.00
Sweetie Belle Valentine Dress Up Pony, MIB  $14.00
Tangerine Sunset, foreign box  MIB  $11.00
Tea Party Fun w/Rainbow Dash   MIB, points cut off   $12.00
NEW!! Tea Time Fun w/Piccolo     Mint Open w/all accessories  $14.00
Toodleloo #1    Mint Open     $7.00
Toodleloo #2   Mint Open, hand band off from time  $7.00
Triple Treat   MIB, points cut off   $7.00
Tropical Delight         Mint Open    $4.00
Tropical Surprise  MIB  $8.00
Tropical Surprise, dress up with Orange skirt, Green Lei  MIB  $10.00
Tulip Twinkle  MIB, with bonus jewel  $8.00
Twinkle Bloom  Mint Open  $10.00
Twilight Pink  Mint Open  $11.00
Twist and Style Petal Parlor  MIB, with bonus tiara  $25.00
Waterfire  Mint Open  $13.00
Whistle Wishes  Mint Open  $9.00
Wind Drifter   MIB, with bonus jewel  $8.00
Windy Wisp #1  Mint Open  $9.00
Windy Wisp #2  Mint Open  $9.00
Wing Wishes Blossomforth w/Spring Fever  MIB  $20.00
Wing Wishes Fluttershy       Mint Open      $12.00
Wing Wishes Fluttershy 2   Mint Open      $12.00
Wing Wishes Fluttershy w/Doseydotes  MIB  $20.00
Wing Wishes Minty      Mint Open        $12.00
Wing Wishes Minty w/Tea Leaf  MIB  $20.00
Wing Wishes Toola-Roola      Mint Open      $12.00
Wing Wishes Toola-Roola w/Meadowbrook  MIB  $20.00
Winterberry, Target Exclusive   MOC, points cut off   $8.00
Wish-I-May, Target Exclusive  MOC, edges do have some folds/creases  $15.00
Wondermint   MIB, points cut off   $11.00
Wysteria as the Crystal Bride   MIB, with bonus jewels  $15.00
Yesterdaisy  MOC, dented bubble  $8.00
Yours Truly  MOC  $10.00

NEW!! Twilight Sparkle w/suitcase and puppy    Loose   $4.00
NEW!! Fluttershy w/suitcase   Loose    $2.00
NEW!! Twilight Sparkle w/saddle, comb and bird    Loose    $4.00
NEW!! Pinkie Pie w/saddle, comb and mouse      Loose   $4.00
NEW!! Fluttershy w/wagon and mouse (I think from Canterlot Castle set, but not sure?  Also not sure the wagon is the correct one for Fluttershy)    Loose    $3.00
NEW!! Glimmer Wings Diamond Rose   Loose, minor glitter rubs on right wing   $9.00
Sea Swirl, brushable  MOC    $12.00

Easter Eggs, Target Exclusive MIP  $25.00
Popcorn Cart W/Cheerilee  $9.00
Scoot Along W/Scootaloo  $9.00
Tea W/Pinkie Pie  $9.00

G1 Ponies--I have a few that I found as I went through my boxes, so I will get them listed as I get time.  I don't have many right now, but it's a place to start while I sell what G3s I can.

Littlest Pet Shop--All MIB/MOC, prices are based on eBay, so most of these sets are not cheap

219 Brown Puppy
306 Painting Skunk
307 Pirate Dachshund
311 Orange Owl
312 Brown Basset Hound
314 Brown Chinchilla
316 Purple Dragonfly x2
327/328 White Kitty and Blue Fish
329/330 Pink Pig and Grey Spider
331 Pirate Parrot
340-342 Arctic Adventure Set
343-345 Bargain Hunters Set
385-398 Pets from Around the World Set
430-432 Halloween Friends Tube #1
433-435 Halloween Friends Tube #2
470 White Polar Bear w/Pet Nook
541 White Seal
574 Brown Panda
578 White and Brown Pony
579 White Ferret
584/585 Pink Sheep and White/Brown Pony
621-622 Yellow Butterfly and Orange Pig
626 Orange Kitty
627 Fuzzy Brown Pony
634/635 Brown Deer and Brown Owl
673-675 Brown Dachshund, Tan Fox and Beige Owl
706-707 White Pelican and Orange Kitten
710-711 Pink Seahorse and Green Fish
715 Teal Dragonfly
722 Grey Kitty
794 Green Polar Bear x2
800 Fuzzy Flamingo
809 Fuzzy Lion
810 Fuzzy Beaver
829 Pearly Worm
872 Special Edition Koala
912/913 Grey Seal and Purple Crab
915 Pink Octopus
944/945/946  Postcard Lion, Ostrich and Monkey
996 White Swan
1011 Postcard Seahorse
Teeniest Tiniest Pet Shop On the Go Butterfly Garden

I am willing to be flexible with prices to a point; however since I need to sell them for living expenses, I just can't sell them all for $1.  I know some of these ponies are fairly cheap; however being basically brand new they are not baits and are good for collectors.

