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Author Topic: Looking For: G3/G4 ponies within New Zealand  (Read 234 times)

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Looking For: G3/G4 ponies within New Zealand
« on: November 22, 2021, 08:51:52 PM »
Looking for loose G3/G4 ponies in NZ. TLC needed/played with quality preferred, though no haircuts. I am willing to buy loose lots of random bait quality G3s as well if anyone has any loose ponies they would like to get rid of.

Please shoot me a message/reply to this post if anyone in NZ/AUS has anything they'd be willing to let me buy off them.

My full wishlist can be seen in my signature but this is a list ponies I would be willing to buy off people. Ponies in italics mean I am willing to pay extra for:


Sparkleworks Glitter Celebration Wave 1
Daisyjo Glitter Celebration Wave 2
Rainbow Dash Rainbow Celebration Wave 1
Autumn Skye Seasonal Celebration
Butterscotch Seasonal Celebration
Cotton Candy
Beebop Perfectly Ponies Wave 1
Sunset Sweety Perfectly Ponies Wave 1
Cupcake Glitter Celebration Wave 3
Sweetsong Glitter Celebration Wave 3
Desert Rose Sparkle Ponies
Rainbow Swirl Sparkle Ponies
Silly Sunshine Super Long Hair Ponies
Silver Song Super Long Hair Ponies
Wind Wisher Dress-up Eveningwear
Sparkleberry Swirl
Bunches 'o Fun Perfectly Ponies
Strawberry Reef Shimmer Ponies
Bowtie Dazzle Bright
Beachberry Dazzle Bright
Coconut Cream Dazzle Bright
Kiwi Tart Dazzle Bright
Seaspray Dazzle Bright
May Belle Jewel Birthday
Lavender Locket Baby Ponies
Lolligiggle Easter Ponies
Lulabelle Spring Basket
Misty Blue Discount Singles
Dream Blue Super Long Hair Ponies
Rainbowberry Super Long Hair Ponies
Shenanigans Dressup Daywear Study Break
Triple Treat Purse Sweet Adventures
Triple Treat Best Friends Wave 2
Tink-a-tink-a-too Playsets Moonlight Celebration
Frilly Frocks
Love Wishes Mail Order
Comet Tail Cutie Cascade
Jade Garden Cutie Cascade
Silver Rain Cutie Cascade
Silver Glow Pegasus Ponies
Twinkle Bloom Pegasus Ponies
Twirlerina Pegasus Ponies
Brights Brightly Unicorn Ponies
Whistle Wishes Unicorn Ponies

March Daffodil Birthday Ponies
August Gladiolus Birthday Ponies
November Chrysanthemum Birthday Ponies
Sunrise Discount Singles
Puzzlemint (Pony only)
Dream Drifter Cutie Cascade
Morning Glory Cutie Cascade
Daisy Paisley Cutie Cascade
Aurora Mist Pegasus Ponies
Snow'el II Winter Ponies
Mochanut Sister Sets Sharing Teas


Bait Quality Pre-Reboot Mane 6
Any ensemble non-G4 brushable ponies
Fashion Style Starlight Glimmer
Hairbow Starlight Glimmer
Pearlized Starlight Glimmer
Ribbon in hair Starlight Glimmer
Feathermay Original Series
Flitterheart Original Series
Plumsweet Original Series
Lyra Heartstrings Original Series
Star Dreams
Skywishes Cutie Mark Magic
Sweetie Drops Cutie Mark Magic
Anything Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon
Princess Cadence Rainbow Road Trip
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