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Today at 07:11:34 AM by freezestime | Views: 24 | Comments: 1

Hi friends!

I need some opinions on my ponies

What do you use to clean white ponies? (G3+G4)

I've used whitening toothpaste and soap + water, high lighter/pen marks/misc still there but I'll be buying Sard Wonder Soap to try on their hooves.

How do you straighten/de-frizz pony hair without screwing up? (G3 +G4)

I've used conditioner + hair straightener, it works a little and tried anti frizz serum + hair straightener, worked a lot more but left the hair stiff/clumpy afterwards, cleaning the hair up with repeat water/soap.

How do you get nice curls? And which of the circle thingies is best? (All gens)

Tried with a hair straightener on a MdDonalds pony, didn't work...
Today at 03:30:04 AM by StarSaber
Views: 22 | Comments: 0

I am located in the USA. I will ship overseas if you are willing to pay the shipping. All ponies were on display only and never played with.

G4 Blossomforth (water cuties) -$10
G4 Honeybuzz - $25
G4 Minty -$25
Hot Topic exclusive Funko Big Mac - $10

Transformers sales:
Hard Hero Hot Rod statue MISB
Titans Returns Arcee
Beast Wars Megatron (alligator) No instructions.

Anime sales:
Digimon Joint Progress digivolving Omegamon
Yesterday at 08:17:03 PM by Galactica
Views: 206 | Comments: 11

I just saw this on an instagram feed- maybe it is old news to you guys but OMG I NEED THESE PONIEEEESS!
(I should add the photo is from Toyfair)

Who do you guys think the pink with blue hair is? Seems to be firefly's coloring but in a flat foot pose? Not sure who it is as I can't see the symbol but I don't care.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login
worldssmallest by Sarah, on Flickr
Yesterday at 03:49:55 PM by gabumon
Views: 128 | Comments: 10

Ok my favorite (non mlp) surprise from Toy Fair this year is Baby Shark Toys!

Not to get on a soap box - but I really hope these can help improve the public image people have with sharks.  They're an important part of the food chain - the "wolves" of the sea - but people vilianize them.  :(

So yeah! here's hoping to see happy friendly Sharks in little kids bedrooms!
Yesterday at 03:05:29 PM by Xenotropos
Views: 60 | Comments: 5

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

I felt like drawing some G1 ponies.  I picked these because I liked the colours and wanted a pegasus, a unicorn and an earth pony because I'm completest like that.

This is a composite of three separate images, so if anyone feels like just one of 'em, that's an option too.

I'll probably make some prints of these at some point if anyone's interested.
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