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What paints does everybody use?

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I'm just curious and thought it would make a nice discussion :)

Mainly I use Createx airbrush paints. Obviously, I use them in my airbrush but I also just paint with them. They're thin and have a vinyl look to them when they're dry. Because of that, I don't like to use white and black for FBR. Instead I like Apple Barrel as it's matte. Createx has a bunch of effects paints like pearl and fluorescent. I love the white pearl and use it a lot.

I have old paint that is mostly a mix of Apple Barrel and Folk Art that I will use too. Folk Art metallics are nice. They sell color shifting paint too but I can never get my hands on it.

Recently I bought some Arteza color shift paint that is pretty cool :) The black shifts to gold which is really neat. It works better on a dark background I found. It's my first time buying (or even hearing of, if I'm honest) Arteza but the paint is nice.

I've had more expensive acrylics at times when I used to paint landscapes. I think craft paint is fine for most things.

My GitD paints are latex. They're quite thick and you really can't water them down but I have used them on ponies a few times. I really like them because they came in different colors. I think the place I bought them from went out of business :huh:

What's your go-to paint? :)

Oooo, that color shift paint sounds really cool indeed!  I've never tried anything like that.  Is it just for airbrush or can you brush it on?  Interesting - I just got some new metallic paint and they also recommended using it on a dark background.  I wonder why that is.  I haven't done much experimenting with it yet.

I pretty much only buy Vallejo these days (my cousin's shop sells them), but I bought Apple Barrel and Folk Art and similar craft acrylics in the past, and Games Workshop, and I still use what I have left of those.  I'm not super picky, really!

I use Golden and liquitex acrylics and Jaquard Lumiere paints.  I used to use a lot of Folk art and Apple barrel, but I'm finding out that some of those colors degrade and change over time :c 

I have used Vallejo on a few projects and it's sooooo nice.

I haven't done a custom in a while but I would use the same supplies as I do for face ups. Which is prisma and faber castell water color pencils mungyo soft pastels, arteza gouache, some shimmer powders and acrylic paints from apple barrel and similar brands as well as liquitex that I borrowed from my mom's paints.(with permission).
A few years back Hannah and I did a private swap with our friend BethMcBeth and Hannah and I made Beth ornaments out of McDonald's ponies and I had a lot of fun using mediums that I'd not used on ponies before.

I use Apple Barrel, FolkArt and Liquitex acrylics, DuraClear matte sealant, and some glossy DuraClear for the eyes. My paint is ancient but it still works well! :3


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