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Americans, are you doing Thanksgiving?

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Despite the actual history of America, are you doing anything for Thanksgiving? :)

When I was a kid we would decorate with fall leaves and corn, maybe a pilgrim here and there. But it was always mainly about the food. My mom used to host the extended family and sometimes the neighbors back in the day. Sometimes she'd make two whole turkeys. Cherry pie from scratch. Homemade mashed potatoes and marshmallow yams! Yum.

This year it's just going to me and my parents, so we're doing it simple. Mashed potatoes and stuffing from a box. Can shaped cranberry for my dad. A premade pumpkin pie (I'm not much of a fan) and a small skinless boneless turkey breast. I'll be making the green bean casserole and olive dip (this is my famous dip - cream cheese, green olives and walnuts. It's delicious!)

We don't really do the whole "giving thanks" thing. We never did, even back at the large parties. We just eat :lol:

What's your tradition?

In our family, Thanksgiving is about getting together as a family and being thankful for what we have.  It's not about Pilgrims and their interactions with the inhabitants of the land they crashed into. 

So this year my nephew came down from college (I'm not old enough for him to be in college!) and my mom is going to make both a turkey and a ham because he doesn't like turkey (and grandma spoils the grandkids so she doesn't mind doing both) and I'm sure my brothers will come out with their kids and we'll all eat and play card games and listen to the nonsense that comes out of my brother's mouth (not G-rated but generally hilarious).  And we usually go around the table and say something that we're thankful for.  My mom will make multiple pies (Pumpkin, peanut butter, chocolate, banana, and a cheesecake), though my nephew also doesn't like pie so she might do brownies or imitation Crumbl cookies this year (our neighbor has a cooking blog and just released a cook book of the cookie recipes so we have that) as well. We tend to have fresh-mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows on top, cranberries (both whole and jellied), stuffing, green bean casserole (which I don't like but everyone else does) and my mom's home made rolls to eat with the turkey. And I'm sure my sisters-in-law will bring salads or Jell-O of some kind.  The children will shoot each other with nerf guns, chase the dog, feed the dog, watch Spider-man or Disney cartoons and generally have a grand time. 

In short: food, family, and fun.  :)

My girlfriend will be staying with my family for a few days and we're going to celebrate on Wednesday! My mom works all day on Thursday. We just take it as an opportunity to eat. We used to see extended family, but since my Celiac diagnosis we no longer do, and even before then, if my mom had to work that day, we would usually stay home.

I will be going a few blocks to my sister's house.  I am making the stuffing.  Our tradition is usually good food and company.  It's probably my favorite holiday because of the weather.  But Halloween is good too.  Hard to choose.

I already had Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family last week (they did it early bc half the family is going out of town), then on thanksgiving day I'm going to see my family. Black Friday will be my 'Friends-giving' which is a nice potluck this year, and I have a lottttt to cook. I'm looking forward to that the most. I just like having the food cause I can't always afford groceries these days.


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