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Title: Barbie & Baby ID
Post by: Shaz on May 01, 2018, 09:04:37 AM
Hello everybody! I need some ID help. I seem to spend a lot of my time IDing toys :) Hey, it's a hobby.

I'm surprised there isn't some kind of database of Barbies online! As a result I have a Barbie that I haven't been able to identify. She's marked 'Mattel Inc 1966' (which I know is the date of the body mould, not the doll) and also 'Indonesia' (which I think means she dates from the 90s as that was when Barbies started being made in Indonesia). She was naked when I got her, and has painted on pink slippers. Anyone recognise her?
I thought I had a photo of her painted slippers as well, but I've lost it. Will take another one later.

I also recently found this cute little baby in a charity shop. She looks like a Barbie baby but has no markings. I'd love to know who she is!
Title: Re: Barbie & Baby ID
Post by: keri1234 on May 01, 2018, 01:48:20 PM
I also spend a lot of my time IDing toys!

I could be wrong, but the baby looks like a Baby in My Pocket!
Title: Re: Barbie & Baby ID
Post by: tulagirl on May 01, 2018, 02:21:29 PM
If she has painted on slippers she is most likely a ballerina Barbie or a My First Barbie from the 90's.  I am pretty sure those were the only ones that had painted slippers.   I am leaning more towards Ballerina Barbie.  There were so many made, you just need to look on ebay at Ballet barbies and look for one that has the same face as yours.  Look into both the My First Barbies and the Ballerina Barbies. ;)