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Title: Nessa's Wishlist/Swap Wishlist
Post by: nessa16 on January 20, 2012, 06:43:35 PM
Info for Swaps
Favorite candies: milk chocolate with almonds, toffee, dark chocolate and milk chocolate, Milka chocolate, Cocoa Kinder Happy Hippos, Tootsie Rolls, grape and chocolate Tootsie Pops, Riesens, Kinder Bueno, mini Snickers (not King sized, fun sized or regular sized), Twix, and Kit Kat.  I love trying foreign candies that fit into my likes!

Food Dislikes: Coconut, white chocolate, licorice, non-chocolate Tootsie Rolls, Rolos, green (soy?) Kit Kat

Allergies/Sensitivities: I do not have any known food allergies.  I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke and hate stuff with cigarette smell or taste (food).   

Pets These guys appreciate goodies too!
Cherokee: 30 year-old Paint mare. She can only have forage based edibles due to laminitis.
Trixie: 6 year-old female Brittany. 
Isis: 16 year-old female white domestic short hair. She is allergic to beef and rabbit.
Anubis: 11 year-old male black domestic shorthair. He is allergic to beef.
Neelix: 2 year-old male black and gray tabby domestic shorthair.
A note on acceptable conditions: I am not a MIB/MOC collector.  I don't like ponies with tail rust, missing manes (haircuts ok, just no baldies, mohawks or hack jobs) or tails, smooze, cancer, amputees, bad regrind or fading, chew marks, head/body mismatch, major permanent marks or mostly missing/smeared symbols, or smeared eyes.  I also like ponies that are supposed to have pink hair, to have pink hair (ex: SS Twilight, Posey, etc.).  Otherwise I am not a terribly picky collector, unless it states on my wishlist something specific about a specific pony.  I am okay with hair that is a little dry and frizzy (even though wouldn't mind having their hair done before I get them ;) since I can't do hair to save my life :blush: ).  I prefer that my ponies are able to stand up on their own unless of course they aren't supposed to (sea ponies lol).  I am okay with broken earrings on SHS and mechanisms that don't work (BnG-as long as the tail is not horrendously short).  Writing under hooves is ok. 

Most wanted ponies are marked with an *.  For swaps I do not prefer to get upgrades if possible unless otherwise requested or they are included as extras.

What do you like for extras?  MLP FiM Enterplay trading cards from my list in my sig, MLP Accessories, other items from my non-swap wishlists and other collections, hot chocolate, art, customs or merch of Sugarberry, G1 stickers turned into magnets, retro G1 items, custom G1 items from MLP community-magnets, mini playset jewelry (made by...?), puffy sticker buttons, people-sized combs and accessories, fobs/accessories made with custom G1 ribbon (roseasare), snaps featuring G1 pony art for my button snap necklace, Oragami Owl/living locket accessories/charms, culturally/regionally unique items, international candy items, different coffee Keurig cups for my husband-not French roast or weird flavored coffee.
sparkly Dragon x5
Custom G3 Spike

G2 Sugarberry
G2 Baby Sugarberry
G4 Baby Sugarberry
G1 Daddy Sugarberry
G1 Fluttershy (Dancing Butterflies base)
G1 Rainbow Dash (Medley base)
G4 Posey
G4 Firefly
G4 Surprise
Diamond Dreams rehaired with soft pink hair
G1 Clear Sugarberry
G1 Cherokee (my horse)
G3 Cherokee
G1 Appleberry
G1 Honeycomb rehaired to match Baby Honeycomb
Pegasus Sugarberry-Tiffany pose
Halloween ponies
Thanksgiving pony
New Years pony-clock, Silver and gold
St. Patrick’s Day pony
Independence Day pony
Sugarberry seapony
G1 Upgrades

BBE Babies
Baby Shady

So Softs
North Star

Playsets/Playset Ponies
Lemon Drop

Candy Cane Ponies
Sugar Apple

Yum Yum w/unfaded pink hair

Brush 'n Grows
Curly Locks w/unfaded pink hair streak
USA Non-Mail Order
Sea Ponies
Wave Jumper with unfaded hair

Brush 'n Grows
Twisty Tail

Water Color Baby Sea Ponies

Mail Orders
Star Dancer (Sparkle ponies w/ symbol on cheek)
Baby Surprise (Pearly Babies)
Sweet Scoops

Baby Pony and Pretty Pal
Baby Hoppy

Deflocked So Soft
Wind Whistler
Best Wishes

Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies
Silky Slipper

Bridal Beauty's 2-layer pink beaded veil, silver wedding ring, pink bouquet barrette
Satin 'n Lace's white lace garter

Rainbow Ponies
Trickles' light pink rainbow brush

Princess Ponies
Light Green (Princess Dawn)
Yellow (Princess Taffeta)
Raspberry Pink (Princess Pristina)

Newborn Twins
Puddles and Peeks's aqua and yellow seesaw, variant pink and yellow seesaw
light pink rattle with yellow top

