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Trader & Shipping Support / Re: Help with usps please
« Last post by tailrustedtealeaf on Yesterday at 09:36:43 PM »
I sent some ponies from the US to Sweden back in November and they only recently arrived. I would assume things are very backed up at the moment dealing with typical pandemic nonsense as well as the remnants of the holiday season.

I'll also bump this over to Trader Support so you can get some more answers. :lovey:
Flash sale in my shop for one week until Sunday 30th Jan to clear some stock before official relaunch in February! Lots of bargains starting from £4gbp!

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Customs / Re: Name's the Same-- What do I do?!
« Last post by Carrehz on Yesterday at 08:43:13 PM »
I've seen dozens of customs with the same name, I really wouldn't think anything of it unless it was an incredibly specific name.
Off Topic / Re: Anime?
« Last post by Carrehz on Yesterday at 08:41:51 PM »
Yeah, I know the story of Whisper/Returns, they're my favourite Ghibli films.

I think I recall hearing the delay in dubbing Whisper was because they were having issues getting the rights to "Country Roads" (apparently that's why the vocal songs were replaced for the English dub of Kiki's Delivery Service) and of course, a lot of the film hinges on the use of that particular song. I could be misremembering though.

The "Returns" title *sort of* works when you put it like that, but it still seems silly and arbitrary to rename it.
Pony Corral / Re: Unpopular Pony Opinions
« Last post by Dreamer on Yesterday at 08:39:16 PM »

You mean like G1 Buttons (non TAF version), who also has buttons as a symbol?

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Yeah!! Is she pink or purple tho?? Card art shows her as purple but I see her toy pictures as pink. Is it the lighting?
Pony Corral / Re: Rarest ponies top 10 list
« Last post by Carrehz on Yesterday at 08:37:51 PM »
*facepalm* Not one of THESE articles again! I hate it when these totally inaccurate "what ~*RaRiTiEs*~ might be in YOUR attic?!?!??/" posts show up, some random non-collector always sees it and the prices end up going up because people are trying to sell their "ULTRA rare perfect condition Peachy, special bald edition!!" =_=
Pony Corral / Re: Misplacing items / selling something by mistake
« Last post by Ponybookworm on Yesterday at 08:10:51 PM »
I FOUND the missing head!!! I'd put it away in a tin, but not the body. Relief!!!
Off Topic / Re: Do you take vacations or day trips?
« Last post by Aflame on Yesterday at 07:49:24 PM »
I’ve done both but mostly days /weekends away for conventions and things and I’ve never been out of the UK but I’m ok with that I guess you don’t miss what you’ve never had 😄
Off Topic / Re: How do you sleep in bed?
« Last post by starscout on Yesterday at 07:27:32 PM »
On my side (usually my right). The only time I've ever been able to sleep on my back (without anesthesia LOL) was when I had hurt my shoulders, and it took hours until I was finally able to drift off. 
Customs / Re: Name's the Same-- What do I do?!
« Last post by SunPony on Yesterday at 07:18:52 PM »
Personally I wouldn't have an issue with someone naming their custom the same as one of mine, but then, I don't put much value on their names...what I mean is that I'm not very attached to the names I give my customs.  Another person might care more?  You could check with ChocolateStarfire and see if they mind at all.  Overall I don't think there would be any problem with it, though.
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