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Pony Brag Arena / Re: Moonstone Army
« Last post by mimicsno1fan on Today at 08:35:26 AM »
Amazing collection!
More added!! If anyone is looking for a specific pony please just send me a PM and I will look for you :)
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I guess that's what I was thinking of.  And the UK did seem have a stringent no unicorn/pegasus policy when it came to toys through Year 3.  Also, no flocking, and no expansion sets (except Twinkle Eyes).  At least you got a show accurate Wind Whistler.

I have to admit that I hate when people make such sweeping assumptions, especially when they're without foundation. Let's not forget that a unicorn - Majesty - was our most important pony character. Much more so than in the US line, where she was just another unicorn with a playset. Also, unlike the animation in the US, magic was not a skill limited to one species over here, so in a way it didn't even matter.

You're also mistaken about 'expansion sets', becuase you're trying to impose the US dating timeline on a UK release, and it doesn't work. Our line was one year delayed. In the time frame you're discussing, we had the Rainbow Ponies (three species), sea ponies (another species) and baby ponies alongside the earth ponies. Twinkle Eye Ponies didn't happen till 1986, along with Baby Sea Ponies, with additional sets in 1987. From 1986, Hasbro Uk were creating their own, unique unicorn and pegasus in Gypsy and Honeycomb. At no point is there any evidence that Hasbro had a stringent anti-species policy.

What makes more sense in context with the UK pony release story is the mindset that "this is a small market, let's be cautious" policy. Hasbro UK didn't have full control (they told me this themselves) till 1985, and all these ponies were created before then.

If you look at the UK pony release as a whole (and this also applies in parts of Europe, which are not necessarily the same as the UK) then what you see is a pattern of quantity reduction, not species elimination.

We also didn't get Wind Whistler in what you are calling "Year Three". She was released in the UK in 1987.

As for that set, I think it may be more complicated than you suggest. Not least because the cards for the UK set for the movie ponies have symbols that match the SS ponies. Also, Buttons had both versions here, but not flocked. The quantity thing comes in here, too. Hasbro chose six characters (seven, but dropped Paradise later) from a wider pool of So Softs. There's also some evidence they were considering Ribbon but ultimately picked Gusty. Most people don't even notice that, because Gusty was always in the comics here before she was actually on sale - but there is a paper trail suggesting that it might have been Ribbon, but in the end, was not. So Hasbro chose between unicorns, here. Not against them. And the two versions of Buttons essentially mean three unicorns, anyway (not to mention we're the only place, I think, that got both white star and silver star Milky Way, but that's a later story from 1988).

And yes, lostpony, I agree with your sentiment. But the ponies then did exist, just in every country BUT the UK. Other countries that had comics also had the ponies to go with those stories. It is only the UK where, although we packaged them in UK design packages, we didn't have them on sale. And as I said, I'm sure it was about risk and quantity on a largely new and unproven toy line in this country - but it was still mean to introduce us to ponies we couldn't get. And, really, when you think about it, that is exactly what Hasbro are now doing to everyone, not just the UK kids - by putting ponies out there as blind bags and in the show, but not on shelves.

I think it's a risky long term strategy, but it depends what Hasbro has in mind...
Same here tbh, and it kind of ruined my enthusiasm for all things MLP up until recently. I have just started getting back into my G1s and relearning to love ponies rather than think of them as burdens. I obsessively tried to get a complete G4 collection all the way up until 2014 when the toyline really started spinning its wheels with endless repeats, no new ponies, and spotty to downright terrible international distribution, whilst the show continued going round and round in the same status quo. I became so disappointed and downhearted that I just gave up following anything MLP and turned to other entertainment outlets. Now with the benefit of time I've found that I don't really care for any of the G4s I've accumulated and it's a very difficult market to try and get rid of them, especially the less interesting mane six releases and playsets. I have 2 metres squared floor space in my spare room currently hosting a massive pile of boxes, bags and storage bins packed with complete G4 sets and other merch like Funkos and BaB plush, and it's so difficult to get any motivation to photograph and list them for sale when demand is so low (and international shipping so RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE, WTF). Looking back I attempted to start sorting it all out last July and lost enthusiam even then... contemplating putting it all into a few huge lots for an outrageously low price, or even throwing them out to an opportunity shop for some children to enjoy at this point, because I'm just so sick of looking at the clutter.
Pony Corral / Re: does anybody LIKE bbe ponies?
« Last post by lostpony on Today at 06:35:10 AM »
Thats very sweet.
Toy Box & Games Cupboard / Re: Pokémon Go! Gen 2 released February 16th!
« Last post by Annie on Today at 05:56:08 AM »
I now officially have all the Gen 1 pokemon since I got enough candy to evolve Omanyte into Omastar yesterday! Woho!
Wow! I want shiny Magikarp now!
Magikarps are so rare around these parts for some odd reason (I live near a big lake) but due to the event more karps seemed to have spawned so maaaaybe I can get one too! :D
Sending you a pm
Green Minty!
I love Minty with green hair like that, she's so fresh and springy.
Rainbow Dancing Butterflies...2 things I love in 1! DB AND Rainbows? Super!
I love how the rainbow ponies can get such a different look, like Parasol. She's like a spring flower pony now, totally different than her original colors.
I also like Celestia in sky and yellow sun theme.
Sparkleworks IS better with orange hair. I also think pigtails suit her.

It's not the season for her but...oh well
Here goes Baby Stocking in Dark Forest & Diamond (sparkle) This baby has so many great rehair possibilities for the holidays.

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Of course, Genie's back!
This time with the traditional unicorn stripe in her hair, but in Diamond sparkle. I used the blue from her symbol, hoping for an icy look. I like how versatile she can be with colors.
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hey everyone I'm looking to buy Easter ponies so if its Easter I'm interested  :biggrin: inbox me and let me know what you have and what prices! I'm reaaalllyyy looking for Gigglebean and Dawn delight
ponycake that is SO COOL!! :O (and WOW look at all those magikarp candy! Jealous!!!)

I got to play tons of Go today, magikarp seem to be everywhere! (No sign of shinies yet though! ;)) I got three new Pokemon I've never heard of before, one's a really pretty manta ray! (The other ones were a little fish that evolves into an octopus, and said octopus. XD) Slowly getting more and more magikarp, and working my way up to a gyrados!
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