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Pony Corral / It's almost Toy Fair time!
« Last post by Wardah on Today at 08:21:58 AM »
It's almost Toy Fair season again. The N.Y. Toy Fair is on Feb 17th this year but the UK and Nuremburg Toy Fairs come before that and once in a while will yield leaks. Google says the UK one is Jan 23rd this year and Nuremburg is the 31st.

What are you hoping to see?
I would like a break.  I know there won't be one, but it may not matter because I may not even collect G5 unless they do something amazing with it, which isn't likely.

But anyway the question is should there be a wait time, not will there be.  So to answer the question: Yes.  I would like a break to focus on collecting older generations and catch up on things, with maybe some retro stuff thrown in now and then for fun.  But just one year, two or one and a half years max.

But yeah kids are the main market so there won't be.
What is up with retro Sunlight's symbol? The new rainbow set looks fine otherwise, but the sheer margin of error for that symbol (it doesn't fit her colour scheme as well anymore...) irritates me greatly.

However I AM SO GRATEFUL. Now once again we can walk into a Target and finally be met, not with an endless onslaught of Mane 6 (or even Core 7) but with a perpetually shifting variety of accurate retro G1s! I have to speculate how young girls must be reacting to these in comparison to the current (mutant duck-like) G4.5s.
I might be a bit late with my photo, but hopefully I'll cut it by the 20th! This week did NOT go as planned but I might be taking a spontaneous road trip with my friend tomorrow! I'm hoping I can get a good shot out and about! If not I'll have to get something put together back home!
Pony Corral / Re: New 35th Anniversary Collector Ponies Spotted! Pics!
« Last post by RavenPaw on Today at 06:33:03 AM »
Edit - hey, just noticed that message said 'in 1982'. So why are they in boxes with the wrong year on them? Gah. I was born in 1982 so it annoys me when they try to push MLP into 1983 instead ;)

I noticed the message said 1982 as well.  It really annoys me too that the boxes don't have my birth year on it.  :P  More MLPs may have been sold in '83, but if, say, you got married one year then said well because of work schedules or whatever we actually spent more time together the next year, you wouldn't change the date of your anniversary.  No, your anniversary is the date you got married, no matter what.  So MLP's anniversary is '82!  Anyway, I'm just rambling and nitpicking.  XD

As super duper exciting it is to hear about a 3 year plan with multiple release sets- the collector in me is already distressed about shelf space  :drunk: Not to mention my wallet... :money: :dizzy:
Lucky for me I already don't have enough space for my whole collection so I ironically don't worry about space anymore.  XD  The only thing I'm distressed about in  my wallet and the fact that buying a lot of reproductions will cut into the amount of money I can spend on original ponies.  Oh well, I must have all of these no question.  Who needs food and shelter?  I just need ponies.  :P  LOL!

Okay, I like most of these, but Starshine and especially Sunlight look strange.
Sunlight's symbol looks like the sun is throwing up...;)
Poor Sunlight!  Why did they screw with her symbol so much?  It really does look like the sun is throwing up.   :facepalm:  And Starshine's symbol looks neon and not even sparkly.  Other than that I think they look great though!

The burning question I have is:  Does the Pretty Parlor come with Peachy???  Does anybody know?  If it doesn't I will literally cry.  If it does and someone can comferm this I will squeal and jump around and make my BF laugh at me.  Then if it comes to the US I will camp outside Target.  If it doesn't I will pay anything to import it.

Peachy (and her parlor) was my first pony when I was four years old.  I'm slowly working on a Peachy and Snuzzle army.  I would love so much to have a repo Peachy and Pretty Parlor to add to the army!

But the thing that is worrying me is the "Available In Europe Only" thing on the website.  I know others are more optimistic, but as long as that's on the site I won't believe it.  :(

Everybody in the US!!  Email and tell them how much you want the Rainbow Ponies and any subsequent ponies to be available in the US!  (or Facebook, any way to get in touch with them)  Don't just hope they will, we should make sure they will.  This goes for all other countries not in Europe too!  The more of us that contact them, the more demand they know there is for them, the better our chances are!

That goes for asking for specific ponies/sets/play sets we hope they'll make too.  I'm going to tell them I hope for Mountain Boys and NBBE versions of all BBE babies, and maybe TAF babies too.  (Oh and TAF babies that never existed would be cool too... but if I start down that road I'll get carried away.)  Mint So-Soft ponies would be great to have, I wonder if they'd do those... *proceeds to get carried away*

(Sorry for the really long post)
Pony Corral / Re: Show me some pony rooms! Please + Thank you!
« Last post by Matcha on Today at 05:47:33 AM »
First spoiler is pics of the pony room in my previous house. Mismatched shelves, constant rearranging while I started collecting.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

This spoiler is my current ponyroom. (The room is physically unfinished- I tacked up white sheets over the studs&insulation as there's no drywall, and bought cheap rugs to cover the plywood floor. Someday when we finish our basement I'll put a pony room down there)
I much prefer the uniform shelving. White book cases on one side, acrylic racks on the opposite wall. More playset space would be nice, but it's a small room.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
the rainbow lights and stars over the ponies in the second pic looks amazing! How?
Yeah those lights are fantastic! Where'd you get them?
Pony Brag Arena / Re: My Collection so far (Picture Heavy!)
« Last post by Spinky69er on Today at 05:42:11 AM »
Some gorgeous G1's there in your collection!  I'm looking forward to seeing who you add next :)
Pony Fairs! / Re: Disney Tips & Other Stuff to Do in Orlando
« Last post by Brightglowpony on Today at 05:30:19 AM »
Thank you SO much for sharing that information, SundanceSadie!  Wow it sounds like it would be such a fun stop for fair goers! :D   
Thank you! I was looking more for g4. I will check out your recommendations  :biggrin:
Pony Corral / Re: Hair falling out of a brushable
« Last post by Aitsuki on Today at 05:16:03 AM »
I haven't seen this with any of my ponies. Mine are fine. So that's odd to hear about yours.
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