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* Recent Topics

Today at 10:44:18 PM by WingsOfMasquerade
Views: 14 | Comments: 0

This isn't a custom question but a restoration question...
Has anybody successfully dyed a sparkle pony?
Can I see it?
How did you do it?

The story:
So I got MO Skyrocket as a 'sort of bait', she had a poor mane and no tail at all, plus she was sort of squished. But hey! MO! And Skyrocket is my favorite sparkle of all. But, she's kind of a really...blah...grayish greenish...polluted sidewalk color? It's just sad. She doesn't look right on the shelf. I gave her a new tail, straiten the tinsel, fixed the mane, and heated her so she'd unsquish. But when I tried to dye her, I got nothin'.

I know people have dyed their Genie & she's made out of the same stuff right?
Why wouldn't this one work? I ...
Today at 09:17:18 PM by Skeen
Views: 9 | Comments: 0

I need just a few more accessories to finish up my lavender castle.

1x magenta wall hanging
2x turret flags (will accept them without the sticker for now)
1x Majesty's aqua cape
Today at 08:14:07 PM by Marlin
Views: 43 | Comments: 2

I thought this was too cute not to share  ^.^

My little family was have a family snuggle and we were joking around. The topic jumped to me asking why the girls chose to watch Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron this morning, and I asked if it was because I had allowed them to watch Dances with Wolves for the first time the other day (they're getting older and their minds broader). It got us talking about who our favourite characters were, and what would our Indian names be. It led to a lot of innocent laughs, especially since one of the girls' fav characters was Smiles a Lot - so a lot of the names followed that pattern (burps a lot, cooks a lot... you get it...).

I changed it up to what would your pony name be? My husba...
Today at 07:30:37 PM by Khoufu
Views: 75 | Comments: 4

I'm honestly curious why some ponies are so expensive, G1 mail-order aside. Sweet Scoops? Mimic? Cutesaurus? G3 Portobella? Etc.
I'm not complaining about price, I'm genuinely curious.
Today at 07:16:12 PM by Jinxxy
Views: 14 | Comments: 0


SHS FlowerDream-MINT BRIGHT plastic!! (upgrade to SUPER mint!)
Summer wing Glow (VERY PINK hair!)
Baby Tippy Toes (VERY PINK hair!)
Glow and Show ponies with Stars and hearts INSIDE THE EARS and HORNS! Or other uniquely placed hearts/stars (PM me!)

UK Baby Katie (bad hair ok)
UK Baby Sapphire*******
Nightlight -Large Symbol NO CANCER.**********
Argie Cool Breeze (Any condition!)

Miss Painter

Pony Fair Green-LOOSE

Easter Egg Rainbow Dash 2017

I mostly collect NEON GREEN fakies, ESPECIALLY Rinse N' Spit and Drink and Wet Fakies!!***
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