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Title: ~Wishlist~
Post by: starrynights on December 22, 2020, 01:28:39 AM
Here's my wishlist. I'll take ponies in any condition, no matter the damage - I love restoring them and testing my skills.
Some of these are just pipe dreams, and ponies I'll never be able to afford.
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:heart: Takara fakies & anything takara related
:heart: Totsy in blue or purple
:heart: Bratz seapony & any seahorse type fakie
:heart: Giant Argentinian G4 Alicorn Mold Celestia/Luna
:heart: "Frowny Face" Mold G4 Luna
:heart: Short legged spanish ponies
:heart: "My Little Angel"/Hollow liquid wings pony
:heart: Giant size G4 Princess Mold Ponies
:heart: Blue wings/Symbol Nightmare Moon Fakie
:heart: Squirmy
:heart: Snowflake
:heart: Night Glider
:heart: Princess Taffeta
:heart: Nachtlicht
:heart: Cha Cha
:heart: High Flyer
:heart: Baby Sea Princess
:heart: Dutch Diary Pony
:heart: Baby Swirly
:heart: Prince Fauna
:heart: Prince Blue Dream
:heart: Magic Diamond Glow
:heart: Twinkle Twirl
:heart: Star Catcher
:heart: Sing & Dance Anthro Ponyville Star Song
G4 Blind Bags:
:heart: Minty
:heart: Wave 19 Midnight Fun
:heart: Wave 19 Minuete
:heart: Wave 19 Powder Rouge
:heart: Wave 21AB Moon Dancer
:heart: Wave 24 Maud Rock Pie
:heart: Queen Chrysalis
:heart: Balloon Discord
G4 Brushable:
:heart: Flitterheart
:heart: Star Dreams
:heart: Haven Bay
:heart: Silverstream
:heart: Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash
:heart: Wysteria
:heart: Starswirl
Guardians of Harmony:
:heart: Posable Queen Chrysalis
:heart: Captain Celaeno
Cutie Mark Crew:
:heart: Queen Chrysalis
:heart: Metallic Rainbow Luna
:heart: Build-a-Bear Minty
:heart: Bobble Head Fluttershy
:heart: Kurt Adler Luna Ornament
:heart: Multi Pulti Luna
:heart: Multi Pulti Nightmare Moon
:heart: Capper Dapperpaws
G4 Magazine/Other Statues:
:heart: Design-a-Pony Luna
:heart: Egmont Nightmare Moon
:heart: Egmont Luna
:heart: Confiltrade Spike
:heart: MightyFine Nightmare Moon
:heart: MightyFine Chibi Flutterbat
:heart: Mightyfine Chibi Chrysalis
G4 Basic Fun:
:heart: Stackems Cozy Glow
:heart: Mash Mallows Luna
G4 Funko Mini:
:heart: Maud Pie
:heart: Black Luna
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