Baby Seapony Floats
pink and purple duck float
blue and yellow frog float
blue and yellow alligator float

Sea Ponies
purple clamshell
light pink shell brush and comb
lavender clamshell
aqua clamshell
UK yellow clamshell

Megan and Sundance
So Soft Megan's dress and shoes
So Soft Sundance's dark pink bridle
Megan and Sundance wear Flower Darlings-lace headpiece, Megan's white heart shoes
Nude Megan dolls x4
Prom Queen SHS
perfume bottle

First Tooths
White sippy cup
Aqua teething ring
Felt tooth

Slumber Party Gift Pack Accessories
box of cookies
"Teen Magazine"
pink/blue/green stripe with pink trim nightcap
milk carton

Soda Sippin' Accessories
Chocolate Delight's chocolate float with drinking straw

Baby Crumpet's Purse
Princess Baby Buggy

Playset Accessories
-Home Sweet Home: Brandy (pink details), 4 yellow flags, 2 purple window shelves, 2 yellow jump stands, purple cross-rail

-Megan's Place: Snowball, turquoise cross-rail

-Pretty Parlor: Nametags-Peachy, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Blossom, Minty, Snuzzle

-Dream Castle:1 blue goblet

-Baby Buggy: lace for buggy and umbrella, heart topper for umbrella

-Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe: stickers

1983 Accessory Cases

McDonald's Ponies
Cotton Candy
Blue Bell

MOC Pony Wear
Baby Pony Wear: Bunnysuit and Overalls
Baby Pony Wear: Lion Suit and Sleepwear
Baby Pony Wear: Elephant Suit and Party Dress
Megan and Sundance: Country Jamboree
Megan and Sundance: Flower Darlings

Megan and Sundance (blue bridle version)
Baby Cuddles (blue lace versions)
Something Old, Something New
High Tide
Wave Jumper
any Sugarberry Merch
Japanese keychain
TAF dishes
Collectors pamphlet
Party bracelets
Prize treat bags
Party hats

Rosedust merch
Retro lighter
UK annual

Firefly merch
Bubblegum dispenser with Baby Firefly
Bubblegum dispenser with mommy and baby Firefly
Porcelain Firefly
child sewing machine with Firefly
Nightlight with Firefly

Purple canteen with Princess Tiffany
Lamp Shade
Blankets, sheets, curtains
Blue umbrella bag with Megan and Sundance
Blue duffle bag with Megan, Sundance and Rosedust
Moondancer clock
egg cups
Soft lunch box
G2 cellphone straps
Doll bedding with sleeping Bowtie on it
Porcelain Moondancer
Tape player with Cotton Candy
Myler balloon with Princess Serena
Hand mirror with 2 blue ponies and stable
Trickles PJ Case
Moondancer figural stamp

Plastic Puzzles
Megan and Sundance
Mommy and Baby Firefly
Show Stable and Cotton Candy
Sunbeam and Firefly
Sea Pony

Wood Puzzles
Baby Cuddles and buggy
Megan and Sundance

Cardboard puzzles
24 piece puzzle with Sugarberry tucking in twins
60 piece puzzle with Sugarberry, summer wing ponies, Tex, and Love Melody
60 piece puzzle with Fifi, Up Up and Away, and Sugarberry in Perm Shoppe
35 piece puzzle with Flutter ponies
Puzzle with Megan, Sundance, CJ, and aqua pony in the sky
Dream Beauties
Shimmering Beauties
Dream Gleamer
Highflying Beauties
Wind Walker
Lil' Litters
My Little Bunny
Fancy Floppy Family
My Little Puppy Nursery Families
Funtime Spaniels

My Little Kitty Nursery Families
Sudsy Angoras
Surprise and Baby Surprise
Baby Firefly
International G1s
Australian Birthflowers
June Rose
December Holly

Wedding Pony Novia
Christmas Pony Felicidades

Rainbow Ponies

Fiesta Ponies
Love Melody
*Sugarberry (Tomatoberry)

*Baby Blue Belle
Baby Sparkler
*Baby Posey
Baby Sugar Plum (Sweet Stuff?)
White Baby Starbow
Baby Gusty (Fancy Pants baby)

Milky Way
Up Up and Away
Love Melody
Baby Tiddley-Winks
Baby Lofty
Baby Cuddles

Daddy Apple Delight-pink
Daddy Apple Delight-blue
Blue Applejack?

Diary Pony (Bright Eyes)
Singalong Pony (Melody)
Love Letter?
Star Pony with pink hair (Starlight)

Shy pose Cotton Candy with blue hair

Rainbow Ponies
Starshine (Sternenglanz)

Princess Ponies
Princess Serena-bubblegum pink hair
Princess Tiffany-yellow hair

Baby Buttons

Nesthackchen Babies
Baby Wurfelchen (Blocks)
Baby Blubberchen (Duck)
Collector Ponies


Baby Butterscotch
Baby Bow Tie


Moondancer (yellow?)

