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Title: Fun card games for a non-gamer group?
Post by: Stormness_1 on November 14, 2017, 10:31:50 AM
Can anyone help me?!

I'm hoping to have a get together to cheer up my newly single SIL, with a few drinks and some fun games to keep focus off of sensitive topics for all of us. I have CAH, and we'll probably play that for a while, but are there any other card or other fun games that people recommend to keep the fun vibe going? We're easy-going people, and pretty hard to offend, but personalized insults are probably not something we could handle right now, and I know a few games are that way inclined. There will only be a handful of people, of which I'm the only nerd/gamer type, so I need stuff that's not too niche, and can handle low-ish numbers, lets say 3-4 at the lowest if people start piking out and going to bed early.

No recommendation is too cheesy or lame... we love a good dad joke, and can dish out the crudest humour, all I care is that it's fun! Bring on your party staples, I want to fill our home with laughter!

Title: Re: Fun card games for a non-gamer group?
Post by: Pokeyonekenobie on November 14, 2017, 06:21:16 PM
There's a game called Curses that you could try.  Basically, you'll end up with cards that say things like "Bark whenever someone says Cat" or "Don't use your hands for the next five rounds" and you have to do what they say until the game tells you to quit.  If you fail to fulfill the curse three times, you're out. 

My family likes to play Phase 10 and Five Crowns.  They're just regular card games and they're similar.  The main difference is in Phase 10 if you don't complete the "phase" you stay on that phase until you do.  Whoever beats the 10th Phase and gets rid of their cards first wins but points are kept in case more than one person completes the phase before someone goes out.  In Five Crowns everyone moves at the same pace whether or not they met the requirements of the round and points decide the winner.
Title: Re: Fun card games for a non-gamer group?
Post by: pinkkittywinks on November 14, 2017, 11:37:37 PM
I highly recommend getting Love Letter :) it’s a card game where you have to find who has the Princess card.

I’ve played it with groups of adult friends and kids alike. It’s easy to learn and fun to play.

You can get the original game or if you choose there are loads of themed versions from Adventure Time to Star Wars!

Love pkw xxx