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Pony Corral / Re: No pony left behind
« Last post by bright rabbit 1 on Today at 10:19:51 AM »
They was this G4 Pinkie Pie left behind in Sainsburys. They were on sale for £3.95 and I decided to scoop her up because she was the only pony left.
For Sale - For Auction / Re: Berry's Sale G1-G4 =)
« Last post by BerryMouse on Today at 10:14:07 AM »
*bump* =)
Pony Corral / Re: The Issue With Megan
« Last post by Al-1701 on Today at 09:34:06 AM »
I've never liked the St. Elsewhere scenario.  It feels like a cop out.

Even the writer's guide was bland with Megan's characterization.  All the ponies were given these different mannerisms and going modes of behavior.  Megan was literally described as the perfect teenager role model for the little kids.

I've explained it as Megan and her siblings only visit during summer vacation, and the entire n' Friends series took place over one summer.  Mostly they only do day trips, but sometimes they stay overnight and explain to their parents they're out camping.
Pony Corral / Re: Where is everyone buying their G1's from these days?
« Last post by Taffeta on Today at 09:26:43 AM »
Let's not forget how many levels of resale some of these ponies are going through. For example, someone pulls a lot from their attic and puts it on ebay. A second person thinks, I can make money on this, so buys it, splits it, and sells it separated into groups. Imagine one of those groups is a family set, and the next buyer only needs one pony from the family. So then THEY resell the other ponies they don't need to recoup costs. And so it continues.

The above isn't wrong. It's a reality of sale and trade and it's been with us from the start. But the difference is that availability of G1 has dropped over time, meaning that the same people are competing over the same few lots. So prices rise.

There's also some responsiblity to be found from collectors, though. It's not all about ebay. When a collector pays an amount for a pony, that's their choice, whatever it is. But when they ask for a price check, and get three or four answers saying that pony is "worth" xamount, then that figure gains currency. Ultimately this isn't like the people giving prices are bad people or doing something wrong, but there is an impact when people are then drawing on archived PC to price a pony.

It also doesn't help when people want their new additions valued. It's as though the automatic mental conversion of pony into money is a reality now, and people consider that all ponies have a "worth" that is tangible in cold hard cash. Reality is that a lot of prices on ponies are personal choices. A lot of people here wouldn't spend a lot on Rapunzel, but probably just as many would.

The biggest problem comes with Nirvana pricing and "worth" values of thousands of dollars, but it is something that's there in the general market as well.

A combination of fewer ponies, people buying to resell and people pricechecking their collections and sale items (thus keeping the monetary element in the public eye) are all factors in my opinion, just as important as the rise of ebay fees.

I am just as guilty of asking for PC when I have stuff to sell, so I'm not criticising those people. I'm just saying it's a reality of our community that now the 'worth' of a pony is much more concrete and in discussion than it ever used to be.
Pony Corral / Re: Where is everyone buying their G1's from these days?
« Last post by nhal039 on Today at 09:13:48 AM »
Also finding the cost of collecting is sky rocketing, good deals which made collecting so fun just dont seem to be around. I have found fb pages have lead to an increase of prices often you can pick up ponies cheaper on ebay than such sites. In saying that all my last buys have been from ebay, the arena sales are still my favorite thou, i have picked up many wonderful ponies from collectors here for very fair prices
Customs / G1 Applejack in to Walt Disney Rapunzel
« Last post by bright rabbit 1 on Today at 08:58:57 AM »
I've finally figured out what to do with my spare G1 Applejack. I'm going to turn her into Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. Got the hair already (it came off of Palace Pet Rapunzel because her legs were bow legged).

All I need now is a re root tool to put the hair in the head, do the tail and paint a frying pan symbol on her rump.

When this pony is finished I'm going to put her up for sale/trade.
Pony Corral / Show me your G2 army/armies!
« Last post by Skelletonimp on Today at 08:25:32 AM »
Since I have some G2 armies myself I would love to see yours too!
Pony Corral / Re: Are Secret Suprise Saddles HTF?
« Last post by Snapdragon on Today at 07:58:37 AM »
Yeah, I think I saw a replacement saddle being sold ... maybe once, if ever? It's sort of a fuzzy memory, so it's definitely not something that pops up a lot, unless maybe a collector happens to have purchased one that broke in transit. :( Sadly, it's the kind of part that seems like it would be easily thrown away if it broke off, because it wouldn't be easy to reattach, and it isn't something you can play with on its own.
Introductions / Re: New here!
« Last post by lostpony on Today at 07:15:58 AM »
Hi and welcome to the arena!

Many of us do engage in "pony therapy" and you can share restoration info with us in the Pony Corral forum, find more ponies and all different condition in the For Sale forum, and share pics of you err ponies with us in the Pony Brag forum. We especially love great before and after victories!

Hope you find lots of pony friends and have a great time here.

Cswift i once got a pony bride on eBay auction with her mouth chewed badly by rodents and i used sharp blade and wet sand paper to resculpt a new smile for her. Lots of pony problem fixes such as marks n hair frizz are explained in the Pony Corral.
Pony Corral / PC some brides and more =)
« Last post by BerryMouse on Today at 07:10:58 AM »
I'm thinking about selling my bride pony collection but have no idea how much to ask these days.
I would be a happy pony if anyone could help me here =)

Here's a pic:
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and I also want to sell my NC MOC Tickles (not the best card shape) =)
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G1 Argentina Novia Bride Pony - the plastic of the box is in a bad shape (cracks and holes) - the box is also not perfect but still MIB
G1 Lucky, the Stallion with bow (bit discolored - bow is baggy)
G1 Baby Bridesmaid
G1 Wedding Bells Confetti (french release?) need to double check the box.
(just the pony loose, the box and acc. - need to check the ponies shape, the inner confetti background of the box is missing - so not really MIB anymore)
G1 MIB Pony Bridal Beauty
G1 MIB Pony Bride - European release
G1 MIBPony Bride - US release
G1 UK Confetti loose with acc.
G3 Desert Rose with bride veil and dress
G1 loose G1 Bridal Beauty with bouquet & veil
G2 Prince Blue Dream & Bride (in my world they were a couple :D)
G1 NC Tickles/Plumitas MOC

Thank you!! =)
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