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Title: Want List (mostly G1 & bait)
Post by: Kanthaka on May 07, 2021, 10:06:56 PM
Buying and trading will be limited to most-wanted items (in bold) until after I've moved across the country in November! I'd also love to do a trade or partial trade if anything I have for sale (,401229.0.html) sparks your interest.

For G1s in need of some TLC: the only flaw that I would rather not deal with is significant discoloration (regrind, head/body mismatch, brown spots, etc). Bad hair, scuffed paint, extensive wear from play, miscellaneous marks, rust, mold, and even chews are all good!


Summerwings/Windy Wings in any condition
Nightglider (hair and paint can have flaws)
Seaflower (hair and paint can have flaws)
Any Applejacks that are not the following:
- Common release
- Collector's pose
- Italian
- Mexican
Ice Crystal (I cannot afford Ice Crystal, just let me dream)

Any not-super-common ponies in need of restoration work, especially:
- Sparkle Ponies
- Merry Go Round Ponies
- Candy Cane Ponies
- Sunshine Ponies
- Rainbow Curl Ponies
- Teeny Tiny Baby Ponies


Drifter and/or Dreamer


Abra-ca-dabra (doesn't need to have outfit!)

BAIT (G1s can be reproductions!)

G1 Bowtie pose (white, orange, blue)
G1 Surprise pose (white, yellow)
G1 Gusty pose (white)
G1 Baby Ember pose (any color)
G1 Baby Glory pose (any color)
G1 Newborn or Teeny Tiny (any color)
Title: Re: Want List (limited buying)
Post by: Kanthaka on May 27, 2021, 05:01:50 PM
I've got a little cash to spend on ponies, particularly the ones in bold! I'm also very, very open to trading for anything on the list. :P
Title: Re: Want List (mostly G1s & bait)
Post by: Kanthaka on July 28, 2021, 05:17:56 AM
Updated! My budget is limited (as usual), but I'm pretty desperate for ponies to work on. :P
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