Earth Ponies
Blue Lickety-Split
Blue Posey

Blossom (Tootsie pose)
Twilight (walking pose)
Prince Sapphire
Baby Surprise

Bow Tie-unicorn

Posey-peach hair

Baby Blossom-pegasi
Baby BowTie

Movie Star Ponies
Truly (no flocking)

Cupido-white Peachy variant with blue hair
Baby Bowtie

TAF (Twice as Fancy)
Dancing Butterflies
Love Melody
Milky Way
Up Up and Away

Piggy Ponies
Algondoncete (white w/blue hair and cloud symbols)
Rayito (orange w/yellow hair and starburst symbols)
Manzanita (Minty)

Cherries Jubilee-white with pink hair
Firefly-pink with pink hair
Posey-yellow with coral hair

Baby Popo
Baby tub playset

Princess Ponies
Princess Sapphire's (Royal Blue) dragon Smoky-blue
Princess Aquamarine's (Serena) dragon Prickles-green
Princess Pearl's (Tiffany) dragon Firey-red
Princess Ruby's (Primrose) dragon Sparks-pink
Princess Amethyst's (Sparkle) dragon Spiny-purple
Princess Amber's (Starburst) dragon Flash-yellow
Princess Crash

Mountain Boys
Tornado with pink hair

Flower Ponies

Loving Families
Daddy Sunbright
Baby Son/Brother Bright Bouquet

Beautiful Bows

Jewelry Babies
*Baby Sapphire?

Seaside Babies
Baby Splish
Baby Splash
Baby Splosh

Surprise Twins Mommy and Babies

Movie Star Ponies
Posey with red flowers
North Star (no flocking)
Wind Whistler (no flocking, pink and blue symbols)

Activity Club Babies
Blank White Baby Pony

Play and Care Babies
Baby Gusty (non-beddy-bye eyes-NBBE)
Baby Hearthrob
Baby Ribbon

Surprise Newborns
Baby Bouncy (yellow w/ teddy bear symbol)

Bedtime Newborn Babies
Baby Honeycomb

Waterfall playset
Hospital bed with crib
Secret Surprise
Hip Holly’s bag, orange flower barrette
Bright Bramley II’s globe
Magic Motion
Satin Splash's rainbow
Dizzy Lizzy
Playsets/Playset Ponies
Canopy Bed-Light Heart pony
Wedding Chapel-ring
Pretty Parlor-Ivy pony
Queen Sun Sparkle and Enchanted Throne-pony crown
Royal Castle’s purple dining table leg, candelabra, 2 purple goblets, purple tray, pink wedding cake, white wedding topper comb
Sailing Boat
Garden Play case-blue apples, pink basket, Blue Haired Ivy

Princess Ponies
Princess Silver Swirl and her dragon
Princess Twinkle Star’s wings
Princess Golden Light and her headdress
Princess Fushia’s bouquet
*Her Majesty Ballerina and dress
Her Majesty Pearl's blue shell case
Light Up Families
Baby Twinkles
Stardust and Moondust’s flower circlets
Nosy and/or Click
Study and/or Play, dresses

Play Area Twins
Sunny (green twin)
Lily (blue twin)
Royal Ladies
Lady Moonshine's purple cabinet
Lady Cupcake's gold coin chest base
Lady Rainbow
Lady Waterfall

Unicorn Ponies with Magic Wings
Copper Glow and her wings
Silver Glow and her wings
Golden Glows wings

Fantasy Hair
*Magic Diamond Glow
*Muse and accessories
Fancy-Dress Ball Ponies
Honey’s pink shoes
Puff, Dragon Suit outfit and green shoes
New Hair Feature Ponies
Wednesday Afternoon
*Bride and accessories
Purse Ponies
Glittery Heart
Glittery Study

White nurse hats
G2 Beanie Plush
Dainty Dove
G2 Stickers
Shimmer Shine

Baby Northern Lights
Baby Winter Ice
Mochanut-little sister

Accessory Pack Ponies
Beach Belle
Caribbean Delight

Super-long Hair
Rainbow Bubbles
Snowdrop Swirl
Silly Sunshine
Dream Blue's barrettes
Dancing Daffodil
Zippy Zinnia
January Carnation
February Violet
March Daffodil
May Lily of the Valley
August Gladiolas
September Aster
November Chysanthemum
December Poinsettia

Velvet Bow

Discount Store Exclusives

Best Friends
Triple Treat

Favorite Friends (henna tattoo face)
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Sweetie Belle

Favorite Friends (Name on Legs)
Rainbow Dash
Sweetie Belle

2005 MLP Fair Bay Breeze (Minneapolis)
Twinkle Hope
Black and Blue Art pony

Bloomin' Blossoms Shop food accessories and mobile phone
Sweet Reflections Dress Shop sink/vanity
Wonder Waves Surf Shop and flippers, bathing suit
Cotton Candy Cafe's table, tea cups with saucers, cake pieces
Crystal Rainbow Castle wardrobe, punch bowl and ladle, wand, 2 ice cream dishes, 2 goblets
Crystal Rainbow Castle Euro exclusive furniture sets

