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Off Topic / Re: Word Association cont.3
« Last post by Mewtwofan1 on Today at 06:51:38 AM »
     I have this project due Friday and it’s like, about three quarters done the actual animation. Not editing it together. And I have grade 12 diploma exams...
please send help
Pony Corral / Re: What to do with Extra Long Hair
« Last post by TheBeatlesPkmnFan42 on Today at 06:01:23 AM »
I've never really done any hair styling with ponies. With Super Long Hair ponies (particularly the G3s), I just place them where their long hair can flow down and be noticeable. I really like long haired ponies so I like displaying them in such a way that shows it off.
Pony Corral / Re: What to do with Extra Long Hair
« Last post by Ragamuffin on Today at 05:50:43 AM »
I've never been a fan of long hair on ponies. I agree to just tuck it under the body. And tie it with a rubber band so it stays in place. It can be annoying to move a long-haired pony while dusting, and I when I set her back down her hair gets out... and then I never pay attention and try to set her down again and she falls over. "Oh what for?" She's standing on her hair! Especially on ponies with frizz. They LOVE to trip over their hair! (I'm looking at YOU, Glittering Gem!)

I was never good at braiding. :blush:

EDIT: Yes, there are long-haired G1s, like my infamous aforementioned Glittering Gem. :P The Brush 'n Grows had hair that could retract into the body though. You'd yank it to make it "grow" and twist the head to reel it back in.
I don't sell, but I have given them away when something doesn't interest me anymore.

My non- mlp toy collections:
Model horses
Mega Man
Care Bears
I have a few comic figures and a riding doll for my horse collection, but I don't consider myself a collector of those.
I fell out of love with plushies a long time ago, but I keep a few that are special to me
Pony Corral / Re: What to do with Extra Long Hair
« Last post by Leave a Whisper on Today at 05:29:03 AM »
I wrap tails around a leg and wrap and tuck manes around and between legs.
Pony Corral / Re: 35th Anniversary Collectors Pony's - Part 2!
« Last post by Sunset on Today at 04:42:08 AM »
Haha! Oh, thanks everyone!  ☺️  It didn’t click for me since the arena isn’t since up with my real time so my birthday isn’t officially till tomorrow.

But hey, pony related, I just got a birthday card with a Target gift card.  Putting that aside for new ponies for me. 😁
Trader & Classifieds Support / Re: PayPal trouble
« Last post by kellyponyfeathers on Today at 04:32:45 AM »
You can call Paypal at 888-221-1161. I was told the number is the same worldwide. Good luck!
Off Topic / Re: Nastiest Candy Known to Humanity
« Last post by JazzMatazz on Today at 04:24:54 AM »
Other: Those orange circus peanut soft chewy things. I am not sure how on Earth they have survived this long in circulation. Who eats those God awful things?!?

My dad seemed to like them? Perhaps it had to do with growing up in the depression or maybe he was an odd duck. I liked them as a kid but I certainly grew out of it!
Pony Corral / What to do with Extra Long Hair
« Last post by gabumon on Today at 04:24:09 AM »
So I recently rescued and cleaned up a Fashion Style Fluttershy with REALLY LONG hair ( and weird twisty fabric too).

What do you do with really long hair?  I am by no means a stylist, but do any of you make "up dos" so that the hair isn't just laying all over?  It was braided when I found her but it was pretty wild, braided is nice I guess but doesn't it also eventually stick that way?

There's G3s with extra long hair - are there G1s too?
Pony Corral / Re: 35th Anniversary Collectors Pony's - Part 2!
« Last post by Sky_Rocket_Sammie on Today at 04:03:45 AM »
That's was fast, so maybe I should start looking. Happy Birthday, Sunset!
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