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Title: PC On G3 Pillow Buddies
Post by: Majesty on June 26, 2013, 07:32:45 PM
Hi everyone. :)  A while back I had decided again that I wasn't into ponies anymore.  Besides giving some of my G3's to a next door neighbor who ended up giving them away and never played with them, I also donated my Starsong Pillow buddy I got at Toys R Us to the Salvation Army.  Chances are it won't be there anymore.

I was curious to know how much they go for now?  I imagine shipping would be a lot but maybe I can get one at the next RI fair.

If you guys aren't sure what I'm talking about these are the pillow buddies:

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If they're actually called something else, sorry about that.

I want to try to get another Starsong or even Rainbow Dash.  I know Rainbow Dash is harder to find though.

Thanks in advance for responses.

oops sorry I mean to put this in the corral could someone please move it for me?  :blush:
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