McDonald's Ponies

Star Dancer
Spring Treat
25th Birthday Celebration Collector Set
Rainbow Dash "Hope"
Cheerilee "Beauty"

Mom Pie
Mom LeeLoo (Cheerilee-Scootaloo)
Octavia Melody (from Equestria Girl Rainbow Rocks Doll and Pony Set) 2014

Rainbow Power: Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset

So Soft Newborns
Rainbow Dash
Princess Skyla

Miniature Sets
:muffin: pony

Blind Bags
Wave 2
17. *Dewdrop Dazzle
7. Feathermay
12. Ribbon Heart
21. Twinkleshine
13. Cheerilee

Wave 6
11. Mosely Orange

Wave 11
D. Sunset Shimmer
F. Big Wig
G. Helia

Wave 16
AB. Fiddly Twang
AC. Golden Harvest

Wave 17
AV. Berryshine
AY. Ace Point

Friendship is Magic Collection
Nightmare Night
Spike small story pack
Batwinged Pegasus large story pack

DJ Pon-3 single story pack
Sapphire Shores single story pack
Aloe large story pack

Tempest Shadow small story pack
CMC large story pack
Shining Armor large story pack

Fashion Style
Rainbow Dash w/rainbow dress (2015)
Sapphire Shores
Fluttershy w/peacock dress
Pinkie Pie w/blue dress
Twilight Sparkle w/ purple dress w/yellow sash and crown

Gemini Metallic Rainbow Dash or TRU exclusive transparent RD

Cutie Mark Crew
Series 2
Big Mac
Princess Luna
Trixie Lulamoon
Lyra Heartstrings

Series 3
Baby Flurryheart

Care Bear stuff
Champ Bear Celebrating a Win
Cheer Bear Skipping Rope
Cheer Bear Cheering from the Sidelines
*Baby Hugs Making Paper Dolls
*Baby Tugs Bear Stacking Blocks
*Cloud Keeper Shining an Award
Blue fold out comb with Cheer Bear on it
*Purple suitcase that says "Setting Sail for Grandma's" with Funshine Bear and Bright Heart Raccoon sailing on a raft
UK Exclusive 13" Plush
Sea Friend
True Heart

Original TV specials, TV series
1983 Specials by Atkinson Film-Arts
"The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings"
"The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine"

1986 Nelvana The Care Bears Family Episodes
Season 1

"The Long Lost Care Bears"
"Birthday Bear's Blues"
"Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise"
"Order on the Court/The All-Powerful Mr. Beastly"
"The Cloud of Uncaring"

Season 2
"The Wrath of Shreeky"
"Bright Heart's Bad Day/The Magic Lamp"
"The Two Princesses/The Cloud Monster"
"Grumpy the Clumsy/The Purple Chariot"
"The Caring Crystals/The Best Way to Make Friends"

Season 3
"Care Bear Town Parade"
"Hearts at Sea"
"No Business Like Snow Business"
"The Factory of Uncaring"
"The Lost Gift/Lotsa Heart's Wish"
"The Showdown"
"Caring for Spring"
"The Turnabout/Cheer of the Jungle"
"Beautiful Dreamer/The Care Bears Carneys"
"The Pirate Treasure/Grin and Bear It"
"The Perils of the Pyramid/Bedtime for Care-a-lot"
"The Fountain of Youth/
"/The Care Fair Scare"
"/Under the Bigtop"
"/Ski Trouble"
"The Care Bear Exercise Show/The Care-a-lot Games"
"Gram's Cooking Corner/A Care Bear's Look at Food Facts and Fables"
"The Thing That Came to Stay/Space Bubbles"
"Cheer Bear's Chance/A Hungry Little Guy"
"King of the Moon/On Duty"
"The Secret of the Box/The Frozen Forest"
"Grumpy's Little Friend
"Coconut Crazy"
"It's Raining, It's Boring/A Day Without Tugs"
"The Fabulous Safety Game/A Rhyme in Time"
"Songfellow Strum and His Magic Train/Music Video"
"Care Bears Nutcacker Suite"
Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Brite Toothpaste Topper
80s G1
*Emotions Sprite Twink
*12" Rainbow Brite doll with Twink hand sprite
Weensy Baby Sprite
*Plush Kitty Brite
*12" Dress up Tickled Pink doll
*12" Dress up Moonglow doll

25th Anniversary 2009-2011 G3
Rainbow Brite
15" Rainbow Brite
Tickled Pink

2016-2018 G4 Retro
16" Rainbow Brite doll
Canary Yellow
Red Butler
Buddy Blue
Rainbow Puppy
Twink Sprite
Glee purple Sprite
Romeo red Sprite
Glo Friends
Glo Boonie Beetle
Glo Dipper Duck
Glo Waterbug
Glo Doodlebug
Glo Firefly
Glo Garden Ant
*Glo Prayerbug
Glo Horsefly
Glo Slugger
Glo Sniffles Snail
Glo Tootlebug
Glo Land playset
Strawberry Shortcake
Berry Princess

