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Pony Fairs! / Re: Ticket and booth prices finally revealed
« Last post by Diamond Pony on Today at 03:27:03 AM »
This all really makes me eish i was able to go like last year or the year before.. was planning on going next year but if theure capitalizing it this much who knows
Toy Box & Games Cupboard / Re: Pokémon Go! Gen 2 released February 16th!
« Last post by Haruna on Today at 03:26:08 AM »
How did your raid battle against the Crocanaw go, Renia? Has anyone else done a raid battle yet? I tried to do one with my sister against an Exeggutor and accidentally closed the app ^^; (long story) She was able to beat it on her own, though. The next day we fought a Quilava and today I fought a Magmar alone. So far we've beaten them all! The Exeggutor was difficult, my sister said, but she was able to enter the battle again with a new team after being beaten, for some reason, and then was able to beat it. I hope to get some TMs as a raid battle reward! I'd like to change my perfect Charizard's bad movesets and some other Pokémon's movesets.
I always love these types of brags!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

(also may have spotted a fave pony of mine within the story ;) )
Introductions / Re: Re-introduction!
« Last post by Spinky69er on Today at 03:06:25 AM »
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Welcome back to the Arena :lovey:

Glad to have you back in the community.  Have you found many treasures thrifting lately? :)

A few in the past few months! When I found Spring Song I also found two G3s, Petal Blossom and Round 'n Round, and also a McDonald's Princess Luna!

I also got some of the 25th anniversary collector's pose ponies and some more G3s earlier this month.

Thrift stores are my primary way of getting older ponies since it's much cheaper that way compared to eBay.

Oh definitely!!!  Sadly I don't find too many over here in Aus but when I find a McDonalds pony, this is still cause to celebrate :silly:
I wouldn't consider myself to be a part of the brony fandom (I've got some online friends in the fandom and do follow the works of some people in it however) since I love every generation of MLP to death, but I don't hide my interest in MLP from people.

I don't really care if people see me going through the toy aisle in stores looking at ponies or going to the toys in thrift shops searching for them, I like what I like and I don't care what others think. Ponies make me happy.

Of course I don't like try to make it obvious that I collect ponies either. Just like everything else I like, maybe some times I'll wear a T-shirt with a pony design on it when I'm out.
Pony Corral / Re: Unpopular Pony Opinions
« Last post by TheBeatlesPkmnFan42 on Today at 02:26:11 AM »
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Ah, cutie marks.  The stupidest thing about them is the name, and even the show makes fun of them

Although let's not forget - the name was not given to them for FiM/G4. Generation 3 is what started the term "cutie mark", I doubt the show had much of a choice but to continue using the term.
Pony Corral / Re: Hiding the fact that you're a brony in public.
« Last post by SaraMari on Today at 01:59:03 AM »
Def not a brony either, But I do like G4 and fim, I have a fim shirt I wear quite regularly and it has unfortunately caused bronies to talk to me. I wear g1 shirts sometimes too, but I like to keep them nice so it's not as often.

I don't hide my pony love, I'm at the thrift stores several times per week buying ponies and toys. Never get asked about it. On the rare occasion a cashier does say "oh is this for your kid?" (And I always say no, it's for my huge toy collection!) I've found they actually just ask as a segway to talk about their own kids...

And having cashiered in the past, I literally didn't even look or notice what people were buying. I just wanted to get them out of line asap. Small talk about the weather or day and get you out.
MLP Nirvana / Re: Brazilian Bluebelle - Rehair or Maintain?
« Last post by FluffleNuff on Today at 01:53:37 AM »
I have a REALLY soft spot for Bluebelle, so yes, she's sticking with me! The sun in Singapore is really crazy, but I'll read up more on sunfading and hydrogen peroxide and what it does to coloured ponies!

Sounds great! I will probably rehair her then! Gotta get some practice in! Thank you so much guys!
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I'm also in the not a brony camp, but definitely an adult collector (g1-g3), and I... literally leapt spectacularly through a 2nd hand shop just yesterday and grabbed a pony. And bought her. xD I alsosometimes wear pins or stuff on bags, and I have a few primark and h&m pony clothing items. other than that, it's not really too obvious until you enter my house xD I have all my army ponies displayed in the middle of my living room and in case someone is visiting that doesn't know I collect I just go 'oh, yeah, that's 1/3rd of my MLP collection. I collect ponies'.

I just imagined you executing an amazing leap over the heads of several customers, before doing perfect pirouettes all the way up to the cash register with pony in hand.

Post Merge: Today at 01:29:23 AM

 I'm a collector, I neither hide nor flaunt it.

Post Merge: Today at 01:33:04 AM

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Ehhhhh I stopped caring long ago what cashiers say when I spend money... unless they get too judgemental.  Then it's straight to their manager to explain that as a retail employee, their opinion means nothing.  Take the customers' money, don't make commentary...  :( 

I mean, I used to buy really odd things together JUST to weird out the cashiers.  Try walking up to a register with fruit, rope and Vaseline in your cart.  ;)  Or toothpicks and tampons.  Ponies seem pretty normal compared to little ol' me in a creative mood!

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