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Trader & Classifieds Support / Re: Etsy package possibly going astray?
« Last post by Taffeta on Today at 03:26:18 PM »
Ok. That is a very weird development. Unless it is a stop off point en route BACK to NZ, since there's no absolute direct flights (though I do know that doesn't make sense, geographically, after my experience with Heathrow nothing surprises me.)

The tracking suggests it is bouncing back and forth between US and NZ because nobody in the depots of either are smart enough to read the label and use common sense about where it should be going.

So Netherlands may be a stop off point for some reason. Unless they're trying that because Netherlands also begins with an N and they've run out of ideas? (could equally be an alphabetic system error as I imagine Netherlands and New Zealand are close together in a computerised dropdown list).

Off Topic / Re: The trivial complaints thread
« Last post by Taffeta on Today at 03:21:13 PM »
London, make up your mind what your freaking climate is already, please!

After really late freezing temperatures and snow, now it's 28 degrees (celsius)?


Off Topic / Re: The trivial complaints thread
« Last post by TornadoTwist on Today at 03:19:00 PM »
Went to the hospital today to get myself tested for PCOS. Turns out I have it which I dont mind. What I do mind is that my copper IUD was placed all wrong all this time even when my doctor assured me it was in the right place.
I haven't seen any information why the bid was rejected, aside from the fact that it doesn't meet the criteria necessary for a successful bid, what ever that means.

It probably means that he wasn't offering enough money. Now he could offer more money or bid on less stores and see if that gets approved. I don't think a "monopoly" is an issue since even if he was only going to stock MGA products it's not like specialty stores tied into a single brand don't exist. If anything making MGA-centric stores Could spur Mattel and Hasbro to have their own experiental store presence similar to the Lego Stores.

I tend to agree with this.

But we're not talking about a store under the MGA brand but one under a known global brand that has no particular toyline allegiance. Larian clearly hesitated on making the offer and tried to get other toy companies involved for a reason. I would be really surprised if he didn't think of the monopoly issue as well. There's a difference between starting your own store from scratch under your brand and taking on another brand and using it to sell your products. From what Larian's quotes say it suggests that he wanted to make it a toy shop, not an MGA toy shop. That means a conflict of interest which could potentially be challenged, legally, by other companies like Mattell and Hasbro later on.

Two separate issues.
Pony Fairs! / Re: Any Belgian fair/meeting ?
« Last post by Moonbreeze on Today at 03:13:57 PM »
There are plenty of (G1-G4) meetings in the Netherlands :) We have some visitors from the Flemish part of Belgium every time  :D
Pony Corral / Re: Show me...
« Last post by elish2 on Today at 03:09:10 PM »
I'm really overwhelmed with how many people happily shared their pics to help perk me up. I can't tell you how much this means to me right now.

Lish, thank you so much for being so supportive through what I'm experiencing. I'm truly blessed

Pony Fairs! / Re: Ohio TrotCon
« Last post by Wildshadow on Today at 03:07:47 PM »
Oh man, makes me wish my house was good enough to have people over, I'm in Indy as well! I have a large garage that would have been great to have a meet in and a back yard that last year we started having a fire pit and projecting movies onto the wall next to the property next door. But the inside isn't great for people to spend the night if I did such a thing with the projector at night D=
Toy Box & Games Cupboard / Re: What game are you playing? Cont.
« Last post by RoseNoire on Today at 01:59:00 PM »
I mostly play two games : Audisurf, because it makes me enjoy my music more with a bit of challenge. It's very fun.
Minecraft : I play that game since february of 2011, that's a very long time. :lol: I pretty much exclusively play vanilla survival multiplayer and creative singleplayer. Here's my biggest creative project. I enjoy making this city all by myself when I feel like it. =)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Toy Box & Games Cupboard / Re: What game are you playing? Cont.
« Last post by TornadoTwist on Today at 01:48:28 PM »
Guild Wars 2 :D

Here are my characters. I have a Sylvari as well but I'm still training him:
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Pony Fairs! / Re: Any Belgian fair/meeting ?
« Last post by ColdRuru on Today at 01:35:36 PM »
Yes of course, in this kind of conv' you met more bronies than G1 collectors, but that's better than nothing :biggrin:
There's also more G1 collectors in BJD world, you may look for a conv' about dolls or retro toys too.
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