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Ya I had those guys since I was little mom never gave me them I found them a year ago it's why I don't collect on card.

Oh I also jump at bait babies especially boys if you happen to have a baity celebration with I'm interested
haha buying a loose set is the best way to avoid temptation!
Toy Box & Games Cupboard / Just Play Boomerang and Rider
« Last post by Leave a Whisper on Today at 04:05:08 PM »
He's gotten a different name, since I want the Breyer Boomerang more. The girl isn't staying, The plastic isn't as cheap and weird as my Junipero. The jaw and cheek are swollen on one side. The hair is nice and thick and the details on the tack are nice.  The pinto markings aren't bad. The girl's hair is being tamed down.

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Off Topic / Re: The trivial complaints thread
« Last post by Harmonie on Today at 04:04:29 PM »
So I decided to come home for Thanksgiving and be with my family and lovely dogs (they're family, too, of course, but I have to note them separately because they're that special!). It's been August since I've been home, so it's been quite some time. I was thinking "Do not forget anything while packing" but it's been sooo long.

I'm getting ready to take my shower this morning and finally realize what I forgot... Clean undergarments.  :drunk:

(I brought home some laundry and there is some in that batch, but I was going to wait until Saturday to do laundry... *sighs*)

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A couple of years ago Black Friday was unheard of in Sweden. Then people started to pick up about it and order things online from overseas so of course the retailers here had to jump on it. This year they're taking it too far in my opinion. Many stores have a so called Black Week with huge sales since Monday. My own chain is starting tomorrow and going until Monday (forget Black Friday and Cybermonday, we have Blackthursdaytomonday). I just feel like it's insane that we didn't only adopt an insane shoppingconcept, we managed to make it worse. .

Actually this isn't too far off from US practices.

Some time ago, Black Friday began inching its way into Thanksgiving. Whereas now, for many retailers, the best deals - if not pretty much all of the deals - happen on Thanksgiving afternoon.

I worked in one of these retailers for several years and was really frustrated with these practices. I have no problem with Black Friday itself, but it needs to be a Friday thing, not a Thanksgiving thing.

I think it was 2014 I had a 12 hour shift going from Thanksgiving afternoon into Friday morning. =/
For g1 that is my want list
I'm actually after the teeny tiny because I have them already on card but I don't want to remove them from card but I grew attached to them and want to play with them
I figured you'd be after the teeny tiny ones - they're so cute!

I don't have the other ponies you asked for - sorry! Feel free to share you want list with me :)
Arts & Crafts Corral / Re: Moon's arts - Updated 19 nov
« Last post by Moonbreeze on Today at 03:03:57 PM »
Thank you! :D

Adding two more
Reference sheet for my OC Kyrene
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and this guy with his floofeh manes is Starlight
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Pony Corral / Re: Collection Evolution (lots of pics)
« Last post by babypowder on Today at 02:51:52 PM »
Oh wow that's gorgeous! Minty is one of my favorite G4's. It's really neat to see that you have the prototype version.
Looking for:

#5 Rarity seapony
#19 Cadance
#20 Starlight

My duplicates to trade:

#7 Spike
#10 Storm King
#16 Squabble
#17 Celestia
#18 Luna
#G2 Fluttershy pirate
#G3 Pinkie pirate

In the past I've just popped these carefully into an envelope and that seems to work well for trading.  I'd prefer to trade only with those who have mailing addresses in the USA.  Feel free to post on this topic or PM me.

Pony Corral / Re: What G4 toys do you think will be HTF in the future?
« Last post by Taffeta on Today at 02:25:41 PM »
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Perhaps most 'collection' only ponies like Minty, Roseluck, Helia, Lily Valley and of course Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Also maybe the forelock ponies? Single releases like Flitterheart and Feathermay too.

I am not sure about the set ponies. Aside from the fact that the 'sets' in G1 were quite popular and even though they weren't global, quite accessible to collectors now for low prices as individual ponies, we haven't factored in the role of China ebay seconds in this. I think that will affect the value of ponies although it might inspire a debate between those with and without the thing on the side of the leg and how to authenticate ponies and whether the ones from China 'count' in future times to come. The reason that comes up in this discussion is that those pack ponies were easy to get from China and on ebay for a long time.

However the set MIB, that's another matter. I think that's a possibility as some people will want to display in in pretty box form.

Flower Wishes and AJ of the water cuties here are constant shelf sitters. Diamond Mint was here in quantity but not for as long a time. But she was definitely quite available. I would say she had a normal availability whereas the aforementioned two are still on shelves after an abnormally long time.

I agree with Carrehz that different places will probably have different availability. I think Holly Dash will probably be quite available here for a while second hand when the kids who have her turn her over to the second hand market. That's because she was here in quantity for a period of months and then disappeared. However in places she didn't get to because of bad distribution, it will maybe be harder. She's actually one of the hardest to call but the fact people know already she was restricted on availability makes me wonder if she is going to become the next 'Mimic'. Mimic;s price difference between her and the rest of her set is stupidly high but that's because of years of people saying she's rare and paying those prices. Holly Dash is already talked about in this regard and G4 is still in stores. I think that if we don't want Holly Dash to go down Mimic's path, that;s something we need to address right now.

HTF and expensive are obviously going to be two different factors in this. As well as HTF and sought after, which are also two distinctly different categories.

I just thought of the ponies I got from Hamleys a few years was a CM Trixie and the other was something to do with Buttons? Where do they rate on this scale? I don't remember them being overly flooding stores and I remember there was a Rarity in the set as well. I think they had Breezies (and I am betting now that in some cases Breezies become more htf/sought after than the ponies).

Honey Rays and all her parts will probably appear MIB quite a lot as she is still on shelves here and very easy to find ;) 
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