Doll Pets
Melonie Belle lamb (party pleaser)

SSC Small Pets
Hopsalot Bunny
SSC Large Pets
Custard Cat
Almond Tea Sitting on a Cushion with Marza Panda
Angel Cake with Souffle
Blueberry Muffin with Cheesecake Mouse
Crepe Suzette with Eclair and bone
Lemon Meringue with Frappe
Lem and Ada with Sugar Woofer
Lime Chiffon with Parfait Parrot
Orange Blossom with Marmalade
Peach Blush with Mirror
Plum Puddin in Nightgown with Elderberry Owl
Purple Pie man with Berry Bird
Sour Grapes with grapes
*Vinyl Storybook Carrying Case

Bed from Berry Happy Home

Salt and pepper shakers
Milk glass bowls
Small patchwork tin with lid
Fisher Price Toys
Movie Viewer Theater with Cinderella

Other Toys
Fairy Winkles
Treasures 'n Twinkles Jewelry Box
Treasures 'n Twinkles Nursery Clock
Enchanted Kingdom Horses
*Nina (red 2nd edition)

Grand Champions
Sir Triston-Clydesdale Stallion
Cactus-Paint foal
Friesian Stallion
Captain Courageous-Parade Stallion
Commotion-Drama Pony Stallion
Kamira-Arabian Mare
Tranquility-Clydesdale twin
Snowy Knight-Clydesdale Stallion
The Forgotten Realms
Silver Shadows
The Dream Spheres

Anne Rice

Marguerite Henry
Born to Trot
Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley

American Girl
Kaya's Escape
Kaya's Hero
Kaya and Lone Dog
Kaya Shows the Way
Changes for Kaya

Meet Caroline
Caroline's Secret Message
A Surprise for Caroline
Caroline Takes a Chance
Caroline's Battle
Changes for Caroline

Josefina Learns a Lesson
Happy Birthday, Josefina
Josefina Saves the Day
Changes for Josefina

Meet Cecile
Meet Marie-Grace
Cecile's Gift
Marie-Grace and the Orphans
Troubles for Cecile
Marie-Grace Makes a Difference

Changes for Kirsten

Addy's Surprise

Meet Rebecca
Rebecca and Ana
Candlelight for Rebecca
Rebecca and the Movies
Rebecca to the Rescue
Changes for Rebecca

Kit Learns a Lesson
Kit's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Kit
Kit Saves the Day
Changes for Kit
Really Truly Ruthie

Molly's Surprise
Brave Emily

Mary Ellen

Julie Tells Her Story
Happy New Year, Julie
Julie and the Eagles
Julie's Journey
Changes for Julie
Good Luck, Ivy

Others or Unknown Author
The Baby Unicorn
The Talking Eggs
Thunder Cake

Berenstein Bear Books
Valentine Party
Really Big Pet Show
The Bad Influence
Lose a Friend
Trim the Tree
Big Spelling Bee
Hug and Make Up
Trouble with Commercials
Bedtime Battle
Too Much Car Trip
The Trouble with Chores
Baby Makes Five
Too Much Vacation
Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze
The Birds, The Bees
Think of Those in Need
Lend a Helping Hand
Funny Valentine
The Big Question
Mama's Day Surprise
Dollars and Sense
Papa's Day Surprise

Rankin & Bass Productions
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
The Mouse on the Mayflower

(Paas) Peter and the Magic Eggs

Scooter Ghoulia's Vest
Frankie's Day at the Maul Fashion Pack leggings
Frankie's wave 3 fashion pack shirt and suspendered skirt
Ghoulia's Comic Club FP Shirt, Skirt, Shoes,
Signature Ghoulia's headband, necklace, sleeves

Draculaura's diary from her Coffin Bed
Home Ick Frankie's Watzit doll

custom clothes: MH lettermen jackets for Slo Mo and Clawd
Ghoulia and Cleo

1st Day of School
Cleo De Nile
Lagoona Blue
Clawdeen Wolf

Fierce Rockers
Clawdeen Wolf

Boo York
Astra Nova-not playset
Costco Exclusive Catty Noir

Locker Draculaura and extra fashions
Disney Stuff
Furry Tale Friends Palace Pets
Rapunzel's dog Daisy, cat Summer
Cinderella's cat Slipper
Ariel's dog Matey
Belle's cat Rouge
Snow White's cat Honeycake
Mulan's cat

Disney Dolls (MIB)
Holiday Tinkerbell
Holiday Ariel
Winter Aurora
*Classic Aurora and Maleficient 2014
90s Cinderella with storybook
90s Prince Charming with glass slipper
90s Prince Phillip

Lenox Spice Jars
Snow White (Cinnamon)
Lady and the Tramp (Garlic)
Beauty and the Beast (Sage)
Cinderella (Thyme)
Alice and Wonderland (Mint)
The Aristocats (Dill)
The Little Mermaid (Parsley)
101 Dalmatians (Pepper)

animal assortment with 101 Dalmatians, the Aristocats and Lady and the Tramp

WDCC Title Scrolls
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast

Sleeping Beauty-favorite Disney movie
vintage items
items featuring Briar Rose/Aurora and Maleficient
Vintage Paperdolls (uncut-60-70s version by Whitman)
Vintage items: Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Lady and the Tramp, Aristocats, Bambi, Dumbo, etc

