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Today at 05:03:08 PM by MoonStars
Views: 13 | Comments: 0

...I could make room if you see something you want.

Check out my Facebook sales page, “Little Pony Corral”.

So far mostly only G4 stuff is up, but nothing listed will be traveling to Pony Fair or the Canadian Pony Extravaganza (dang it, drusilla, that takes forever to type! Haha) with us (due to all the OTHER stuff that IS making  the trip lol). If you see something you want to purchase and are attending either event, I am willing to bring it along if prepaid so you can save on shipping. (And of course am also willing to mail it to you otherwise—see terms on the pinned note on the FB page).

This is in NO WAY meant to be advance sales of things I am brin...
Today at 02:46:09 PM by Prince_Sunbeam
Views: 17 | Comments: 1

I know I saw a few posts in a different thread where folks collected some of these star trek figures. Im verrrry tempted to start collecting them, I love that there are so many accurate variants and the small size. My brother in law collects the small GI Joe figures and Ive always envied that collection but GI Joe just isnt my thing, Trek on the other hand.... lol
Plus I've slowed down my pony collecting, its always been in phases. Im going to the fair this year and will probably come back with a good haul, but I planned to take a break after that anyhow. And Im so addicted to the thrill of the hunt!

What do you all think?
Show off you collections!
Today at 12:09:24 PM by OleGrayMane
Views: 52 | Comments: 5

Every Monday is "customer appreciation" day at our store, which means 50% off, so I'm always sure to check. They were pony free last week, but the trip this week was worth it.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

The smaller ponies were bagged with a few other toys that have subsequently re-donated. The whole lot was under $9 before tax. Everypony was in decent shape, although Applejack's ear has some nasty black mark on it.

Big Pinkie's hard to see above, but here's what her mane and tail contained:

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

[img width=400]
Today at 08:53:13 AM by PoserBeachball | Views: 74 | Comments: 2

When sorting out the ponies I found that Tulip was a bit sticky to the touch - not majorly tacky but that sort of 'is she, isn't she' stickiness. I guess this might be the start of the plasticiser breaking down so I've removed her from the cabinet and put her in 'quarantine' on an open shelf in another room.

I've read the posts about VOCs on here - thanks for the information - 2 questions though

how large should a quarantine zone away from other ponies be? she's on an open shelf about 20cms from any other pony (my 2 old reprobates Poser Beachball and Peg-leg Moonstone live at the other end of the shelf, though they are handled a lot as they get to be models for craft stuff so I think I'd feel any stickiness quickly on ...
Today at 07:58:28 AM by Loa
Views: 74 | Comments: 7

My Dad found ponies in the wild at a garage sale!

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

They are going to need a clean but amazing!!
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