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Pony Corral / Re: Which Ponies would re/ release?
« Last post by Taffeta on Today at 11:16:36 AM »
The ponies that Hasbro promised the Uk but didn't deliver, on their prospective UK cards.

Also Mountain Boys to keep on card (the three from my childhood will do)

Otherwise, I would say Paradise, but since Hasbro never released the Paradise they put in their catalogue and since that's the Paradise I would want...I guess she doesn't count.
There is a cowboy clown pony in the hotel room :)
I also noticed in the whats hot collection that the main prize are gems instead of ponies. Do other people have that too or do they see ponies that I probably have?
It's also interesting that she carries Twinkles. I don't think we see any other animals  living with the ponies and there had to be reason that Twinkles was included
Twinkles could be there to advertise the Pretty Parlor. That was the only playset that didn't appear in the special in any form (although I guess whether we saw the water fall is debatable). I'm not sure many kids would feel the urge to get the parlor just for the cat though. Especially when they were just a background character in the special.

I also haven't seen anything about the retro Pretty Parlor not coming with Peachy.

What led me to this suspicion was that the Pretty Parlor set seemed very cheap compared to the rainbow ponies ($22 each for the ponies, $31 for the parlor). But it could just be the Swedish retail prices that are inconsistent.

It hasn't been confirmed either way if the parlor comes with a pony or not. We should get more information as the set draws closer to release. The fact that Peachy is in the picture is at least a good sign (although they put the name "Cotton Candy" below her for some reason).

As some of you may already know, I am making my first trip ever over to America this summer. The focus of the trip is Breyerfest of course, but I will be going to other states besides Kentucky too! The costs are enormous of course and to have something to buy Breyers for, I am doing a big clean out sale!

Buyer pays for postage! Do not be afraid of the prices, my experience is that shipping from Estonia to America is much cheaper than vice-versa! I accept Paypal only this time. I am located in Estonia, Europe, and I ship worldwide!

I do not own any pets and our house is smoke free, but I do ride horses. Some of the items are also thrift shop finds, so I don't know their backgrounds, but they all have been through a cleaning session!

Want something really much, but can't afford it currently? I am also more than happy to do trades! I am mainly looking for G3s, but I won't refuse any DJ Pon-3s for my army!

If you have any questions, would like more pictures or interested in buying/trading, just drop a mail!

Please let me know if the pricing is off, I am not sure of their exact value!

G4 wave 14 and 15 blind bags. All include their cards! I can send all of them at once or separately, if you want something specific. Make an offer!

Baby seapony Jelly Bee with all original accessories 7€+ shipping
G2 McDonald's Morning Glory Make an offer!

Equestria Girls mini Applejack 20€+ shipping
Egmont Princess Cadance 4€+ shipping
McDonald's Fluttershy with original accessories 5€+ shipping

Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry Together 18€+ shipping, to buy separately, make an offer!

Mint or near mint ponies!
G3 Zipzee 8€+ shipping
G4 Sweetie Belle Make an offer!

Bait ponies! Make an offer!
Equestria Girls mini DJ Pon-3
G3 Styling size Star Cathcer
G3.5 Ponyville Sweetie Belle without wig
G2 McDonald's Sweet Berry
G3 Heart Bright without wings
G3 Scooter Sprite, comes with scooter!
G3 Garden Wishes

Various fakies and Filly Princess! Make an offer!

Various dolls! Make an offer!

Breyer Stablemates!
Valegro 6€+ shipping
Icelandic stallion from Mystery Foal Surprise set 7€+ shipping
Tennessee walker mare from Mystery Foal Surprise set 7€+ shipping
Hanoverian from Competing at the Games set 7€+ shipping

Various items! Free with a purchase!
oops, due date. :blush:
Hope it's good. ^^'

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Have a nice day !
I love your pics. =)
To summarise what we know so far that will be released:

  • Collector pose G1s - already released
  • Rainbow ponies - advertised as coming very soon (hurry up, wanna get some for my kid's birthday!!) 
  • Pretty Parlour set - assuming we have Peachy (& Twinkles the cat?)

... other releases to be confirmed...

This is great idea! It doesn't cost much to send a letter abroad from the UK, so I'll hop in on this. Maybe international demand will mean international releases if we're successful! :D
I never knew that these designs existed!

Heck, if they can make antennae Breezies, they can surely make these!

I'll see if I can get an international stamp sometime this week, as I hardly ever write letters anymore!  :lol:

To coin a street phrase, we are totally "stanning" these pony re-releases  :cool:

Pony Corral / Re: This castle box is crazy big!
« Last post by glitterball on Today at 09:11:35 AM »
The beauty of this box is, if you have 2 kids, the older one can play in peace with the castle while the younger toddler will love playing with the box!  :lol:
win-win  :cool:
Pony Corral / Re: Which Ponies would re/ release?
« Last post by glitterball on Today at 09:05:36 AM »
Ooh -
the baby g1s - in the Cotton Candy pose (oh, those CUTE, large eyes!) but in the rarer characters such as the Twice As Fancy (TAF) babies. Oh, or a mini, sassy, striding Posey pose?

OMG - imagine an official, TAF baby Nightglider!  :freak:

or - TWINKLE EYE babies!!


How adorable would they be??!! Compact & bijou.
I'm sure that even non-collectors would fall in love with them and buy them to decorate their desks in the office in kind of "Hello Kitty" way  :P 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Good old adults: Gusty, Honeycomb, Fizzy, TAF Buttons...
and dare I mention the rare ones (if only to give everyone a chance, finally, to own a version?) such as Mimic, Munchy, Rapunzel?

There are so many, I just cannot choose!  :biggrin: What a happy situation to be in! 
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