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Welcome to MLPArena! We hope you can join us and make MLPArena your online pony home!

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Today at 06:13:25 PM by bonus41 | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

Right now these are my main wants! Ponies don't have to be perfect just in display condition.

All trades I'll be sending first untill i can gain a rep here :3 payments will be through PayPal or e-transfer

Glow n' show ponies
Sparkle ponies

Twinkle eye ponies:
-bright eyes
-sweet pop
-sweet stuff
-ginger bread

Twice as fancy ponies:
-sugar berry
-milky way
-love melody
-dancing butterflies
-sweet tooth
-pillow talk
-night glider
-Bonnie bonnets

Sunshine ponies:
-sand digger
-main sail
-sea flower
Today at 05:27:14 PM by KottonKandy
Views: 29 | Comments: 3

Ok, so I've seen resources online about taking hopeless BBEs with terrible eye rust and giving them new life by turning them into non-BBEs, But not anything about restoring their eyes. I'm assuming that's because most people don't really like BBEs because they're kinda creepy lol. But I like them, so I decided to give it a try. I'm very pleased with the results, but it was quite a hassle. Lots of patience and lots of experimenting. I doubt anyone will want to go through the effort it takes to do this, but just in case anyone out there is interested, I decided to make a quick tutorial.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Here is ou...
bright rabbit 1
Today at 04:54:04 PM by bright rabbit 1
Views: 15 | Comments: 0

I'm going to turn some G1 ponies into G4 ponies.

I'm working on the fillies first.

Then I'm going to custom G4 versions of the cutie mark crusaders into the other fillies that are the background ponies.
Today at 04:18:16 PM by mlp4me
Views: 41 | Comments: 4

visitors can't see pics , please You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login or You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Do you have a version of her? What do you think of her? Share some more pics!

I have a regular old store release of her and the lovely Mexican gal that's pictured. A few plushes as well and some newer merchandise/shirts that she's advertised on. She's one of my favorites.

even made a baby at one time
visitors can't see pics , please You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login or You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Today at 07:01:33 AM by TornadoTwist
Views: 66 | Comments: 2

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Just wanted to show you guys me and my BF's new website: LPS Merch. I started out as a secret project by me (my BF didn't want more websites before :P ) by only gathering the G5+ Generations. So then I just told him "Hey lets do this!" and after 8 months of intense data and image gathering our website is finally done. Like MLP merch you can also make your own checklist and wishlist. As we speak I'm now gathering additional merch like plushies, media and more. I hope we can release those soon as well.

Fun fact. The mascots of this site are my BF's Flatcoated Retriever Nibo (who is almost 1 year old) and my seven year old Guinea Pig Pardijn. (who sadly will be passing very soon, EDIT: She's gone, so...
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