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Title: Ebay etiquette and missing packages
Post by: alaskaallie on November 24, 2020, 06:33:12 PM
So I ordered some ponies from ebay and etsy. However, the Swedish post is garbage and has lost/not delivered a couple packages (was on the phone with them this morning and they were like "meh what do you want us to do?"). I feel really bad about marking "my package didn't arrive"/requesting a refund as I know it's not the seller's fault... what would you do??

I had tracking and everything, and have called postnord a couple times. I know it’s corona times but tracking says the packages arrived in sweden a MONTH ago ;_; Dear Ophelie on Etsy, I am so sorry for my country’s garbage post. not sure what to do about that 😡 :enraged:
Title: Re: Ebay etiquette and missing packages
Post by: bright rabbit 1 on November 24, 2020, 06:48:23 PM
It wasn’t ponies I ordered on Etsy it was custom made Lego Black Pearl, and Lego Attack on the Weasley house, from this seller. Still waiting for them asked for replacements but the seller isn’t on Etsy anymore.
Title: Re: Ebay etiquette and missing packages
Post by: bluerose9978 on November 25, 2020, 04:14:35 AM
If the tracking says it was delivered, eBay will probably side with your seller and nothing can be accomplished there. Is there a chance these packages still may come?
Title: Re: Ebay etiquette and missing packages
Post by: goddessofpeep on November 25, 2020, 06:27:00 AM
Generally, what I do in these circumstances is contact the seller directly without opening a case and let them know the problem. Just a “fyi - I still don’t have my item, and I’m getting worried” kind of message.  You can always open a case later as long as you know the ebay/etsy/paypal deadlines for your items.  If you choose “my item didn’t arrive” from ebay’s contact seller options, it automatically opens a case.  I choose “other” from the “reason for contacting seller” menu.  For Etsy, I just message the seller directly. 

Once I contact the seller to let them know, I see what they have to say.  9 times out of 10 they’ll start tracing the package in their end, and if it’s been an extremely long time, some sellers will just offer a refund.  Sometimes the seller’s trace will shake things loose.  I give the package the maximum amount of time to arrive, I work with them as much as possible, and I keep in contact with the seller. Giving the seller a head’s up before opening a case, and giving the item every opportunity to arrive makes everything go much smoother. 

If the seller has refunded, and the item eventually shows up, I make sure to inform the seller and to ask them about how they want me to pay for the the item.
Title: Re: Ebay etiquette and missing packages
Post by: banditpony on November 25, 2020, 03:48:33 PM
I would ask other people who live in your country what their experiences with incoming packages are. I wonder if there is a bottle neck, and that the packages are slowly going through customs.

Personal opinion. I don't think I would ask for a refund from my seller if I knew that they indeed sent the item, and it was my post that lost the item. But if I was a seller, I know that I would carry the burden of responsibility to get the item to buyer regardless of shipping choice, and I would eat the cost without arguing.

Would it be possible next time you buy something to buy express shipping?
Title: Re: Ebay etiquette and missing packages
Post by: alaskaallie on November 27, 2020, 06:18:37 PM
I didn't ask for it but the seller on etsy refunded me anyway....  :cry: we both went to the post office and tried everything we could think of. Tracking doesn't say it arrived it just says it's within Sweden and the swedish post says they've lost it :( if it ever does arrive I will try to pay the seller back for sure. On the ebay package I just took the shipping the seller offered which didn't include tracking- I will definitely message them and suggest that they don't ship to Sweden without tracking (though I don't know if that will help as it clearly didn't do much for the Etsy package). I'm just thankful it wasn't anything too expensive- thanks  goddessofpeep for the suggestion to put it under "other" instead of opening a case, I asked the seller if there was any possibility to track it on their end.

I wanted to buy several other ponies but I guess I'll just have to wait a while as the swedish post seem completely unable to do their jobs...
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