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Today at 02:20:06 AM by pinle
Views: 25 | Comments: 3

What is it and how to deal with it? Boiling water, acetone does not help.
And tell me please, is it not contagious for the rest of the collection? Should I put them in quarantine?

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Today at 01:30:51 AM by Darkhorse
Views: 13 | Comments: 1

Hi All!  Silver Letter started as Fashion Style Rarity.  She was airbrushed in a soft brown with slightly darker brown transitions on her legs, eyes and tips of her ears.  She was rooted in Brilliant Black and Brilliant Moonlight from dollyhair.  Her emblem and eyes are hand painted with acrylic.  Her glasses where hand sculpted and have a clear acetate inlay for the lenses.  Hope you like her :)

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nightmare muffin
Today at 12:19:36 AM by nightmare muffin
Views: 17 | Comments: 0

For a long time now, I've been head over heels, truly, madly, deeply, in love with the stupidly adorable pastel pink pony named Star Dreams. I've created fanfics with her, many alternate universes and headcanons, more theories about her than I care to name. I've created (and commissioned) art of her, a fanthread of her (though it lies barren, and I'm the only one in there gushing about how great she is), many Amino and Tumblr blogs about her. I love this goshdarned filly, and the stupid part is, I have no earthly idea why. I mean, sure, she's cute, but so are other ponies. It could be that the fact is she's a toyline exclusive pony that has yet to appear in the show or in comics, but the exclusivity of her doesn't really matter much to me. ...
Yesterday at 08:12:51 PM by Kiwichi | Views: 51 | Comments: 5


I'd like to attempt a hydrogen peroxide bath for my a few of my g1 ponies.  I've read the mlpreservationproject site, but had a few questions and some other issues I'd like to attack. 

Make the HP solution and soak the pony and put in the sun.  Im trying to remove what looks like age spot(small brown spots).  Do I need to detach the head from the body?  Or can I dunk the whole pony in the HP solution?  (I think if I need to detach the head, I should just do a full pony boil first, than the HP soak...)

When sunfading u need to cover the eyes/hair/symbols, but inn the HP soak will the eyes /hair/symbols be OK non-covered sitting in the sun?

How do I get rid of musty smell?  I've srcubed the p...
Yesterday at 07:59:26 PM by sailorstitch
Views: 48 | Comments: 8

A couple weeks ago I went to ND for a family reunion. I was there for 8 days and took about 2,000 pictures.  :shocked: Not all of those are from the actual reunion, but I still have over 200 pictures from that alone.

I have people that have requested copies of my pictures. But all the pictures they want are far too big to fit in one email. I can't even put the two videos that I took of my 92 year old great uncle singing and playing the trombone in an email because each file is too big on it's own.  :huh:

Normally, when I want to share large amounts of photos (like after I go to a convention) I use Flickr. But these are private family photos, many include children. I don't want them out on the internet. I don't even w...
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