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Title: What new toy releases did you love in 2020, and what has you excited for 2021?
Post by: Nemesis on January 05, 2021, 01:40:10 AM
Despite all the nightmare fuel of 2020, I thought the toy industry had a surprisingly fruitful and interesting year. Granted, MLP is still caught in its between-generation hush... though I did love the crossover series!

We saw several new doll lines emerging, such as Cave Club and Rainbow High, as well as many new additions to existing lines (O.M.G. Remix, Barbie BMR1959, Na Na Na Surprise). I thought Remix were the strongest wave of O.M.G.s thus far! Having collected them from the beginning, I’m really glad to see that the quality isn’t being allowed to slip!

There was a lot going on in the action figure department, as well. Transformers continues to juggle more concurrent toylines than you can count on both hands, and there have been a lot of “classic style” revivals of franchises like G.I. Joe, MOTU, Thundercats, and even the 90s X-Men cartoon. I was really blown away by some of the TF releases this year, and that’s where the majority of my pocket money went, haha. I’ve also fallen in love with the Funko Pop Retro Toys series. X3

So what new toy releases did you love most in 2020? What ones are you looking forward to seeing in 2021 (besides—hopefully—MLP G5)? I’m eager to see the Barbie Extra dolls in hand, myself. :3
Title: Re: What new toy releases did you love in 2020, and what has you excited for 2021?
Post by: Ragamuffin on January 05, 2021, 10:18:28 AM
I wasn't able to buy anything. :( I bought some potion ponies at the beginning of the year, but that's it. I was looking forward to buying the rest of the ponies to complete the set but I haven't been able to go to the store to look and they're being sold for 2 to 3 times their MSRP online. :/

Sylvanian Families had a pretty big 35th Anniversary celebration but because of Covid nothing was being shipped to the US from Japan. -_- The things they released looked really nice but I'm afraid I won't be able to get a hold of anything that I wanted. :sleepy: I didn't even buy any Sylvanians last year! This year they're releasing a giraffe family which I'm looking forward to. But knowing how SF is it won't be until next year that I'd be able to get them probably. They're releasing a Christmas set with a baby lion which I really want but it sold out very quickly. Not that I would've been able to get it anyway because of Covid... :pout:

My post has been so negative so far hasn't it? :lol: I'm looking forward to G5. I pray they look good but I'm not expecting much. The quality of the new ponies is still not great and since flat eyes are the norm in toys I assure you we're not getting sculpted eyes for these ponies either. A new non-Mane 6 cast is exciting and I hope they have nice colours! The Mane 6 were visually boring in my opinion so if we're going to get the same ponies released 50 times a year for the next decade at least make them look nice!

As for other toylines, I don't keep track of them because I'm not interested...
Title: Re: What new toy releases did you love in 2020, and what has you excited for 2021?
Post by: lovesbabysquirmy on January 05, 2021, 02:09:51 PM
I realized how overpriced some of this stuff really is.  My husband has more than gone of the deep end with 3D printing... so now all that holds me back are lack of files I want to print LOL

Also much of my collecting for dolls is done in-person, I see it, love it, buy it.  But I don't think I have gone into a large store where toys would be sold in over a year, so that helps.  Also I stayed off of Ebay for another year, and didn't get bit by the Amazon Prime bug either.  Good for me and my wallet :D
Title: Re: What new toy releases did you love in 2020, and what has you excited for 2021?
Post by: Carrehz on January 05, 2021, 03:44:33 PM
The 35th anniversary Sylvanians were so lovely! Still debating whether or not to get that Chocolate rabbit giftset... need more Chocolate rabbits like I need a hole in the head, but.. they're so pretty... I fell way behind on SFs in 2020, really need to catch up soon.
Ooooh, I hadn't heard about the giraffe family. :O Intriguing! Nice to see them branching out from the usual cats/bunnies/etc.

Really liked the War for Cybertron (? I think that's the line name? still getting used to all the TF terminology) Elita-One released a few months ago. She's so pretty! :heart: The other fembots in that line missed the mark for me (something about their faces) but Elita's lovely.

Happy to see Enchantimals still releasing new lines. Every time I think they're finished, they come back with more XP nice to see I <3 VIP Pets are back too, though I wish they weren't blind packaged! Still need to look into those properly.

Kitten Catfe didn't grab me as much as I thought they would, but I still like them, they're very cute little toys - but again, blind packaged! argh!! I wish these blind toys could at least have one or two non-blind ones... I'm always hesitant to make the plunge with a new toyline when I can't even see what I'm buying first. :s

As for 2021, hm... well the new range of Enchantimals, lol. Intrigued to see what G5 MLP will throw at us. Hoping for more Basic Fun G1 repros.. and I neeeeed those Funko POP G1s ^^

edit: OMG I just looked up the new Sylvanians... not sure about the giraffes (need to see more pics, I like them better than I was expecting though! The more unusual SFs tend to take a while to grow on me though) but omg the new huskies!!! I need them... ;w; and ughhh Ragamuffin have you seen those JP-exclusive (?) Seabreeze rabbit triplets? These new triplet sets are gonna be the death of me, I swear :drunk:
Title: Re: What new toy releases did you love in 2020, and what has you excited for 2021?
Post by: Ragamuffin on January 06, 2021, 01:51:00 AM
@ Carrehz Yes! I follow the UK and JP Sylvanian accounts so I'm fairly up to date with the releases. I wish there was a proper Calico Critters page so I know what's in the US! The ducks are being rereleased... not sure if I'm too interested in them but they might be worth picking up... :wonder: I'm waiting for the Hoshizora cats to come over. I really wanted the "fancy witch baby" cats or whatever they were called, but I think they're Japan-exlusive. :( I'm so in love with this lion cub I need to buy him ASAP!!

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Kitten Catfe is something I want at least one of but they're so pricy! They come with quite a few little things so it might be worth it over something MLP at the same price, but it's still a lot on something I don't know I like yet.
Title: Re: What new toy releases did you love in 2020, and what has you excited for 2021?
Post by: Carrehz on January 06, 2021, 07:23:35 PM
I heard about the duck rerelease - didn't hear about the vote thing they came from until it was too late >_< I can't believe they put the Soyokaze cats on there, what a tease. I really wish those could be properly released already.

yess I can't wait for the Hoshizoras, I've wanted a black cat family for soooo long!! And the lion cub, omg yes <3 I hope they release more lions... I liked the idea of the lion dad but the original release had those awful hands - made him look like a zombie :P so glad they released a "normal" handed version.. I love the set but I'm not sure if I want to get it, or hold off in the hopes of them being released with normal clothes later. :wonder: The witch kitties are awfully cute - if they came over here I'd definitely be tempted.

yeah, I wish Kitten Catfe were cheaper, too. They're cute but it's really hard to justify that much for a surprise toy :s
Title: Re: What new toy releases did you love in 2020, and what has you excited for 2021?
Post by: starrynights on January 07, 2021, 09:55:28 PM
Best toy releases of 2020 for me were made to move barbie, stranger things applejack, worlds smallest, and some sanrio gachapon toys I got.
For 2021, I'm very excited for G5 and seeing more articulated dolls with glass eyes like fail fix and rainbow high, and possible new monster high stuff.
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