Upgrade to Blu Ray (MIP, prefer most recent release, prefer multiple features on one if available ex: original with sequels, Saludos Amigos/The 3 Cabelleos,etc)
Bambi 2
Saludos Amigos
The 3 Cabelleros
Make Mine Music
Fun and Fancy Free
Melody Time
Cinderella 2&3
Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland
Lady and the Tramp
Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure
101 Dalmatians 2
The Sword in the Stone
The Jungle Book 2
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Pooh’s Grand Adventure: the search for Christopher Robin
The Black Cauldron
Oliver and Company
The Little Mermaid 2
The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
Belle’s Magical Tales
Aladdin 2&3
The Lion King 2
Tarzan 2
Tarzan and Jane
Fantasia 2000
Lilo and Stitch
Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch
Treasure Planet
Home on the Range
Chicken Little
Wreck-It Ralph
Frozen Ever After (Disney shorts collection)

Toy Story 1-4
A Bug’s Life
Monsters, Inc
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles
The Incredibles 2
Cars 1-3
The Good Dinosaur
Pixar Shorts Collections 1-3

3D Little Mermaid game
Vintage Beauty and the Beast handheld game

Vintage Whitman waking Sleeping Beauty (upgrade)
Vintage Whitman making Cinderella’s dress (upgrade)
Tonka Cupcake Dolls
Candy Sprinkles
Minty Mindy
Gum Drop

Cutie Fruti
Cherry Chip doll-have hat already
Beri Blue

Princess Parfait
Priscilla Prom
Bonnie Bride's hat

Jam Pops
Beri Ann
Fruity Fancy

Ice Cream Sundae Vanity

Radica Releases
Taffy Tammy's hat
Blueberry Bell
Cherry Chip
Ice Cream Sundae Vanity
Cherry Merry Muffin Dolls
1988 Muffin Dolls
*Apple Amy's apron, Apple Buddy, comb
*Banancy's muffins, apron

1989 Cake Dolls
*Greta Grape, muffins, hat, apron, comb
*Chocolottie's hat, apron
*Lily Vanilly, apron, comb

1990 Ice Cream Dolls
*Cherry Merry Muffin's outfit, ice cream buddy, comb

*Sundae Sleeper
cake slices for Wedding Cake set
Peppermint Rose
MIB Peppermint Rose doll
Scented Stickers
My Pretty Mermaids
Sun Blossom

Diamond Dreams

Night Flower

Seaside Wedding
Lovestruck-not dress

MIB Barbie
1987 CA Dream Barbie
1987 Perfume Pretty Barbie
1987 Perfume Pretty Whitney
1988 Perfume Giving Ken
1991 Pet Pals Kevin
1991 Pet Pals Skipper
1991 Pet Pals Courtney
1989 Peach Pretty Barbie
1991 Sunsation Barbie
1991 Hawaiian Fun Skipper
1992 Glitter Beach Barbie
1992 Secret Hearts Barbie
1992 Secret Hearts Ken
1992 Hollywood Hair Barbie
1993 Dr. Barbie with single baby
1993 Locket Surprise Barbie
1993 Locket Surprise Ken
1993 Birthday Party Barbie
1993 Birthday Barbie
1993 Mermaid Skipper and Sea Twins
1994 Birthday Barbie
Title: Re: Nessa's New Wishlist
Post by: Yuitsu on June 30, 2012, 12:20:43 AM
I have Sherbert, the pink lullabye nursery dresser, and Baby Katie. I also have a Baby Katie with her cat that I may let go for the right price.
Title: Re: Nessa's New Wishlist
Post by: elish2 on June 30, 2012, 08:41:13 PM
Pm'd you :)
Title: Re: Nessa's New Wishlist
Post by: elish2 on July 04, 2012, 02:25:42 PM
Have a few on your list now if you are still looking....,300696.0.html
Title: Re: Nessa's Wishlist
Post by: CrazyCatPony on January 04, 2013, 07:37:32 PM
I am trying to sells some of my old LPS G1 collection, the prices are NOT set in stone if you are interested.,313760.msg486628.html#msg486628 (,313760.msg486628.html#msg486628)
Title: Re: Nessa's Wishlist-actively seeking a few G1s!
Post by: nessa16 on October 14, 2013, 10:37:45 AM
Bumping due to actively seeking the following:

Big Brother Steamer with pink hair
Baby Sugarcake with pink hair
Mountain Boy Lightening
Baby Ruby
Baby Sapphire
Baby Lollipop
UK Baby Splashes with pink hair
Greek Baby Minty

