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Welcome to MLPArena! We hope you can join us and make MLPArena your online pony home!

We have the weird, the wonderful and the hard to find - in the original Nirvana forum! With community picked experts on the wild world of exotic ponies, you're sure to find out something new and fabulous!

Why not share your latest find in our Brags forum, chill out with the community in off Topic, or develop a persona in our Adoptable forum!

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Sign up today! MLPArena is aimed towards the mature collector, from ages 14 up! Registration takes only a few minutes!
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* Recent Topics

Yesterday at 12:09:09 PM by Charmer | Views: 57 | Comments: 0

For those interested I’ve opened sign-ups for the Christmas Carol Comp. here is a link:,

Yesterday at 12:06:57 PM by Charmer | Views: 62 | Comments: 0

It’s (nearly) that Merry time of year again!

You all know how this works by now as I’ve been running this for at least the last 10 years!

Basic rules: It’s a drawing/art competition where you have to draw your best interpretation of a Christmas Carol/song of your choice. You can use any medium such as hand drawn, PC etc. Pics must include MLP in them either real or you can make up your own. To sign up just comment below a carol/song you’d like to try and draw.

Sign-ups close 3 weeks today on: Saturday 6th November!
You’ll be added below so you know I’ve signed you up.
After that you have about a month to draw your pics. The closing date for
pics to be back to me is: Saturday 11th De...
Yesterday at 11:13:32 AM by OldTech | Views: 81 | Comments: 4


My name is Nicholas / OldTech, I'#039m in my late 20s and live in the UK.
I'#039m either in Bradford or Wrexham where I am studing Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University.

I ventured into the world of My Little Pony in 2015, initially in G4.
Since I won 5 G2 ponies at UK Pony Con'#039s "quotPinch a Parcel"quot in 2019, I'#039ve become more interested in past generations.
This lead me to compleate the Secret Surprise Ponies set at UK Pony Con this year.

I stumbled across this forum whilst trying to find the difference between G2 Sky Skimmer and Butterfly.

Thank you for letting me join you little patch of heaven, I look forward to meeting everyone.

Have a good day.
Yesterday at 09:01:55 AM by gaultier100 | Views: 79 | Comments: 4

This is my second attempt at an intro post. I've been collecting G1 for about 5 years, am in the UK, and use the Facebook groups so the Arena is unfamiliar territory for me and so far, not a great experience in terms of ease and functionality. Frustration has been the primary feeling! So I'd love it if you guys could show me what other people love so much. Here's hoping.
Yesterday at 04:50:27 AM by Dragonflitter
Views: 70 | Comments: 1

Hey everyone! I'#039m looking for any Cutie Mark Crew that I don'#039t have -- just looking for the pony versions, not the human-ized Equestria Girls ones. The ones below are ones I'#039m looking for. I'#039m not as concerned about accessories, just the ponies. :) Thanks!

Mane Characters Needed:
-pony Applejack (any series with no red on her hooves)
-pony Rarity (any)
-pony Pinkie Pie (any series not rainbow-fied)

-seapony Applejack (any)
-seapony Twilight Sparkle (any)

Needed Other Characters:
-Apple Bloom
-Baby Flurry Heart
-Big Mac (Series 2, no green on hooves)
-Daring Do
-Diamond Tiara
-DJ (any series not rainbow-fied)
-Flower Wishes...
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