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Pony Corral / Re: NZ and Oz supplier of 35th Anniversary Ponies
« Last post by pony_magick on Today at 06:01:48 AM »
oh hun  :worshippy: big hugs coming your way. thanks so much for pestering them :lol: that is great news. oh the wait :freak: :dance2: :joy:

No problem! It makes sense to bug people until you get an answer. Now we can request money for Christmas to put towards these ponies.
I only got the gems and no pony as well.
Though I missed two calendar days but used gems to recover those days so I had full checkmarks at the end.
I wasn’t sure if that disqualified me from getting the pony but I had hoped it wouldn’t.

I missed one only because the game decided to crash on me, I used gems to recover it.
Pony Corral / Re: Holiday hair ponies
« Last post by Leave a Whisper on Today at 05:17:09 AM »
Thank you. Baby Ice Crystal now belongs to my daughter who just adores him. :lovey:

The G3 is Chilly Breezes. :)
For Sale - For Auction / Re: New Ponies for Sale
« Last post by Starflashbaby on Today at 04:51:06 AM »
Pony Corral / Re: PC Newborn Sandcastle and Shovels
« Last post by Sweet_Stuff on Today at 04:36:04 AM »
$60 together loose in good condition as of last year

Wow I remember when they were like $40-45 together....that was just like three years ago.
For Sale - For Auction / SALES MASTER LIST - Updated!
« Last post by firestar0629 on Today at 04:08:27 AM »
I've lowered the prices on a lot of my ponies because I really need to clear up some space! A few of them are available through Etsy right now, if you're interested in any of the others just ask me directly! I'll be listing the rest soon.
Made this a new post because the old one is now outdated.

My Etsy is here: Some ponies are listed there, if you're interested in one not listed there just send me a message and I'll make you a listing!
Ponies marked "COMING SOON" need to be cleaned and priced, just send me a message if you want me to hold one for you or notify when done!

All ponies come from a smoke-free home, and have clean and conditioned hair. Please ask for photos or extra info regarding condition! <3

-Bumblesweet 5$ (Slightly bent hind leg)
-Butterpop 8$
-Cheerilee (2008 Core Friends) 7$
-Rarity (Styling ver., really big!) 18$
-Wisteria V $6

G1's(some have initials in marker on bottom of hooves, please ask further)
-Medley 8$
-Magic Message Cuddles w/brush 12$

Twinkle Eyes
-Twinkle Eyes Party Time 14$

So Soft
-Fifi 15$
-North Star 12$
-Heart Throb 12$
-Best Wishes COMING SOON
-Deflocked Bangles COMING SOON
-Deflocked Best Wishes COMING SOON

Mail Order/Exclusives
-MO Satin 'N Lace w/brush 20$

Princess Ponies
-Princess Royal Blue 12$
-Princess Starburst w/ brush 12$

Sweetheart Sisters
-Sweetheart Sister Dainty w/earring, brush 15$

Baby Ponies
-Baby Noddins w/brush 12$
-Baby Paws w/bowl, spoon, original ribbon 25$
-Baby Glory (rough condition) 5$
-First Tooth Baby Quackers (perfect condition!) $15

Beddy-Bye Eyes
-Heart Throb w/ accessories COMING SOON


-Honeybuzz $20

Fashion Star Fillies
-Chloe 30$
Pony Corral / Re: ~ Out Now & Coming Soon ~
« Last post by otocolobus_manul on Today at 03:54:01 AM »
Every store I've seen is on the beach wave of EqG minis, or is still on Rainbow Power (some of them have only just now gotten them :| ). They all skipped over the mall wave. You know, the one with all the new characters? Every store seems to have skipped over it/is set to skip over it. Every. Single. One.

I'm... a little perturbed, if you couldn't tell. Normally I just suck it up, but I really wanted several singles from that wave, and they were pushed out due to waves of mane 6 before and after sitting too long on the shelves.

Also, all the stores in both my home city and college city seem to have bypassed the wave of brushable singles with Tempest in it and moved right on to tons of those with the glittery designs. And I've yet to see a single Silverstream, Sandbar or school set. I'm having the worst store luck...  :cloud: Time to visit Amazon, I guess.

Oh! AND I never saw any of the movie blindbag sets in stores. I did find a loose Tempest blindbag at the flea market, so they were here, I just somehow managed to miss them.
Pony Corral / Re: PC Newborn Sandcastle and Shovels
« Last post by shabbychicdee on Today at 03:33:08 AM »
wow they really have gone up, hathorcat pc at around $45 for the complete set including accessories 4 years ago which i thought was very low at the time. they look to have doubled now going by sold and completed items on ebay.
Customs / Re: Let's see those autumn and Halloween themed customs!
« Last post by Featherwurm on Today at 03:19:50 AM »
Here's a tiny blind bag custom I did this year.  Hair is apoxie sculpt, paint is acrylic.  Her name is Sabbath Battical because I thought I needed a reminder to myself to slow down and enjoy the holidays.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login
Off Topic / Re: CGI Lion King teaser trailer!
« Last post by Ponyfan on Today at 03:15:34 AM »
This thread has inspired me to listen to some of the songs from the Broadway Show. :) I hope they will keep that section of the score from when Mufasa appears to adult Simba. I think it's one of my favorite scores in the movie.

I'd love to see more of Scar destroying the land/letting the hyenas take over than we saw in the original movie.

It would be nice if they found unused lyrics or songs that were inteneded to be in the orginal film but were cut. The live action Beauty and the Beast included lyrics for "Gaston" that didn't make it in to the animated film and the Little Mermaid on Broadway added "Her Voice" I think Aladdin's "Proud of Your Boy" was also meant to be in the animated flim but was cut also.

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