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Title: G1 Petites, charms, ceramics, Maia & Borges, euro G2s, Simba Filly Forest
Post by: Trish on July 07, 2020, 10:35:23 AM
I have arisen! And updating my wantlist lol... Help me complete my sets :frolic:
I can pay with PayPal, I live in Sweden and I have feedback here and on eBay. Open for trades but I need to go through my collection and update my sales/trades lists.

*** = high on my want list.

G1 Petites Complete list in spoiler. Image reference of my missing Petites: can be found here ( (zoom in on the picture!)

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

G1 Charms
Mcdonalds' 80's bookmarks Blue Belle, Snuzzle, Blossom, Minty and Butterscotch ***
Looking to upgrade these (no age spots or dark discoloring. Small rubs/flaws are fine)
Pretty Please* - pic (
Paint-a-Picture* - pic (
Morning Sunshine* - pic (

G1 ceramics- must be whole, preferably tiny/no chips!
Applejack - European bright colored version
Buttons - European bright colored version
Lickety Split

G1 Maia & Borges pvc ponies made in Portugal - pics here (
Adult Sea Pony - Yellow, pink hair (without float)
Surf Rider - pink, pink hair (blue fish float)
Tiny Bubbles - blue, yellow hair (yellow duck float)
Sand Dollar? pink, yellow hair (adult no float)

G2 Ponies
Diamond Glow + white/silver wings ( *** (or wings separate)
Magic Diamond Glow (
Princess Golden Dream (
Prince Firefly (
Lady Waterfall (
Eve (

G2 Babies
Baby Tickle Heart ( (came with magic motion Light Heart)
Baby Petal ( (came with mom Floral)
Baby Twin Dreamer (
Baby Twin Trueheart (
Baby Twins Nosy & Click (
Baby Twins Fire & Flame (
Baby Twins Jewel & Sparkle (
Baby Twins Coral & Ocean (
Baby Twins Rose & Lily (
Baby Twins Study & Play (
Baby Twins Sunshine & Sunny (

Also looking for Burger King G4 Fluttershy ( molded mane and tail which was sold during 2013.

Non-MLP wants:
Filly Forest Simba (2007)

Prezzie - 4
Nicole - 6 (Brown mane, already have yellow)
Nemo/Supper - 17 (pink variant, already have purple)

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