I am able to buy a pony (or a few depending on price) for my birthday from my husband! He lost out on one from my list on eBay and was really bummed.
Title: WTT Sparkly DJ Pon-3 Variant Funko for Sparkly Lyra Heartstrings Variant Funko
Post by: nessa16 on October 26, 2013, 10:14:21 PM
I have a Sparkly variant MIB Funko DJ Pon-3 that I would like to trade for Lyra Heartstrings Sparkly Variant.  It must be MIB.
Title: Re: Nessa's Wishlist-actively seeking a few G1s!
Post by: sacred_tinker on October 28, 2013, 11:07:49 AM
I have 2008 Pinkie Pie Fair Exclusive and December Poinsettia available for sale here:,
Title: Re: Nessa's Wishlist/Swap Wishlist
Post by: nessa16 on April 28, 2014, 01:20:16 AM
Bump for swap updates
Title: Re: Nessa's Wishlist/Swap Wishlist
Post by: nessa16 on April 16, 2015, 05:11:10 PM
Baby Swap Specific Wishlist

Blue Ember

Baby Sea Ponies
Surf Rider
Sea Star and her pink and purple duck float

Newborn Twins
Bunkie and her light pink rattle with yellow top
Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies

Watercolor Baby Seaponies

Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals
Baby Lucky Leaf
Baby Stripes and Baby Nectar the Panda

Playtime Baby Brothers
Baby Racer

Fancy Mermaid
Baby Pearly

Mail Orders
Baby Blue Ribbon
Baby Birthday Ponies
Baby Sugarcake with pink hair

TAF Babies
Baby Sweet Tooth

Pearlized Babies
Baby Glory
Baby Moondreamer
Baby Surprise

Newborn Twins
Doodles and Noodle's yellow snail rocker
Shovel's pink snail rocker
Milkweed and Tumbleweed's light pink rattle with white top
Puddles and Peeks' aqua and yellow seesaw and alternate yellow and pink seesaw

Watercolor Baby Seaponies
Foamy's blue and yellow frog float
Seashore's orange and blue fish float

BBE Babies
Baby Heartthrob's yellow playpen

Megan and Sundance
Baby Sundance's pink bridle

Baby Drink 'n Wet
Baby Flicker's blue changing table, aqua squeeze bottle
Baby Rainfeather's yellow changing table, purple squeeze bottle

First Tooths
Baby Bouncy's pink toothpaste, white sippy cup, blue toothbrush
Baby Fifi's blue toothbrush, white sippy cup, star panties
Baby Northstar's aqua teething ring
Baby Lickety-Split's yellow toothpaste, pink teething ring, glo worm
Baby Quacker's blue toothpaste, pink toothbrush, first tooth pillow, felt tooth
Baby Tick Tac Toe's first tooth pillow, felt tooth

Pretty 'n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies
Sunshower's blue and yellow alligator float

Regular Babies
*Baby Surprise's yellow bear brush

-Baby Buggy: BBE Baby Cuddles, lace for buggy and umbrella, heart topper for umbrella

-Lullabye Nursery: **pink bowl, box

Mommy and Baby Wear
Ready for Rainbows-baby slicker, baby hat
Prima Ballerina-baby tutu

Baby Wear
*Elephant suit

Baby Cuddles (pink and blue lace versions)

Merchandise featuring babies
Baby Sugarberry Merch
Lamp Shade
Blankets, sheets, curtains
Baby Firefly in Nursery mini gumball “machine”
 Vickie Wade art (

Lil' Litters
My Little Bunny
Fancy Floppy Family

Baby Blue Belle
Baby Sparkler
Baby Confetti-pink haired
Baby Posey
Baby Starbow-white
Drink 'n Wet Baby Cuddles-pink hair, yellow body
Fancy Pants Baby Gusty

Baby Cat Pony
Baby Flower Pony
Baby School Pony

Baby Hopscotch
Baby Buttons

Nesthackchen Babies
Baby Schlummerlein (Rattle)
Baby Wurfelchen (Blocks)
Baby Blubberchen (Duck)
Baby Peachy
Baby Minty (Chloe)-white mane
Baby Butterscotch

Baby Melody
Baby Blossom-pegasi

Activity Club Babies
Baby Fun 'n Games
Baby Ribbon 'n Hearts

Starlight Babies
Baby Nightsong

Loving Families
Baby Son Bright Bouquet
Baby Daughter Sweet Celebration

Jewelry Babies
*Baby Sapphire
Baby Diamond

Seaside Babies
Baby Splosh
Baby Splish
Baby Splash

Playsets/Playset Ponies
Baby Fleur

Light Up Families
*Baby Fern
Baby Dew
Baby Swirly
Baby Twinkles
Royal Twins
Fire and Flame and tower charm, castle comb
Drifter and Dreamer
Polka and Dot

Play Area Twins
Samba (red twin)
Sunny (green twin)
Lily (blue twin)

Baby Hula Lula
Baby Northern Lights
Baby Winter Ice
Baby Tea Lily

Brushable Ponies
**Baby Silver Spoon

So Soft Newborns (“use as extras”, no accessories needed)
Rainbow Dash
Apple Sprout
Princess Skyla

Condition Preferences: Mint as possible but read next question. 

