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Title: MCM G3 wishlist here SWAPPING
Post by: maycrestmom on January 10, 2015, 06:51:59 PM
as always feel free to go with your gut over my guide here as the point is just have fun for this swap and I am all about having a fun surprise in a swap box :-)

G3 trade list

I am fine to have only one or two if they are MIB


brights brightly, whistle wishes and rarity MIB would be my top want three-group - I love gathering up based on 3 (two daughters = pink and yellow favorite colors and a son = blue)

oh and I know this request is a bit odd, but if you(partner) could alter/fix a lily lightly so she's sans cape and just has her lovely cutie mark I would be in heaven ... I haven't figured out yet how to remove that cape thing-y and it takes up shelf space so I've been toying with the idea of one MIP and one sans cape with the unicorn herd on display

for breezies I am down to hunting for that international zipzee = again strawberryreef is a super ref I have no idea if this package is even possible to find (might be some super impossible like worth hundreds so ignore) MIP so just the little breezie would be fantastic
Lastly any of the "smelly" G3's :-) from 2005 called sunny scents and then they also have a bunch from 2007

here's the site links

faves would be thistle whistle and citrus sweetheart, party cake, pretty pop and chocolate chipper

oh you can add MIB for the "wing wishes" three set as well as I only have them loose

and now that I think about it for more G3 options (been stalking for my partner and I'm like = oh yah, I would like that...) sister set "Tea Set"  and that pick-a-lilly and salsa pair

other g3's that have g1 compares

cotton candy
is there a blossom equivalent (?) go with petal blossom
dunno who would be for bluebelle... hmmm - go with misty blue (she'll be bluebelle in my book = done)
and peachy pie can be peachy stand-in

guess only one out is snuzzle (unless you wanna be creative = you tell me = who would you pick for grey/pink combo

so that's my rainbow (since I have minty already)

boy, that could be my 2015 goal - g3 set of CP style MLP

I am so sorry to my amazing partner to have completely forgotten I love all things green and for G1 ponies = rehair and refab a bait for me and I will gladly find 'em a shelf friend

actually for this swap re-hair some old baity G3's if ya do that sorta thing (yarn poofy, ribbons, or other alternative threads/dreds/beads whatever is fine, doesn't have to be with dollyhair) and I would love to add 'em alongside my customs :-) love peacock colors = aqua, blue, green, purple, gold = course being an 80's girl ya can never get enough neon so fine to be wild instead of cool (colors)

Ok = hope these added thoughts help

most of all  :-) just have fun as that is the whole reason you hang here

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