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Esmeralda Baggins the LOTR Flutter Pony

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Esmeralda Baggins was no ordinary flutter pony-she always sought out adventures, which her flutter pony friends and neighbors considered trouble! She often left the comfort of her hole under the flutter pony hill to join her friends in defending Ponyland from dragons, trolls and other beastly creatures! Esmeralda is a yellow flutter pony with a green mane and tail. She has beautiful flutter wings and her cutie mark is her home, with a round door, sculpted wood details and steps, and flocked green hills. Her face has the leaf of Lothlorien on it--a reminder that she is a friend to the elven ponies of the world. Her next great adventure starts with you!

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Esmeralda has:
-A handsculpted, flocked and handpainted, double sided cutie mark of the Hobbit hole, which is a sticker made by Mugtacular on Etsy-
-Handmade flutter wings by O'Lily Art on Etsy-
-Handpainted leaf of Lothlorien

The painted details of this pony are sealed with DuraClear matte varnish and the flocking is sealed with extra firm hold hairspray.

Are you ready for another adventure with Esmeralda by your side?


I've been a fan of Tolkien since I was in the 8th grade. The Hobbit and LOTR are favorite tales and movies of mine, and I can't believe the movies are 20 years old this year (2021)! I wanted to make a pony based on this epic fantasy tale, and she's a labor of love. I hope you all enjoy her! <3

She's amazing!!!

tiny symbol!  <3

Great work! Her symbols are so cool and I love that they're on both sides :D

I know absolutely nothing about LOTR, but WOW. :shocked: She looks incredible!!! I really love her symbol. Amazing work!


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