What is Unacceptable to You: "A note on acceptable conditions: I am not a MIB/MOC collector.  I don't like ponies with tail rust, missing manes (haircuts ok, just no baldies, mohawks or hack jobs) or tails, smooze, cancer, amputees, bad regrind or fading, chew marks, major permanent marks or mostly missing/smeared symbols, or smeared eyes.  I also like ponies that are supposed to have pink hair, to have pink hair (ex: SS Twilight, Posey, etc.).  Otherwise I am not a terribly picky collector, unless it states on my wishlist something specific about a specific pony.  I am okay with hair that is a little dry and frizzy (even though wouldn't mind having their hair done before I get them ;) since I can't do hair to save my life :blush: ).  I prefer that my ponies are able to stand up on their own unless of course they aren't supposed to (sea ponies lol).  I am okay with broken earrings on SHS and mechanisms that don't work (BnG-as long as the tail is not horrendously short)."

Likes/Dislikes: Favorite candies: almonds with milk chocolate, toffee and milk chocolate like Heath and Milka Toffee chocolate bars, Milka chocolate, Cocoa Kinder Happy Hippos, Tootsie Rolls, grape Tootsie Pops, Riesens, Wurthers Originals hard candies, Kinder Bueno, mini  Snickers (not King sized, fun sized or regular sized), butterscotch hard candies.  I love trying foreign candies that fit into my likes!

Food Dislikes: Coconut, white chocolate, dark chocolate, licorice, non-chocolate Tootsie Rolls, Rolos 

Note on candy as extras, I am honestly trying to lose weight so even though I have a long list of things in my candy likes, I would prefer non-edible extras unless it is international items that are not available in the US.

Allergies: I do not have any known food allergies.  I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke and hate stuff with cigarette smell or taste (food).

Other Collections: Monster High, Ever After High, Cupcake dolls, Disney dolls, Disney Sleeping Beauty (mainly vintage items) and other Disney things, Cherry Merry Muffin, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, etc.  All of these collections can be found in one of my links in my signature as all my wishlists are posted somewhere for me to keep track.  Please try not to get anything that isn't on my wishlst unless my wishlist specifies otherwise.  I really do not have room for random stuff

Answers to Questions
First question are there any babies on your wantlist you want more badly than the others? If so can you please put and astrix or something beside them.?  I believe I have already done this but I will double check. :)

Also would you prefer one pricey baby or lots of cheaper babies?  Either way works for me, however, since my wishlist is getting pretty small in general as far as babies, maybe a  pricier one?  Whichever my partner finds easiest. 

If one of the ponies on your want list has a gimmick (i.e.: it changes color, eyes blink, moves, etc) do you want that pony's gimmick to still work?  No rust on BBE babies, cool if color still changes...I'm more concerned with display look but working would be cool too.

Let's say I found nirvana pony that covers all the budget but needs some TLC (small rehair). Would you prefer the pony with the rehair done or to do it yourself? Or, would you rather not have that pony and any other instead, but that it's in a mint condition?  I would love a Nirvana pony.  I didn't put any on my "specific" swap list but my whole every MLP wishlist is in my sig so feel free to get me Nirvana's if they can be found within budget :).  I readded them just for the heck of it.  I don't rehair myself so as long as it is as close to original as possible I wouldn't mind a rehair.  If it's not too bad of a hair trim, it could be left even.

How do u feel about alternate rehairs? as an extra?   If these are for my armies, sure!  My armies basically are Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, AJ (all gens), Sugarberry; then again if it's an extra any way bring it on!

Accessories do u mind if they are a bit damaged... such a fraying clothing, missing some small part, have paint rubs?  I'm not horribly sure.  Fraying clothing is kind of ok, I don't care for loose threads though, but I can trim them.  I would prefer it to have all necessary parts if it requires multiples to be complete (for example a playpen should come with all sides and the bottom, not just part of a playpen), paint rubs I think would be ok as long as they are not major.  I'm normally not too picky as long as it's not baity and is functional (no straps that are unattached such as elastic).

I do have another question regarding harder to find ponies on people's wishlist. If its possible to obtain a harder to find pony that is quite beautiful but it has a small flaw like cancer dot or faded hair would you still want it?

If it is one that is harder to find I do not think I would mind as long as it's not a ton of cancer.  Faded hair probably no big deal unless its supposed to be light pink even though since its a harder to find pony, that wouldn't bother me either most likely. 

I have a pony here you want, however she has odd scrapes out of her plastic under 2 feet, you cannot see when she is standing, is this an issue for u?  Not a problem
Title: Re: Nessa's Wishlist/Swap Wishlist
Post by: TogoMimori on May 24, 2015, 07:34:38 PM
Hi! I saw on your list that you're looking for a so soft newborn Apple Sprout? I Have one I'm willing to trade! She just needs a little cleaning but I can easily do that myself! Have a nice day! :biggrin:
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