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I wonder if they have been having a lot of people continually clearing out their entire stock to scalp on eBay. :/

I've been wondering this as well. Target has had some people complaining about how they handle limited edition Funkos lately. Some people claimed that they saw other people buying all of the limited edition Funko characters at once only to see Ebay listing hours later from their area of the same Funko character.

I wonder if Target has noticed a trend of people buying most if not all of the Rainbow ponies at once and felt that the limit would make it "more fair" for more people to have a chance to buy them. Don't get me wrong, if I could I would buy all 5 of the Rainbow ponies I'm missing at once (I only have Moonstone right now) .

If all the pony sets share the same DCPI number with the Collector Ponies then that might be another factor in Target limiting them because the system wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Cotton Candy and Moonstone so if someone happened to notice a larger number of retro ponies being bought each time that might be another reason for the limit.

Pony Corral / Re: Unpopular Pony Opinions
« Last post by Khoufu on Today at 06:34:25 AM »
I wonder if anyone has said this before. It bothers me how many 80s ponies I see signed by Bonnie Zacherle/others every year. I just don't like ittttt I could only let them sign a poster.

Yeah. I couldn't let a figure be signed.

I was at a con where G1 Melody's VA was (as well as G3 Cotton Candy and someone in G4) and I thought about how cool it would be to have my Melody signed.... if it wouldn't bother me to have ink in her. Meanwhile, I was kickin myself for not bringing my 1990s Star Trek Q figure to be signed by De Lancie.
Pony Corral / Re: Lansing Michigan Pony Meet September 22
« Last post by Aurora on Today at 06:31:57 AM »
Hmmm, Michigan isn't that far.....
Pony Corral / Re: So You Find a Few Boxes of MOC/MIB Warehouse Ponies...
« Last post by Khoufu on Today at 06:31:40 AM »
A white pony, boy pony, or Firefly. Whatever else they may be, I'd sell as many as I can, very slowly, and buy loose versions of any MOC ones I don't already have loose.
     I’d be perfectly fine with any mint in package pony! But if I had to hope someone was in there, I’d want twilight. Both so soft and regular. I love them both, and I want them for my collection, unboxed or in box. Oh! And perhaps galaxy. I have her, but a mint in package would be so cool! Where is this man with the ponies, and how do I find him?!
The show just posted the following on Facebook!

How would you like to have your collection featured on an episode of #TTTMU?? We're on the hunt for some killer collections for the upcoming season, and we want to see what you guys can bring to the table! If you're interested in having your prized possessions seen, send us photos and a description of your collection to

We are looking for the following collections:
- My Little Pony
- WWE (Wresting)
- Power Rangers



You know, they showed some amusing bootleg Star Wars toys on the Star Wars episode.  (Like a knock off labeled "Star Warts", lol.)  I think I'll email them a picture of Princess Rinse 'n Spit . . .
Pony Corral / Re: 35th Anniversary Collectors Pony's - Part 2!
« Last post by LadyMoondancer on Today at 06:21:59 AM »
When I looked up the DCPI it said "Master My Little Pony" or something like that.  Which makes me wonder if it's a master code that tracks ALL the MLPs, like Collector ponies AND Rainbows AND unicorn/pegasi?

32 ponies is still a ton, though!!
Off Topic / Re: Visited a moose farm
« Last post by Mewtwofan1 on Today at 06:21:57 AM »
     Hold up. We have farms for moose? I’ve only seen them in the wild, but I didn’t know we made farms for them. Where is this, and where to I sign up? Sounds like you had a great time!
I wonder if they have been having a lot of people continually clearing out their entire stock to scalp on eBay. :/
Pony Corral / Re: 35th Anniversary Collectors Pony's - Part 2!
« Last post by Khoufu on Today at 06:19:29 AM »
My Target was still a minor mess. Retro endcap had 3 CP ponies, 2 Pretty Parlors, and an empty spot for Rainbows.

On a side note, they didn't have the Star Trek or I Dream of Jeannie Megos that my friend said he stocked at his store but they finally had more retro Care Bears.
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