Feel free to ask any questions.  You can ask here, or send to my email at catsmeow_4_me @  Yes, I will ship overseas...just be aware of the high cost of shipping, especially for any MIB.  I will open any MIB and ship loose, if that is your preference. :)
Title: Re: Starting sales again...starting with G3s 06/04/2018
Post by: sophiew586 on June 07, 2018, 06:52:50 PM
Interested in July Jubilee and June one if still for sale please.
Title: Re: Starting sales again...starting with G3s 06/10/2018
Post by: Squirtsquirt on June 10, 2018, 10:18:25 PM
Interested in July Jubilee and June one if still for sale please.

Sent you a PM :)
Title: Re: Starting sales again...starting with G3s 07/29/2018
Post by: Squirtsquirt on July 29, 2018, 10:27:43 PM
Updated :)
Title: Re: Starting sales again...starting with G3s NEW ADDED 09/16/2018
Post by: Squirtsquirt on September 16, 2018, 03:19:26 PM
I'm going through boxes, literally, so I have found a few more ponies to add to the lists.  I have more boxes that will most likely be sorted today (we have to get things back in the garage before the rain tomorrow!) but no guarantees what I'll find for immediate listing.

I will list Ponyville sets separately, since those are a different fan base, and I do have some G3.5 I'll most likely be listing at some point, as well.

I have BOXES AND BOXES of ponies, so please bear with me!!  I want them to find good homes, I just don't have a lot of time for listing.  We are getting there...I know, I still need to pull out the promised G1s as well.  I don't have as many of those, so it won't take long once I get them out from under the G3s. :)
Title: Re: Starting sales again...starting with G3s NEW ADDED 10/20/2018
Post by: Squirtsquirt on October 21, 2018, 03:13:09 AM
Updated with more open ponies.  Really, they are literally JUST OUT OF THE BOX.  These are the ones that their boxes were damaged in storage, so I really couldn't sell them MIB, but the ponies are still pristine.  I have some MIB that can be listed, but one thing at a time. :)
Title: Re: MIB and loose G3s, SEA SWIRL AND FLASH FEATHER ADDED!! 11/18/2018
Post by: Squirtsquirt on November 18, 2018, 03:06:44 PM
Happy bump...  :bump: :newpony:
Title: Re: MIB and loose G3s, G4 SEA SWIRL AND GREEN BABY HIPPOGRIFF!! 11/18/2018
Post by: Silversnow on November 23, 2018, 07:20:31 PM
Thanks for helping me out!
Title: Re: MIB and loose G3s, G4 SEA SWIRL AND GREEN BABY HIPPOGRIFF!! 11/18/2018
Post by: okamigirl64 on November 23, 2018, 07:29:39 PM
PM sent!
Title: Re: MIB and loose G3s, CARE BEAR AUCTIONS ADDED 3/16/2019
Post by: Squirtsquirt on March 16, 2019, 03:09:44 PM
Bumping for auction link
Title: Re: MIB and loose G3s, Mostly early years 4/22/2019
Post by: Squirtsquirt on April 22, 2019, 02:09:08 PM
Updated...I will most likely be adding even MORE ponies by the end of the week!  :frolic: :frolic:
Title: Re: MIB and loose G3s, Mostly early years 4/25/2019
Post by: gemini_pony on April 29, 2019, 10:18:04 AM
Sending a PM
Title: Re: MIB and loose G3s, Mostly early years 7/17/2019
Post by: Squirtsquirt on July 18, 2019, 12:26:57 AM
Updated!  :work: :work:
Title: Re: MIB and loose G3s, Mostly early years 9/24/2019
Post by: Squirtsquirt on September 24, 2019, 03:40:45 PM
Added a couple more girls.  Still wading through totes, but getting closer to the end!  I had a lot of non pony items as well, including books, cards, toothbrushes, watches, etc.  I will get that list pulled together and put up for sale soon.
Title: Re: MIB and loose G3s, Mostly early years, ADDING LOOSE G4s 10/31/2019
Post by: Squirtsquirt on October 31, 2019, 05:39:22 PM
Updated for the moment. :)
Title: Re: MIB and loose G3s, Mostly early years, ADDING LOOSE G4s 10/31/2019
Post by: Rychu on October 31, 2019, 05:49:45 PM
Do you have any plushies?