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* Recent Topics

Today at 04:25:07 PM by dragonlady
Views: 17 | Comments: 0

Has anyone dealt with ebay seller mizdahfish? I was watching an auction of theirs that had Maiden MistyCurls and Goldenwaves from the Lady Lovely Locks Enchanted Island line, it started at $10 with $3.50 shipping. I was originally going to bid but decided against it as MC looked like she had a haircut and GW had the splotches and a broken neck and someone else had already bid. Auction ended last night but I noticed just a bit ago that it had been relisted and for $90!! Sounds like seller's remorse...

Has anyone dealt with the seller? They have all positive feedback but a quick relist like this is a huge red flag for me.
Today at 04:15:22 PM by mlp4me
Views: 34 | Comments: 6

Continuing with the theme of moons for today, Adult Moondancer.
visitors can't see pics , please register or login  French version

Do you have a version of her? Do you have any merchandise? What do you think of her? Share some more pics!

I have a few of her common release, a plush and a stamper!
Today at 12:37:38 PM by RoseNoire
Views: 32 | Comments: 4

Hello everyone !
I was just wondering if any Belgian pony fair or meeting exists. I would be very happy to visit one, roam around the stands and discuss about our collection with some people. I feel a bit alone in that domain, I only have interested friends, but they have no real knowledge so it's not quite the same. I think that would be nice to change my habits and meet new people. =)

It could also be a visit into someone's collection, in private, with a cup of tea. Seeing someone else's collection and talk about it would be the dream to me !

I am able to travel anywhere in Belgium so the localization is not a problem for me. I speak French and English only but I'm certain we can totally manage even if your firs...
Today at 11:18:21 AM by Vettefromm
Views: 17 | Comments: 0

Check out my etsy store where I'm selling some wonderful ponies! :)

If you don't like my prices, do not hesitate giving me an offer.

Today at 03:47:01 AM by aintnobuffalo
Views: 39 | Comments: 2

I am not able to travel to the Pony Fair this year, and I have been missing it after being spoiled on it being in the Midwest for years. I was trying to find something nearby, because I'm itching to dress up, do a panel, and be around fun pony people in person, and I found out about TrotCon in Columbus Ohio. Has anyone ever been? My collection is mostly G4 focused and I love the show, so a brony/FiM convention is no problem for me, but I wondered if anyone here has been or is thinking of going.

Either way, what panels would you want to see if you went to a convention? I am thinking of submitting my panel on customization that I have presented a few times, and I would like to offer to host more if I knew what people would like. I'...
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